School Lunch Menus

The number of schools providing gluten free lunches to students with celiac disease has grown significantly over the past two years. The accommodations provided depend on the number of students requiring gluten-free (GF) meals, the size of the school system and the overall philosophy of the school nutrition services. Some schools strive to provide a GF free meal which mirrors the one offered to general student population. This is the approach of the Rochester Public Schools in Minnesota. Other schools provide a GF entree option on a daily basis. Both approaches demonstrate that food service personnel are working with families to meet the needs of the students. They are success stories.

We want there to be many more successes in the months ahead and working in partnership with school food service personnel there will be.  Sharing the ideas and experiences of GF lunch trailblazers is the perfect starting point in the process.  Large or small the challenges are the same.  Each must ensure that the gluten free meals are healthy and with care to avoid cross-contamination.