All About the Gary Payton Strain of Cannabis Seeds

The Gary Payton strain, so-called after the legendary point guard for the Seattle Supersonics, is a rare and valuable cross. The great NBA defensive player Gary “The Glove” Payton, who wore jersey number 20, inspired the creation of this Cannabis strain. One of the greatest new arrivals, this variety is powerful and fragrant.

All About This Strain


The Cookies family and the Powerzzz Genetics created the Gary Payton cannabis strain, a well-balanced, high-THC strain. The Y and Snowman breeds were crossed to create marijuana with recreational and therapeutic advantages,

  • Gary Payton marijuana induces calmness. Its 18–25% THC content helps relieve body pains and clears the mind. The high comes instantly, causing constant chuckles and a strong urge to mingle. It has also been reported that this cannabis may help consumers concentrate on a long to-do list.
  • These effects create a soothing, uplifting body stone. Mental awareness makes you happier and lighter. This morning, allow this strain to give you energy as its daylong euphoria is not overpowering. This cultivar has therapeutic benefits and is popular for recreational usage. It also helps reduce ADHD, melancholy, anxiety, and chronic stress.
  • Many users have shared that this eases migraines and general discomfort. Gary Payton fans say this cannabis cultivar fights sickness and appetite loss. Its THC level leaves you sidelined, thus it’s best for seasoned marijuana users. Until you become used to the strain, it’s advisable to use less bud. Overindulging has side effects and may cause anxiety, nervousness, dry eyes, and thirst. Make sure to keep well hydrated and slow down smoking if necessary to ease these discomforts.

This may surprise candy cannabis lovers, but the Gary Payton strain smells piney, earthy, and peppery like sour fuel and burnt rubber. The cultivar is harsh, yet some. Smokers detect cherry notes. On the exhale, mint and nutmeg taste smooth and nutty. This grows well inside and out. Remember that plants may grow to over six feet tall in a tent or tiny area. Warm temperatures and 60% humidity are ideal for harvesting. Fungi, mold, and dampness destroy these cannabis plants. Regular trimming lets air and light. Eeach the buds. Search for an even mix of pale yellow and white trichomes to know. when to pick flowers. After 8–10 weeks, expect 16–18 oz/m2. Outdoor gardeners shouldselect 18–20 oz./plant in mid-to-late October. Gary Payton is a hybrid of sativa dominant The Y and hybrid Snowman. Gary Payton, a Girl Scout Cookies descendant offers balanced attributes to smokers. The Y, widely known by the name Y Griega, has indica-like buds and a stimulating head high. Its 17–28% THC concentration makes this cannabis strain ideal for daytime usage.

  • The flavor of Snowman, a genotype of Girl Scout Cookies, is a harmony of diesel spice and vanilla sweetness. The cultivar averages 23% THC and is ideal for nighttime relaxing. Feminized Gary Payton cannabis seeds are low-maintenance and quick-

growing, making them ideal for beginner growers. Feminized plants produce 99% female crops.

Why Choose to Grow This Strain


Because of the fact that cannabis plants like it warm and humid, can make them vulnerable to damage from mold and water. Regular pruning exposes leaves to air and light, reducing infection risk. An efficient clipping regimen boosts production and maintains weed plant appearance. If left alone, the crops may reach six feet. Trim them short in limited growth spaces. Grow a few plants as near as possible.

Most cannabis users know that only female plants produce buds. Males fertilize females, which create seeds. Seeds are gendered like children. That’s nature. Male plants may pollinate female plants in a room. Even with 50 plants, a little breeze will fertilize each female plant. You can get just feminized cannabis seeds by circumventing nature’s restrictions.

Feminized seeds—why?

To prevent crop pollination, cannabis farmers use female-only seeds. Feminized seeds are needed to avoid seeds in weed. You may generate massive yields without worrying about male plants pollinating your female plants if you use just feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are in great demand in legal marijuana states, thus breeders and seed companies desire them for business.

Small-scale new farmers will first be interested in feminized seeds as cannabis legalization spreads throughout the globe. You can view Gary Payton seeds feminized on your supplier site.

In this sector, only female plants yield therapeutic flowers. Growers pollinate female cannabis plants to acquire certain features.

Feminization Process

  • Sometimes breeders don’t cross strains to acquire a certain characteristic. The breeder will mass-produce kids with stable characteristics.
  • Cannabis plants “perceive” they’re dying and generate primarily female seeds in the wild.
  • Feminization is the practice of tricking a plant into “thinking” that its time is limited in order to maximize the yield of female offspring.
  • Plants produce predominantly female seeds and just a negligible number of male seeds to ensure their own survival and maximal genealogical dissemination since only a tiny fraction of male plants are required to pollinate an enormous crop of female ones. Feminization is forcing the plant to generate many female seeds.

Remember to start these seeds late in the year if they’re for outdoor growth. Indoor growth requires 60% humidity for solid growth. Don’t forget regular trimming to avoid mold growth.