Big, Small, Itchy and Not Itchy Red Bumps on Thighs: Causes  & Getting Rid of Them

Do you have small or large red itchy, painless or painful bumps on your thighs? Whether small or large, itchy or non-itchy, the pimple like red bumps on thighs can be due to a number of causes. Discover the possible causes, symptoms, and means of treating them that include medicine and home remedies.


This is a condition where an individual develops one, a few, many or a rash of raised spots or lumps on the thigh skin (especially inner thigh and groin area), and the spots tend to appear redder than the normal skin.

According to, “the redness is usually caused by increased blood (red colored) in the reddened area.”  The elevated blood flow can be triggered by certain medication, allergies, infection, hormonal changes among other causes. They can sometimes begin as small pimple like bumps that grow to large red bumps after being influenced by other factors.

What causes these red-colored bumps?

There are many potential factors that can lead to their development. They can range from mild to very severe inducers. In trying to establish whether their symptoms are likely to be severe or not, you will need to look back to the triggers. Now before we proceed to the treatments or remedies for red bumps on thighs, let us get more insight on the reasons for the occurrence their occurence.


Folliculitis normally is due to the many bacteria or fungi that form their habitat in the hair follicles. The presence of these bacteria or fungi in hair follicles usually lead to inflammation of hair follicle. This can result in small red bumps especially in the inner thighs. The main symptoms includes itchy and painful small boil like bumps on the inner thighs around hair follicles.

In case of mild folliculitis, the symptoms will just vanish on their own but they can grow to a severe type of infection comprising of boils and cellulitis. Such serious symptoms will need proper medication.


Normally, friction does develop when the thighs rub against each other. This can be a result of activities such as walking or running. When your thighs rub, they thereafter trigger skin irritations leading their appearance or even dark inner thigh skin. In addition to skin irritation, thigh friction can also initiate a heat rash normally referred to as miliaria.

To give you a clarification, you should get it all together that irritation of skin could influence the blockage of sweat glands and formation of red, pink or white bumps. The common symptoms may include tingling feeling on thighs. Occasionally this can be very painful. Humid or hot climate can just make the situation more dreadful.

Red bumps from Eczema

Are you having red spots and patches that itch crazily? Well, this could be an indication that you are suffering from Eczema especially Atopic Dermatitis. This skin condition usually makes your skin to be dry, scaly, or it can even blister and ooze a clear fluid.

The common factors that are behind the occurrence of this skin disorder include soaps and detergents, cleaning products, perfumes, cosmetics, animal fur, wool, sweat and heat, and many more. The condition can initiate small itchy or even large red bumps on thighs or on any other part of the body.

Insect bites – itchy ones

Insect bites can sometimes be the reason for those small red bumps on your thighs. Such can itch like hell. One will get more vulnerable to insect bites when he or she is exposed to them. Some of the common culprits from the insect family likely to cause insect bites include:

  • lice
  • bed bugs
  • scabies
  • mosquitoes
  • fleas
  • chiggers
  • gnats

Try using insect repellants, keep good general hygiene and cover your skin away from insects.

Small red bumps due to Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris is a condition linked to the development of small red or white bumps that look like goosebumps on the fleshier areas of your thighs and arms. They may not itch or just itch a bit. This is a condition that is very prevalent among the teens but it also hits the adults as well.

How does Keratosis Pilaris occur? Well, this condition normally come into being when the pores are clogged with keratin. Keratin is a protein found in skin, nails, and hair. You can be more susceptible to this condition especially when you are experiencing dry skin or eczema. Although keratosis Pilaris is not normally not that bad, kindly talk to your doctor about it. In unbearable circumstances, laser therapy can be used to treat it.

Bumps on thighs STDs

Are they an indication of an STD?  Now, according to, “one of the most common signs of an STD in the genital area is sores, warts, and pimples. Genital warts from HPV are commonly confused for pimples and bumps, but they are different. They can appear to be fleshy growths or lumps on the skin between thighs”.

To get a clear insight of this, we must admit that small red bumps on thighs are among the earliest sign of certain STDs such Herpes. They can thereafter spread towards the inner area of the thighs as they grow very itchy. More significantly, don’t press, pick or scratch them since that could lead to rapid spreading and even infecting other people.

Red patches and bumps on thigh due to Hives

Hives also known as urticaria are raised itchy red or skin-tone welt.  They usually turn white when they are pressed. This disorder can develop in any parts of the body including the thigh and it an affect both adults and children  Around 30 percent of people will suffer from hives in their lifetime.

Some of the factors that can initiate it include certain medications, some foods, pollen, insects, latex, heat or cold among others. Needless to forget, this disorder can also develop alongside other conditions including colds, sinusitis, hepatitis, autoimmune etc.

Generally, hives don’t emerge as very serious but can be worsened by other severe conditions for instance systematic allergic reaction. Sometimes you will also develop hives accompanied by breathing problems, dizziness, face or tongue swelling or even trouble in swallowing.  NOTE that these are serious symptoms that require immediate doctor`s attention!

Thigh bumps during pregnancy and period

During pregnancy and periods, women normally experience intense hormonal variation and imbalance that lead to various skin conditions. For most women some hormone level  such as androgen will be high during the indicated stages.

The changes and imbalances in the hormone levels, especially androgen will influence the oil glands below the skin to be overactive. They will therefore produce excess oil known as sebum.

What is the effect of excess sebum? Well, you need to know that excess sebum will clog the pores on the skin leading to acne and pimples eruption on the inner, outer, back of thigh among other parts of the body. When this pimples are disturbed by other factors such friction or bacterial and fungal activities, they can develop to red itchy bumps.

Jock itch

What is jock itch and who can suffer from it? Well, jock itch is a fungal infection that affects men and women. Its common symptoms include itching experienced in groin area that extends to the thighs and buttocks. One can also get red itchy rash or bumps on these areas.

Many have the notion that jock itch is sexually transmitted. However, it is not. The rash can spread if not controlled. Though this condition is prevalent in males, it can also in rare cases be seen in some women.

Hidradentis suppurativa

This condition occurs when dead skin cells block hair follicle pores thus leading to bacterial infections. It is characterized with red bumps on the affected area, which for this case, is the inner thighs. They usually open up and ooze pus.

Hidradentis Suppurativa is somewhat linked to smoking and weight gain. Actually, the major symptoms of this condition are these bumps, blackheads, a bad odor and pus on the inner thighs. The most suitable remedy for this condition is keeping good hygienic standards.

Bumps after shaving or razor bumps

Due to poor shaving techniques and waxing bikini areas, many individuals do end up with small itchy bumps on thigh. These can be a sign of razor bumps which emerge from razor burn. When you walk or put on tight garment, they will get irritated and may grow to large ones. The irritation can also lead to bleeding. Therefore, it is important to treat razor bumps to avoid pus-filled bumps on inner thigh.


Thigh bumps may be accompanied by other symptoms, depending on the fundamental disease, disorder or condition causing them. Some conditions that trigger them may also involve other body systems and have other symptoms. Common localized symptoms that may accompany them including:

  • Redness, warmth or swellingOn the inner thigh
  • Scale formation
  • Tenderness or pain
  • Bruising
  • Itchiness

Furthermore, thigh bumps can be accompany by other general symptoms such as:

  • Headache
  • Joint stiffness and pain
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Fever and chills
  • Sweating

Severe symptoms that might indicate a life-threatening condition

In some circumstances, thigh bump may be a symptom of a life-threatening condition that should that may require professional health care. Seek immediate medical attention if you, or someone you are with, have thigh bumps (red or white) along with other serious symptoms

  • Fever and chills
  • Painful joint and stiffness
  • Respiratory or breathing difficulties, such as shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or inability to breathe, vigorous breathing, wheezing
  • Sudden swelling of the face, lips or tongue
  • Change in level of consciousness or alertness, such as passing out or impassiveness Purple rash
  • Tightness or constriction in the throat
  • Worsening of symptoms despite treatment

When not itchy

As we have highlighted before, insect bites and skin irritations will develop alongside itchy red bumps. There are also non-itchy ones that occur in thighs.

Conditions such as folliculitis, those that appear after shaving, and allergic conditions that leads to skin dryness can be behind the non-itchy red bumps on your thigh. However, when the mentioned conditions are not treated or taken care of, they can turn itchy and very painful.

Again, sebaceous cysts can also induce small ones on your skin especially on your face, neck and trunk but can also occur on the thighs. Such are not painful.

Lastly, just to advice you, even if such red bump are not itchy or painful, or don’t indicate any type of severe medical condition, get medical attention if they do not disappear after a while. Remember they can be influenced by other conditions that may make them grow worse. So take heed!

Itchy ones

From the list of causes above, it is easy to say that quite a number of causes can result to itchy bumps and they include conditions such as jock itch, hives, some STDs, eczema, insect bites, etc.

How to get rid of thigh pimples – treatments and home remedies

How can I get rid of red bumps on my thighs? Well, getting rid of these bumps can be easy if you try to identify the root cause. This will help you choose a suitable treatment. The treatments can range from home natural remedies to medical treatments. Here are some of the good ways to of getting rid of them

Topical treatments and creams

If they are due to keratosis Pilaris can be managed using topical treatment. Common creams used include lactic acid lotions, alpha hydroxy acid lotions, urea cream salicylic acid and topical steroid creams

Besides, keratosis Pilaris creams, the various topical creams have the ability to improve symptoms as well as get rid of bumps on things including inner thighs. The specific creams you go for will depend on what causes bumps on your thighs. For instance, antibiotic creams for bacterial infections.

Hydrocortisone cream

In some circumstances, little reds bumps on thigh can be triggered by irritation. This can be due to a resultant inflammation from accumulation of sweat, friction or poor hygiene. This is where Hydrocortisone cream can take help in soothing your itchy ones.

Over the counter anti-fungal cream

This is one of the most effective medication to treat red bumps on your thighs due to fungal infections. Both topical and oral anti-fungal medications can help hasten the removal of the red pimples rash on thighs due to fungal infections as well as and jock itch bumps. As we have indicated, anti-fungal creams can effectively treat jock itch but you have to also keep good hygiene standards.

Going to specific brands for jock itch, “the best antifungal remedies are creams or powders containing miconazole, clotrimazole, or terbinafine.” []. It advisable to see your doctor if you have not begun healing after one week.

Warm Compress treatment

Warm compresses are effective in relieving the pain and fasten the healing of the big painful bumps on your thigh. It will also make the bumps that may have turned to boils less inflamed and a bit softer. Again, warm compresses will improve the blood circulation in you thigh skin and thus influencing healing.

Warm compress can be used by pouring some warm water in to a plastic bag and wrapping it with a towel. You can then place it on the lump on your thigh for around 10 minutes. When the water temperature reduces, replace it.

Moisturizing your thighs

Dry skin can worsen thigh bumps. Therefore, deep hydrating moisturizers can help improve the situation. However, moisturizing may not be all you need since the underlying cause has to be dealt with first.

Gentle cleansing

When suffering mild thigh bumps, do not use some harsh soaps since they can further dry out the skin and exacerbate their rough texture. Instead, go for gentle cleansers and detergent free soaps.

Other at home natural remedies

Actually, there several natural products that are very effective in various treating skin problems including these bumps. Some of these products can be mixed while others can just be used alone. During the application of this products, you first have to establish the causes of your bumps on thigh. Below are examples of natural remedy products:

  • Aloe vera
  • Tee tree oil
  • Baby Powder (for babies)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive oil
  • Mashed strawberries (applied after shaving)
  • Witch Hazel
  • Drinking enough water
  • Lemons

Red thigh bumps care tips

We have to admit that there are several reasons behind the occurrence of red bumps on thigh. Therefore, to be able to manage this condition, here are further tips that will help us:

  • Avoid friction and accumulation of sweat, dead skin cells and oil on the skin around the thigh and even other parts of the body.
  • Manage hormonal changes during pregnancy and period, there are also some kinds of food that can causes hormonal imbalance, we should find their alternatives.
  • Treat some body disorders that can lead to bumps on thigh especially those triggered by allergens, STDs, and bacterial or fungal infections
  • Keep high body hygiene standards

Note: the kind of medications that will be used to cure these bumps will depend on their causes