What Is Ayurveda: Real Health Benefits

Ayurveda is a word people know in all corners of the Earth as it’s a unique alternative medicine system that has been in development for over 5,000 years already. Numerous generations of gurus studied how to maintain and restore balance in the human body to promote well-being and even target specific health conditions. This article will clarify the main principles of Ayurvedic medicine to you and disclose its actual health benefits. Read on to see that Ayurveda is easy for understanding and full of meaning.

Ayurvedic View on Health Problems

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The core of the Ayurvedic medical system is a philosophical belief that most health conditions are triggered by continuous imbalances of doshas. Doshas are combinations of the fundamental universe powers, such as fire, water, air, earth, and space. The combinations that control human health include:

Vata Dosha Pitta Dosha Kapha Dosha
  • Combines the forces of air and space;
  • The most powerful of the doshas;
  • Controls lungs, blood circulation, heart, and intestines;
  • Can be disrupted by continuous grief and fear, an unhealthy sleeping regime, or overeating;
  • People who have Vata Dosha as their prevailing life force are more exposed to anxiety, problematic skin, arthritis, heart issues, and asthma.
  • Combines forces of fire and water;
  • Controls metabolism and digestion, including the hormones that regulate appetite;
  • Can be disrupted by too much spicy and sour foods as well as too much time in the sun;
  • If Pitta Dosha is your main dosha, you might be prone to cardiovascular conditions and infectious diseases.
  • Combines forces of water and earth;
  • Responsible for muscle growth and strength, immune system efficiency, and body weight;
  • Kapha Dosha is usually disrupted by overconsumption of high-carb processed foods (such as sugary sweets), salt accumulation, and sleeping in the daytime;
  • People with Kapha Dosha as their main force are more prone to asthma development, obesity, nausea, diabetes, breathing problems, and cancer.


Every human has all three doshas with one of them in a prevailing position. Temporary disbalance in one of them can lead to certain short-term diseases, while long-term untreated disbalance can be a reason for chronic illnesses. All because continuous imbalances exhaust people, leaving them not enough energy to restore without respective medical treatment. Such exhaustion is called Ama.

The common triggers of imbalances include:

  • rough weather and climate changes;
  • age transformations in the human body;
  • emotional overloads;
  • injuries;
  • inborn (genetic) defects.

How Ayurvedic Treatment Works

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As Ayurveda is a well-established medical system, you should expect your doctor to be able to determine your main dosha and develop a treatment program based on your medical records and current complaints. If you feel good, Ayurvedic doctors will help you figure out which remedies and procedures are necessary to maintain the right balance of doshas in your case.

That’s how specialists work to provide you with the right therapy based on what they learn during an Ayurveda online consultation. Using the platform alveda.life, you can apply for an Ayurvedic consultation with one of the many certified healthcare professionals anytime and get high-quality Ayurveda services regardless of your country of residence. If you purchase a continuous plan, your doctor will be in touch via the built-in messenger all through the treatment course.

Some of the common ways Ayurveda helps to achieve the wanted health results include:

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  • Dieting for balance restoration and maintenance, especially when your issues are related to Vata Dosha. It’s believed that the Vata type of people needs more fat and protein to prevent anxiety, memory issues, and depression;
  • Mind and body activities, such as different kinds of yoga and meditations for whole body and mind relaxation;
  • Massages with the use of natural oils for treating joint problems, blood and water circulation improvement, and overall tonus.

Mindful application of Ayurvedic practices can effectively reduce symptoms and suppress disease triggers to prevent or slow down further progression. Unlike many conventional medicine treatments, Ayurveda is mainly effective in achieving sustainable long-term results and reducing relapse probability.

The idea is to apply systematic efforts to activate an efficient internal purification process by developing individual combinations of practices and remedies based on the patient’s life forces and body constitution.

Cooperative therapy for success

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In cases of chronic diseases, such as chronic kidney disease or diabetes, patients can combine the approved conventional medicine treatments with supportive Ayurvedic programs. This will promote healthy lifestyle changes that will boost the quality of the main treatment and minimize the side effects of unavoidable medication.

A great ability of the Ayurvedic medical school is to work in cooperation with conventional medicine without arguing with its science-backed recommendations. That’s why it’s totally normal when your Ayurvedic doctor asks you to bring along your medical records.

It’s important to remember!

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Don’t forget that your doctor won’t just give you a single Ayurvedic cure and say that it will solve all your problems. That’s not how Ayurveda works. This system is based on a holistic approach that always involves a certain combination of mind and body procedures, such as natural medical treatment, massages, and regular exercise. The last means that you are the one who is the most responsible for your treatment at work.

Consider your doctor as a guide into the world of Ayurveda and yourself as a vessel of transformational power. Understanding this idea and dedication will bring you outstanding results.

Think About Your Health

It might seem to be a common truth, but wise people think about their health before it goes away. Otherwise, it can be very hard or even close to impossible to change anything. Even if you think that starting today is not necessary due to your good health, you won’t lose anything if you try a month of Ayurveda to compare how you feel with and without it in your life. Look for trusted specialists to avoid charlatans.