Choosing Best Tongue Condom Brands to Buy, Flavored, Latex Free, Without Spermicides

Are you surprised to hear that people use protective barriers during oral sex (fellatio)? Does wearing tongue or oral condoms taste good for the receiver? What is the best tongue condom for oral sex? Why would I need to wear a tongue condom? You need to read our post to determine whether tongue condoms exist, why and how to protect yourself during oral sex.

Usually, oral sex can be pleasurable and really exhilarating in the sex life of couples. But getting involved in oral sex that is not protected can also have dreadful consequences. Note this, when giving oral sex definitely, you can be infected with the sexually transmitted infections.

It is clear that, during oral sex, the giver is exposed to many body fluids including semen among others. Now, once you are exposed to such body fluids, you can easily contract whatever sexually transmitted disease your partner has. This can include HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and so forth.

Does using tongue condom taste good during oral sex?

As well as many safe sex studies recommend the use of oral condoms, to some people, this can be awkward and nasty for oral sex. For instance, having latex condoms on your tongue can be very unpleasant and thus turns off the oral sex pleasure. Still again, some flavored condoms are rated unsafe for oral sex. So, what is the trick behind the whole game? How can you give oral sex and make the act still taste hilarious to you and your sex partner? Read on to get detailed information.

Choosing the best tongue condom for oral

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A tongue condom to be used in oral sex should be designed to be worn in the mouth of the individual giving oral sex. This includes tubular membrane having one closed end and made of thin, pliant impervious material. There are also 2-3 flanges. The flanges are curved and defined to receive the upper and lower lip of an average person. Usually, the tubular membrane may extend to the mouth of the bearer for the role of performing fellatio. The major aims of wearing tongue condoms are highlighted below:

  • The penis can be inserted into the tubular membrane without making contact with mouth, lips or the tongue of the wearer
  • The tongue of the wearer can also be extended to the tubular end so that it can perform cunnilingus without making direct contact with the vulva or even the anal area

Having gathered this information about the design of the tongue condom, we now should define the meaning of best condom for oral sex. Well, below are the characteristic of best condom for safe oral sex:

Flavored condoms

Flavored lubricated condoms can also be preferred by many individuals. There are many food flavors that will be amazing to you and you`ll be surprised at how good the can taste. The flavors can be made from certain foods such as jam, honey, sauces, favorite drinks, etc. You may also like to add your own flavor and this is possible.

Non-lubricated condoms or condoms without spermicide

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Using non-lubricated mouth condoms is also another better option. Remember if you buy already lubricated condoms, you may not be sure of what the lubrication is made up of. Spermicidal lubricated condoms may taste bad in your mouth and may make your tongue to numb.

So this is why we prefer unlubricated condoms of non-spermicidal lubricants. Warns further, “do not use condoms or lubricants made with spermicide, such as nonoxynol-9 which can numb your tongue. And do not use any condoms designed to “extend” male performance, such as Trojan’s Extended Pleasure, as these are made with not-so-tasty benzocaine that will leave an unpleasant sensation in your mouth.”

Latex-free condoms

You can as well switch to flavored non-latex tongue condoms. Many people may not like the taste of latex or may have an allergy to latex, therefore, there are non-latex options available in the market. Such non-latex oral condoms are made of polyisoprene or polyurethane.

Currently, they are almost not available in the market. Flavored non-latex mouth condoms are rated to be the best option for many people. Though, still, latex condoms can also be used by some people. The taste of such condoms during oral sex will depend on you. They may taste good or bad but all these stands by you.

Remember many non-latex condoms are odorless and tasteless therefore you can add your own flavor.

My size condoms

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This is another factor to consider before you buy a condom. Ill-fitting condoms generally are not safe during sex. Normally when many companies manufacture condoms, they usually produce quite a number of condoms for average persons. Remember, it is only the good-sized condom that will stick by your mouth or tongue during oral sex.

Now, before you buy a condom, you should check on the information on the condom box. They include the size, whether latex or non-latex, types of flavors and the instructions on how to use them. Make sure you only pick on the best brand or type that will fit your taste and satisfy your pleasure.

Best and top-rated tongue/mouth condom options for oral sex

You have tips on choosing the best tongue condoms, let us now give you something more on the best tongue condom brands to give a try.

Lifestyles Ultra-Sensitive Non-lubricated Condoms

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This is a wonderful super thin condoms very effective for oral sex. They are available in packets of 12, 36 and 100. They are non-spermicidal condoms with not bad taste or after taste. It is the best option if you prefer non-flavored condoms.

Lifestyles Luscious Flavors

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These are widely known in the market as a lifestyle brands. They have highly rated flavors such as banana, strawberry, and vanilla. Many users or customers have given their testimonies about these ultra-sensitive and flavored condoms.

Trojan ENZ Non-Lubricated Condoms

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If non-lubricated mouth condoms are your taste then, we recommend you use this popular version of Trojan ENZ condoms. They bear wonderful designs and have no extra lube. We rate them the best oral sex condoms depending on the customer’s views. But remember one thing, don’t prefer Trojan male condoms with extended use.

GLYDE Flavored Organic Condoms

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If your panic is about the available chemical in mouth condoms then, here we present for you the variety of flavored condoms from Glyde. These brands come in organic flavors such as blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, etc. They are eco-friendly and vegie type.

Durex Tropical Condoms

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These are topical flavored brand of condoms having good scent of latex and favorite mixture of popular topical flavors. This brand of condoms is also preached to be ultra-sensitive. Though they have latex, they can still meet many spectrum of good pleasure during oral sex.


As much as many mouth condoms for oral sex protect both partners during the oral sex act, still there are more safety factors to be considered. Here is a summary of factors to consider alongside using oral condoms:

  • Examine your partner`s genitalia before oral sex, evaluate the growths, discharge, lesions or redness of the area. If you notice something strange, please think otherwise. Remember again, some STIs have no significant symptoms at all.
  • Remember to use one oral condom at a time, don’t repeat, it may get exhausted and burst and thus great “menace”
  • Use a good fitting condom, I mean buy a condom fitting your size so that it can efficiently fit your mouth.
  • Always check the condom box for the information about sizes, flavors, etc. this will help you define an effective condom of your type.
  • In addition to this, some people may not want to use oral condoms may not have access to such condoms, in such cases make sure that the pre-cum and the semen don’t get into your mouth and more so, don’t let them stay in your mouth or swallow them!