Things To Remember While Buying Contact Lenses Without A Prescription

Many people love wearing contact lenses because it helps them get rid of spectacles. However, you should know a few things before buying contact lenses. No matter if you are buying it for a cosmetic reason or your eye health. Therefore, you will find a few tips about purchasing contact lenses in this article.

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1. Know The Type Of Contact Lens


Every cornea is different. They have different sizes, shapes, and attributes. Therefore, what kind of contact lens is the most suitable for you will depend on multiple factors. You won’t have the same pair of contact lenses as someone else. So, do not buy the same brand or color of contact lenses because you saw one of your friends flaunting them.

2. Do Not Share Contact Lenses

As you already know that contact lenses are different. It is not wise to share contact lenses. Moreover, you should not wear someone else’s contact lenses because of hygiene issues. If you use someone else’s contact lenses, that person might have an eye infection that can be easily transmitted to you.

3. Take Care Of Red Eyes


You will not get red eyes from wearing contact lenses if you follow the correct care regimen. If you are getting red-eye, it could indicate an infection in your eye. You should not sleep while wearing your disposable contact lenses. You should rinse your contacts with proper lens solution and not just water. Additionally, you should always wash and dry your hands before wearing contact lenses. Remember spending two to three minutes washing your hands before wearing the contacts can keep your eyes safe from severe infections.

4. Shop Around

The price of contact lenses varies from seller to seller. You will be able to save money while buying contact lenses if you are comparing the prices. You will often find some companies offering discounts on contact lenses. You should take advantage of such discounts to ensure you can save a few bucks. However, you should select a retailer simply based on price. You need to check the quality of the contact lenses they are offering. You should always verify the seller’s reputation and check the customer reviews received by them.

5. Buy From A Reliable Store


Many contact lens stores are available near you, but purchasing from a reliable store should be your priority. Before purchasing, you must visit the online store and look for the reviews it has received. A highly rated company will have many positive reviews, and you should purchase lenses from there. To check the names, you can start browsing online. The names of stores near you will appear and then decide where to buy from.

6. Glasses And Contacts Are Different

Many individuals do not understand the difference between contact lens and glasses. It is one of the most crucial factors that no one must ignore. Contact lenses rest directly on the eyes’ surface, while eye lenses are kept 12 millimeters from the eyes. That’s why while purchasing, buyers have to be a little more careful.

7. Which Brand Are You Looking For?


At the top online store, you will come across the leading brands offering the contact lens? But it is ultimately your choice which product you want to purchase. Some popular categories are Proclear, Dailies, Biomedics, Naira, etc. All these brands are available on a single platform. By visiting their website, you can check out the products and buy them from the brand of your choice.

8. Shop By Category

After opening the official site of the top online store, you will come across the top categories. It includes Daily Disposable, Monthly Contact Lenses, Multifocal Contact lenses, Colored Contact Lenses, etc. Which kind of product do you require? Depending on that, you can buy and dispose of the lenses after using them. Another thing that you have to remember while using lenses is not to overuse the disposable lenses beyond the specified period. For example, you should not use a monthly contact lens after a month, as it might start affecting your eyes.

9. Look For The Manufacturer

Some buyers are interested to know about the manufacturers before buying lenses. Are you one of them? If yes, you can look for the top manufacturers available on the online store. Some are Bausch and Lomb – Biofinity, Johnson and Johnson, CIBA Vision (ALCON), and CooperVision. Depending on which manufacturer product you want to buy, click on that and place an order.

10. Check The Reputation Of The Store


Make sure to check the reputation of the store from where you are planning to purchase. The reputation will give you an idea of the quality of the lens and if you should invest here. If not, you can look for other stores as many are available. But make sure to buy quality lenses for your eyes.

11. Get It Delivered At Home

Some stores might not offer deliveries at your doorstep, and because of that, you have to step out to buy them. But the top online shop will deliver the contact lenses at your location without any worries. You have to visit their site and place an order. Once done, they will start packing the item and deliver it to your place at the earliest.

12. Keep An Extra Pair Of Contact Lens And Lens Care Supplies Handy


People often end up losing their contact lenses no matter how careful they are. You might drop one while wearing or removing it. Naturally, the entire set becomes useless if you lose the contact lens for one eye. You should always keep an extra pair of contact lenses at home. You should also check if you have the lens solution.

The lens solution is used to cleans the lens. So, it is essential to have enough of it. You should also carry the contact lens case and solution with you whenever you travel. Your eyes might itch, or you might need to remove the contact lens for some reason.

Ending Note

Buying the right pair of contact lenses requires attention, knowledge, and patience. Hope these factors discussed here will help you buy the right contact lenses without a prescription.