What To Expect At Your First Acupuncture Appointment?

Talking about stress, no one can emphasize enough how much stress we all are under. Don’t believe us? Just carefully think about your day today, or yesterday, and no matter if it is work or home-related, or even if someone messed up your order while you were in a hurry, everything that happens that has an effect on how we feel, and how we behave from that point on is what stress is all about. Now, stress is everywhere, a hidden enemy, and it is closely related to so many common health problems, like high blood pressure and diabetes, and as such, we should act accordingly. Everyone needs to find something, some hobby or treatment to relieve that stress, and it really doesn’t matter if that “thing” for you is some sport, shopping, or collecting valuables or stickers, stamps, as what matter is that it works. Now, when we settled that, we can dedicate our attention to another type of problem.

Namely, since we are all dependent on our tablets, phones, laptops, we spend way too much of our time sitting, and that’s bad. It is bad for our posture and overall physical and mental health, especially if our job is monotonous. Since that’s the case, it’s no wonder that so many people are seeking help due to pain in their back or legs, but worry no more, as there is something that can help with both of these problems.

Acupuncture is a type of medicine practiced for so many years (by some sources, the first acupuncture treatment dates to 2.500 years B.C. in China), and although some may think that it doesn’t work, experts and professionals will disagree. There are many facts that prove acupuncture as a great way to ease the pain and relieve the stress, and okay, we understand that some of you may be scared of the needle and that searching for what to expect may come way too scary, but there is no need for that, as it is actually quite painless. But, if you are still uncertain whether to try acupuncture or not or don’t know what to expect, sit and make yourself comfortable as we will further discuss this topic and provide you with some important facts.

It is not a painful experience

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Many people want to try acupuncture, but they are too afraid of needles, and they are convinced that it is a painful treatment, but the truth is different. Needles used in this treatment are thin like hair, so it is almost impossible to feel them during the whole treatment. The only thing you might feel is a little sting when the needle is inserted into some sensitive area, but once when it is inside, you will probably not have any sensation at all. Regarding that, there is no need to be afraid of this procedure since it is not painful, but it can be really good for your overall health, both physical and mental.

Internal organs check

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The first thing that every acupuncture expert will do is to check the internal organs and their conditions. That means that you should be prepared for an abdominal check, but also a puls and tongue check. It is important because by checking these three areas, they can see the state of different organs and exactly know which treatment you need. A simple tongue check can tell them a lot about the digestive system condition and if there are some sleep problems and the state of the metabolism. It is crucial to avoid food that can change the color of your tongue before the acupuncture and not brush it that day because it can give them the wrong diagnoses.

Detailed interview

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Every acupuncturist has a unique way of interviewing clients, but some questions are standard, and each specialist needs to ask them. The main questions will be about the health history, medications that one might use, or therapies that they have. Besides that, one will need to answer questions about their sleep patterns, sexual, digestive, and urinary function, and talk more about stress levels. Women will also be asked about their menstrual period since many conditions can be manifested as irregular periods. Some of these questions might make you feel uncomfortable, but there is no need for that, and it is crucial to answering them sincerely because it is the only way to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

Recommendation for herbal formulas or supplements

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In most cases, the acupuncturist will give you some herbal formula or supplement to drink after the treatment for some time. It is important to drink them as prescribed because they are a crucial part of the whole treatment. Because of that, it is necessary to listen carefully to the specialist and ask everything that might be confusing since there is too much information to know. Ask for how long you should drink them, how to store and cook them properly, and if it is important to drink them after or before the meal. Many people may think that it is unnecessary to drink herbal formulas and supplements, but it is a vital part of the whole process of healing, and it is important to follow the doctor’s “orders.”

The Verdict

For as long as we were on this planet, we tried to find some cure or treatment, and performed so many medical procedures, studied our body, and even though we advanced so much that we can treat and cure so many untreatable diseases and conditions today, some alternative medicine stood the test of time, which is why acupuncture should be your first choice. Just remember that, not that long ago, we tried to cure asthma with asthma cigarettes, doctors prescribed alcohol and cocaine as medicine for many illnesses, and although that may seem funny for us today, then it was a reality. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to try out something new, something with proven results, and we can all agree that we could all use some natural stress relief. With that said, you can set your appointment and experience the benefits of acupuncture on your own, and let your self to certificated and experienced professionals like the ones at Refuge Acupuncture LoHi.