5 Common Car Accident Injuries: Prevention and Treatment Tips

That feeling of being on the open road and driving your favorite auto is just special and unique, but many people get carried away and drive recklessly, which is never a good thing. Namely, car accidents are on the rise, meaning that today, more than ever before, we tend to overlook the importance of following the basic driving rules. So, in order to provide guidance and how to act in certain situations, let’s get through the basics and check what the most common car accidents and injuries are and how to prevent them.

How can one avoid them?

Car accidents can lead to severe consequences for everyone involved, and it is crucial to do everything we can to avoid them since we can never know how severe they can be. Sometimes even a minor accident can endanger someone’s life, and when it comes to life, there are no excuses, and it is important to be responsible. Yes, sometimes things happen that we have no control over, but on most occasions, it’s drivers who are responsible for collisions, regardless of how big of an incident or collision it is. There are some simple rules that all of us need to follow in order to drive responsibly, and not obeying them is never a good option.

1. No driving license

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It is never an option to be behind the wheel without a license, and tickets or the inability to take the driving test are not the worse things that can happen. A license is proof of your abilities, and if someone decides to neglect this, it is more likely they will cause a severe accident than someone with enough experience. Furthermore, you are endangering everyone on the road, which is also the main reason why the measures and tickets for those driving without a license are so high.

2. Drinking alcohol

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Yes, there is just something about alcohol that makes it fun and attractive to drink, regardless of whether we are talking about beer, wine, champagne, etc. Now, we can often hear how drinking beer helps us relax and be more open and positive, and even though this is true, there are some side effects, and no, we are not talking about the infamous hangover. Namely, the more we drink, the more numb we get, and this is just a fact, which means that after drinking alcohol, our reflexes are much slower, our sight gets distorted, and all these things are essential when we are on the road.

On the other hand, taking a ride under the influence of alcohol might seem like a great way to have some fun with friends, but it is difficult to realize how dangerous it is in that situation. We all agree that having a few beers with friends can relax us and make the entire evening much more interesting, but driving after that is literally racing with a devil. Alcohol affects our judgment and reflexes, so it is almost impossible to be careful when driving and obey traffic rules after drinking. That is why it’s never a good idea to drink and sit behind the wheel and also why you should always have one person who will be a designated driver.

3. Don’t text and drive

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We live in a world where our phones are one of the most important things, as we use them for both our work and in our spare time, but when driving, there is nothing that should distract us. Regardless of how “important” some call might be, it’s nothing in comparison to our life and overall well-being. Yearly, more than 30.000 collisions happen because a person behind the wheel was texting, and more than 500 of that entire number are with fatal consequences.

4. Follow the rules and limits

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A fast ride or racing with someone is one of the ways to prove the power of the vehicle you own, but it could be everything but safe and can endanger the lives of your passengers, you, and the people around the path you are racing. Some people also want to prove how great they are behind the wheel and how fast they can go through some curve or a path, and it’s needless to say that doing so almost never ends well for either the driver or the auto.

In the best-case scenario, the vehicle will be totaled, and we don’t even want to mention the worst-case scenario. Speed limits exist for a reason, and we all need to respect them in order to remain safe during the ride, avoid car accidents and save people’s lives. If you really want to test your driving skills or race with someone, there are racing tracks designed for precisely these purposes where you can drive and enjoy that adrenaline rush that comes with high-speed racing.

5. Safety comes first

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Safety features are there for a reason, and if you follow the speed limit, seatbelts can really be a lifesaver in case of a collision. We understand that some don’t wear one because they are used to driving without it, but it is a must, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. As already mentioned, there are certain things and situations we have no control over, so why not do everything in your power to be as safe as possible.

The most common injuries

As for the injuries, the most common ones that happen are fractures, back injuries, and internal ones. Now, in case you get into an accident, the first and most important thing is to check if everyone is okay and whether anyone requires any kind of help. It’s a must not move anyone experiencing any neck or back pain, as by helping them get out or moving their head, you can do more harm than good. On the other hand, if it is a fracture or some kind of a wound, you can always help them clean it and protect it so that the state of the wound doesn’t get even worse. The recovery process might take some time, but what matters is that everyone is okay, and as for the recovery, an auto accident chiropractor can be of great help here.