7 Most Exciting Tips to Get Kissable Lips this Valentine

It’s thought that men get attracted to women’s eyes the most, but researchers from Manchester University have something else to say. It is true that eyes are much liked, but men are drawn to the lips the most. In a study conducted on men, scientists claim that when a man and woman meet for the first time, the man will observe the woman’s lips in the first ten seconds the most.

The research was conducted on men by tracking their eye movements while they watched various pictures of women. Angelina Jolie is known for her pout more than her acting prowess! Most of the top actresses are blessed with beautiful, fuller lips!

Every girl would want to look good for her man of dreams and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, looking good is important to make your date night extra special. Most of the women concentrate on eyes, outfit, and accessories, but they often overlook the lips by either underplaying the makeup used here or overdoing it.

This Valentine’s Day, get everything right for a perfect romantic date with mesmerizing, kissable lips! In this article, we have come up with seven most exciting tips to attain kissable ones for your Valentine’s Day. From exfoliation to the best lip plumpers, we have many basic, but interesting tips read on!

1. Combat dry and chapped lips

Unlike our skin, they are devoid of oil glands. When they are exposed to harsh winter or sun, they become dehydrated and chapped. Addressing dryness is the first step towards attaining kissable lips.

Moisturize them regularly by using petroleum jelly or any good quality lip balm. The chosen brand must have the high amount of emollients for maximum moisture.

Ensure to buy products that have petrolatum or dimethicone to impart hydration. Whether you put on makeup or not, make sure to keep applying the balm to moisten them first. During hot days, avoid sun exposure as much as possible or use an umbrella or a scarf to protect your face from the harsh sun.

It is natural to keep licking them when they are dry, but it does more harm as licking will leave them more dehydrated.  There are balms that can help them appear fuller and bigger and they are best bets for a full mouth.

2. Exfoliate them

Exfoliation is one of the most famous beauty routines that slogs off dead skin and rejuvenates the skin. Lips can benefit greatly from exfoliation too. Weekly exfoliation with a good scrub can be great to keep them soft and moisturized.

Do not use too much pressure while exfoliating them or you may end up bleeding! Gentle exfoliation is advised, choose the lip scrub carefully as certain herbs(Peppermint/Eucalyptus)can sting them.

3. Sunscreen

Just like our face, they tend to get damaged when exposed to harmful UV rays. Now, there are products with SPF to ensure protection from the sun. Buy products with SPF to get sun protection and avoid dry and damaged lips

4. Define your pout

Now that they are ready for makeup after the initial prepping (moisturize/exfoliate/sunblock), it’s time to define your pout with a good lip liner.

Choose a natural shade to match with your natural color to avoid smudging. The entire lip can be painted with the same liner to provide a safe and stable base for the lipstick or tint. Filling them with a liner can make them appear fuller and well shaped.

5. The right lipstick color

Choosing the right lipstick color is crucial to leave an everlasting impression on your date. Though there are trending colors and attractive shades for every season, women should select right shades based on their skin tone.

Warm skin tone will shine in red and coral shades, soft pink and mauve shades will suit women with cooler skin tone. When it comes to red shade, there are many shades of red available to choose from-lightest-darkest. Women should take a time to find their shade of red.

6. Tint or lipstick?

Tints are suitable for those women who are not keen on wearing lipsticks. They are pigmented and provide similar effects upon application as they contain pigment as well as gloss. If women love to wear lipsticks, a tint can be used as a base shade to get deeper hue of the preferred shade.

7. Sparkle your smile

Sparkling teeth can enhance your lip. When darker shades are worn, our teeth tend to appear yellow or pale. Women might consider sparkling white teeth for better results.

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