4 Tips on How to Choose a Doctor to Perform Your Cosmetic Procedure

Along with the growing popularity of these treatments, came a growth in medical spas, particularly in larger cities such as New York and Los Angeles, that are run by fashion, media, and film.

Cosmetic treatments have become incredibly popular over the course of the past twenty years. These treatments include plastic surgery procedures like breast implants and rhinoplasties, as well as non-surgical procedures such as lip injections, Botox, and various medical-grade skin treatments.

But how do you find the right doctor when you have all these options available? It can be hard to find a good reputable place with so many to choose from. Not only do you want the work that the doctor does to be good, but you want someone that you can trust and to see the results that you personally want like Saber Plastic Surgery. To help you, here are a few tips to help you find the best clinic for you, and when to say no thank you. Especially if you are considering surgery around your eye like blepharoplasty surgery.

1. Base it on the treatment itself

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There are endless treatments on the market right now, some of which can be carried out by an esthetician, while others should be administered by a board certified physician. Before you start looking into anything, do your research on the type of procedure you want, who is qualified to carry it out, and who you would want to do it for you.

Botox treatments can be administered by trained nurses under the supervision of a doctor, however many still prefer to have their Botox injections carried out by an M.D., in which case going to a board certified physician may be the best option.

Getting botox at medical practices, in which the injector is a doctor, allows you to get your Botox injections in the comfort of a boutique medical spa, rather than a plastic surgery clinic. In addition to figuring out who is qualified for the treatment, you may also want to look into who specializes in it.

For example, it is very well possible that there is a doctor who injects lip fillers sometimes on his patients, but specializes in laser treatments, which are something he does everyday, whereas lip fillers are a less frequent procedure that he or she carries out. In this case, this doctor may be a great option for your laser treatment, but you may want to look into a doctor who does more injections if your goal is to get a specific type of lip filler.

2. Do your research

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Once you have established who is qualified for your treatment, do your research on different establishments, nurses, and doctors, to see who you like. Look at before and after photos, reviews, and see if you can find images of the clinic itself. Does it look clean? Do the people in it look professional?

While the last thing you’re thinking about may be what the clinic looks like, this can be a major sign of the quality of the clinic itself, as a nicely renovated and clean clinic likely brings in a lot of money, meaning that whoever is doing the work is doing it right.

If you are getting lip fillers, for example, you can find more information on the treatment and how well it is done at a particular clinic by looking at before and after photos on the clinic’s websites. It can also be very beneficial to call the clinic and schedule a consultation.

See what the front desk is like and if they are well organized and you are taken in a timely manner when you get there. This will also give you the opportunity to meet the doctor before getting your treatment so you’ll get a feel for what they’re like and can decide if they are someone that you feel comfortable getting your treatment from.

3. Don’t base it off of price

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While finding a great deal online can be tempting, face and body work is not something you want to bargain on. If you found a clinic that you like and trust, but feel like the price is higher than you want it to be, give it some time and save some money before you go to the next best place and end up with unsatisfactory results.

Botox deals can be a sign of lack of business, and lack of business is never a good thing! On top of that, you never want to bargain your face. If you’re getting a treatment that could potentially alter your body in a not so pretty way, it is worth every penny to get the best of the best to do it for you!

4. Go in for a consultation first

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A good way to get a grasp of whether or not you want to get your treatment done by someone, is to schedule a consultation with them first, to get a first hand look at the clinic, as well as discuss your treatment with the professional themselves to see how knowledgeable they are and if you like them.

While some clinics charge a consultation fee, depending on the treatment, you may be able to get it on the same day, in which case the fee will likely be waived. You can always call the clinic first to get some information on their consultation process to see if a same day treatment is a possibility. If you don’t want to do a consultation, you can always try to stop by on a random day, just to check out the clinic and explore some of their treatments just to get a quick look.

Overall, doing your own personal research and finding a way to get a grasp of the professionals themselves is a great way to find the right doctor for you. Once you meet them face to face, you can go with your gut feeling to see if this is someone you feel you can trust with your face and body.