What The Bible Says About Using Medicine?

The debate between believers and non-believers lasts for a very long time. One group is putting science in the first place, while another one thinks that focusing on the dogma provided by religion can solve all problems, even if you have health issues.

The part about medical treatments is only a small portion of arguments that sides are using to prove the existence of the non-existence of God. If you are interested in this subject, check out My Real God, where you can read more about the evidence of God’s existence.

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The most common misconception among believers is that there is a part in the Bible that says how using medicine is forbidden in any way. There is a sentence that says how it is good to find a way and help yourself and others if that is possible, which is directly related to medicine and science, and how people should put more effort into finding new and improved methods of healing people.

Another very dangerous misconception is related to how some people are understanding the sentences written in the sacred book, especially those related to the use of medicine which leads many religious people to think that blood transfusion should not be allowed.

On the other side, it is important to read all details written in the Bible so you can understand its true meaning. The simple explanation is that it is a guideline for living life in the best way you can, and by promoting true values, love, and health as well.

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You will find many parts related to medicine where it is explained how using some plants can help people who are sick. For example, the revelation of Luke, chapter 10/33 is speaking about the positive effects of olive oil and wine, and how using them on wounds can improve recovery.

Moreover, there are many parts where doctors are presented as people and not as supernatural beings. Therefore, it is clear that the Bible says that people who are sick should visit doctors instead of praying and waiting for a miracle. As we already mentioned, you cannot expect help from divine powers if you are not ready to help yourself.

The revelation of Ezekiel, part 47/12 is speaking about using herbs in medicine, where people can use fruits as food, while they should keep leaves for healing. There are many parts about the healing effects of olive oil, and that is proof that this product was used in medicine for a very long time. Also, we can see that alcohol is mentioned as well.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many mentions of medicine in the Bible, and it is clearly explained that there are no reasons to be suspicious about various products that could make you feel better. The most important thing is to know that not using the help of medicine and science is a sin since you are not helping yourself. Therefore, those who are refusing help from science are only interpreting the Bible in a wrong way.