What’s The Difference Between Diabetic Socks And Regular Socks?

Diabetes is one of the most common health issues people face in the 21st century. Although most common in adults above the age of 40 years, the world is shocked by surveys that even kids get affected with diabetes. Over the years, the number of people affected with diabetes has been rapidly increasing. The commonly predicted reason behind this is an unbalanced diet and consumption of junk, sugary food in excess, and obesity.

Studies have shown that medical treatments and a controlled diet have helped diabetes patients manage their blood sugar levels. Besides medicines and diet, physical exercises like yoga and strenuous workout sessions have also shown excellent results. Another thing that has positively affected diabetes is diabetic socks. These unique socks are made with exceptional quality materials and have many health benefits, including enhanced blood circulation.

What Are Diabetic Socks?

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Unlike regular socks, diabetic socks are specially designed for people suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. These special socks are made of advanced material that keeps the feet dry and prevents moisture or sweat formation. Socks for diabetic patients are one of those modern inventions aimed at bettering the lifestyle of people suffering from low or severe diabetes and helping them return to a normal, carefree life.

They may look like any other regular pair of socks, but the difference lies in their quality and material. The primary purpose of these socks is to enhance blood circulation, prevent foot injuries, keep the foot dry, and prevent vascular disease. Because it induces healthy blood circulation, these socks are also known to prevent neurological disease and balance blood pressure.

What Are The Major Benefits Of Wearing Diabetic Socks?

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Diabetes is one of those chronic illnesses that is also recognized as a slow killer; if not treated on time, it can damage internal organs and end a person’s life. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas can no longer produce the amount of insulin the body requires to function, thus creating a disbalance in blood sugar levels. However, studies have shown that diabetes, if not wholly cured, can be controlled easily with the help of medical treatment, exercise, and restricted diets.

Not always treatment nor diets have shown positive results in patients; studies have shown that modern inventions like diabetic socks have also helped a lot. They are made of moisture-wicking materials and have unique soles for enhanced safety and comfort. The most significant benefits of wearing diabetic socks are:

  • There are fewer chances of foot injuries.
  • No worries relating to your foot sweating while traveling for long hours.
  • As blood circulation is enhanced by wearing these socks, the blood pressure levels are also normal.
  • The material is lightweight and breathable.
  • Includes padded soles that are ideal for perfect fit and utmost comfort.
  • No worries relating to odor, infections, or bacteria formation.
  • The pressure point of the foot is more protected.
  • No concerns regarding the formation of painful blisters and ulcers.

Why Are Diabetic Socks So Different?

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There are many reasons why socks made ideally for diabetes patients are much different from ordinary summer, winter, or sports socks. These factors make them different from any type of socks available.

Special Materials

The significant difference between a diabetic sock and a regular sock is its materials. These socks are made of acrylic fibers that make the fabric lightweight and breathable, preventing the feet from sweating. The feet remain dry and odorless when there is no moisture or sweat. Also, these socks are designed without seams therefore, there are no worries about blisters.

Anti-Bacterial And Non-Sweaty

When wearing a pair of socks for long hours, your feet are bound to sweat, and sweating increases the risk of bacteria formation and infections if you have open wounds. Because the diabetic sock is made of special-quality fabric, they are anti-bacterial and non-sweaty.

Enhanced Comfort From Padded Soles

To prevent shocks or sprains, a diabetic sock is designed with padded soles that provide enhanced comfort while walking or performing any physical activity. These soles offer a cushioned effect and prevent heel injuries.

Long-lasting And Lengthy

The material of these particular types of socks is known as long-lasting; a single pair is enough to protect your feet for at least six months. They are also much longer than you imagine; they are available in various sizes and can be extended to the knees.

Difference Between Diabetic Socks And Regular Socks

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Regular socks you often buy for daily use may look stylish when paired with your favorite sneakers or shoes, but they are very different from diabetic socks. Regular socks, if worn for long hours, can cause the feet to sweat and give rise to infections, bacteria formation, and an intolerable odor. They also change the temperature of feet, thus affecting blood circulation. Regular socks, if not washed and cared for properly, can also give rise to fungal infections. They are also prone to damaging diabetic nerves and may lead to more severe conditions like peripheral artery disease.

Similarly, a diabetic sock can be stated as the exact opposite of regular pair of socks. They do not cause sweat but help keep the feet dry, promote healthy blood circulation, and help avoid nerve disorders and vascular diseases. They are also anti-bacterial and provide more protection from injuries, infections, shocks, and wear. They also offer maximum protection to the pressure points of the feet.

Knowing How To Take Care

Taking care of a diabetic sock is very easy; you must pay attention to regular washes and clean and dry them. Doctors suggest that a pair of these socks can be worn for up to six months. Frequent washing is mandatory because it will prevent bacteria formation or fungal infection if you have open wounds. To be extra careful about not disrupting their quality, these socks can be put in a laundry mesh bag before putting them inside a washing machine.

Final Thoughts

Diabetes can be deadly if not treated on time, but by being cautious about your health and introducing your body to beneficial accessories like a diabetic sock, your lifestyle can become easier. For a diabetes patient, the goal in life is to return to health, and by being mindful of what your body needs the most during these times, you can get assured that the journey towards wellness will not be any more challenging. A diabetic sock takes care of your foot’s needs to feel comfortable and safe.