10 Superfoods to Grow Eyebrow Hair Magically

For most women, their eyebrows are an important feature.  Not only do your eyebrows draw attention to your eyes but they also work to communicate how you’re feeling even without words.  If you have issues with your eyebrows you may wonder if there are ways to grow eyebrow hair effectively.  Not to worry, there are some amazing, natural ways to improve on your eyebrows and enhance your beauty naturally.

Eyebrows also have an important function when it comes to protecting your eyes too.  They keep debris and sweat from falling into your eyes and protect your eyes from injury.  If you can see clearly, thank your eyebrows! Beyond their function, eyebrows are incredibly important to enhancing your beauty and appeal.  If you have problems with your eyebrows, no doubt you’re curious how to grow eyebrow hair and keep it looking full as well as healthy.

The good news is that it is easy to regrow or encourage your eyebrows to grow naturally, without relying on expensive creams or treatments.  Results can also be seen quickly, usually within a few weeks of adding these foods to your diet!

The Best Superfoods to Grow Out Your Eyebrows

Eating a healthy diet is the easiest way to grow out your eyebrows and encourage them to become full and thick.  Here are some of the best superfoods to help you grow your eyebrows.

Nuts – Nuts are the perfect superfood to boost the growing potential of your eyebrows.  Walnuts and almonds are particularly good for improving the volume of hair.  Part of the reason nuts are so good for your eyebrows is because of the oils found in them.  You only need a small daily serving to see a lasting impact too.

Fruit – Fruit is not only healthy, but it can also help you when you’re trying to grow out your eyebrows.  Pick fruits that are high in vitamins, vitamin A in particular.  Mangos are a great source of vitamin A and are the perfect superfood for your eyebrows.

Vegetables – Superfoods including sweet potatoes and avocadoes are the perfect blend of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.  With vegetables, you get a whole gamut of benefits to your health, not just to your eyebrows.

Lean red meat – Rich in protein, lean meat is perfect for keeping hair healthy and that includes your eyebrows.  To top it off, red meat is rich in iron and that helps keep your eyebrows strong.  Protein is essential when it comes to promoting your follicles to grow hair and it is one of the keys to keeping your eyebrows full and luxurious.

Poultry – If you don’t want to eat a lot of red meat, try eating more chicken.  It is rich in protein which helps increase the amount your eyebrows grow.  It is also a healthy alternative when compared to eating red meat.

Eggs – The secret to eggs is that they are packed with healthy oils and high in protein.  In fact, eggs are one of the more healthy options in this list, believe it or not!  They are low in calories and very low in saturated fat, so you can enjoy eggs even if you’re concerned about your health.  Eggs are also high in vitamins and biotin, so you’ll see healthy looking eyebrows in no time!

Fish – High in protein and great for your hair because it is packed with Omega-3’s and other fatty acids.  Salmon in particular is great when it comes to growing out your eyebrows.  If you want healthy looking hair in general, fish is a great choice.

Dark leafy greens – You can’t get enough of dark leafy greens, specifically spinach and kale.  These items are packed full of vitamins and minerals that help your body recover and rejuvenate cells.  As a superfood, these greens are incredibly important in keeping your hair and eyebrows growing strong.

Aloe vera – Aloe vera is famous for its ability to heal but you may not know that you can also drink aloe vera as a juice.  When ingested, aloe vera’s healing properties help your health and improve the ability of your hair to replenish itself.

Onions – Onions are probably not what comes to mind when you think of a super food but they have micronutrients and minerals that encourage the growth of hair, especially the follicles associated with your eyebrows.  Onions are naturally high in Sulphur which helps give your eyebrows added strength and elasticity.

Superfoods for Better Looking Eyebrows

As you can see, promoting growth in your eyebrows isn’t difficult and it can be helped along with just a few simple additions to your diet.  When you add a superfood to your diet, not only are you gaining the benefit of health, you’ll also provide your eyebrows with the nutrients they need to grow.  Superfoods that are high in protein, iron and zinc are best but you can also get a lot of out foods rich in healthy oils.