How To Choose A Healthcare Mobile App Development Company?

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Healthcare App Development Company

If you are here, you probably either consider healthcare app development or are already looking for a medical development company to partner with. Regardless of your purpose in reading this article, you likely want to know why choosing an outsourcing model is best and how to choose the right healthcare development company for your next project. Let’s get to the point.

Choosing the right development agency is essential if you want your app to be stable, safe, and efficient. In addition, it also reduces stress and saves you money in the long term. However, finding the right partner is a tough challenge, especially for healthcare startups lacking knowledge.

There is no secret that the healthcare domain is going through a digital revolution. This digital revolution has taken all spaces, from pharmacies to surgeries. As a result, the market offers a vast range of options for clinics looking for medical app development. Explore our guide below to find what to consider in your search.

3 Reasons to Choose Outsource Development Model


Since the healthcare industry is flourishing, the tech market offers various options for clients. Now clinics can hire freelancers, and dedicated teams, outstaff employees, create in-house teams, or outsource the whole development process. Outsourcing means delegating the process to experienced companies so business owners can focus on more valuable things. Even though outsourcing is the best choice for most, let’s explore reasons to choose this model:

Access to Skilled Experts


Since the healthcare industry is tricky, it requires lots of skills. Requirements and guidelines needed for medical app development are strict, so you may fail when hiring developers without the needed skill sets or specific experiences. When you choose to freelance or create an in-house team, you will need months and years to finally develop a team of experts with specific skills.

In addition, you may notice that the current talent pool is small. That is because there is a high demand for skilled developers with unique skills, making the search even harder. That is why businesses prefer to outsource healthcare development processes. Outsource provides instant access to the greatest talents with a vast range of skills and backgrounds, allowing you to quickly find the best developers.

Leverage Practice-Proven Processes

Since most clinics looking for app development don’t have an understanding of the tech part of the business, they risk ending up with failed development and low revenue. In addition, not following guidelines that are essential in the domain can cause obligations and put your business and users at risk. Therefore, hiring a healthcare app development company can help you use practice-proven and tested processes, reducing risks of failure and keeping you on the safe side.

These include:

  • Effective communication throughout the process;
  • The process follows a blueprint and specifications;
  • The team follows timelines;
  • mHealth app follows all required legal and regulatory requirements (such as HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and more).

Fast Hiring Process

In contrast to most development models, outsourcing is known for its fast hiring. When you work in a highly competitive market, you need to speed up project kick-off. This means both hiring specialists and meeting deadlines. In both cases, outsourcing is the optimum choice.

When you need medical app development, all that is required is to find the team and send the request. Trusted providers can create the team and start the process within a few weeks, while freelance and in-house team creation takes months and, sometimes, years.

What to Consider When Choosing a Healthcare App Development Company


Now you know why choosing an outsourcing approach for medical app development is a great choice. It is time to learn what to focus on in your search.

Experience in the Market

If your goal is to develop a quality healthcare app, you need to find a team with relevant experience and unique skills. The good news is that there are many companies that have the needed skills and expertise to create a high-quality product.

However, some may have close yet not direct experience, which should be taken into consideration. For example, building an app for pharmacies differs from building an app for women’s health or for private clinics, requiring knowledge related to databases and users’ privacy. Make sure that your development provider works with blockchain and the latest technologies since it also helps with improved data safety and effectiveness of your app.

The Strength of Portfolio

Just saying that a company has experience isn’t enough. You need to ensure that they have proof of expertise. Trusted development agencies show their experience as case studies or send you verification of their knowledge.

Checking case studies not only helps you see what a company has developed but also lets you explore what problems it faced and how it overcame them. In addition, check the technology stack, so you can explore what languages the company uses for similar applications. If the agency doesn’t show case studies, ask on a call to send you proof of experience.


Reviews are one of the easiest yet most effective ways to learn how the company communicates with the clients and what results they have. The first proof is the testimonials that the company posts on its website. However, we also highly recommend searching for reviews on trusted third-party services like Clutch and Upwork.



Communication is the key to success. Poor communication often leads to failed development, high costs, lots of bugs, and not following deadlines. Effective communication means always knowing the stages of the process and keeping track of all issues that arise. Trusted development agencies keep clients informed about the entire process, having daily calls and answering all questions.

If your company has a project manager, you will have a higher chance of development success. You want a healthcare mobile app development company that can challenge you even before you start your collaboration since this means that their focus is on delivering the best results and not just scoring another win.