How to Focus and Concentrate Better to Boost Productivity in 2024

Being productive in life is very important, but it’s much easier said than done. When it comes to productivity, two things have the most impact on it. Those two things are focus and concentration. However, if there are things that impact focus and concentration as well, where’s the end of this entire thing? We know, it’s like a tree of lifestyle choices that all add up towards being a more creative, productive, and tireless person. It might sound complicated to achieve, but when you understand how our body works, it’s not that difficult.

In today’s article we’ll talk about some of the things that you can do to improve your productivity at work, and while doing your daily chores in everyday life, so without any further ado, let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Improve your sleeping schedule

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We’ll start with the most important thing, which is sleeping. An average person should be sleeping at least eight hours per night, in a dark and moderately cold environment, because these conditions are considered to be the best for proper recovery. How much sleep you’ll require will heavily depend on your lifestyle, but don’t let this trick you. If you have a sedentary job and you’re not exercising regularly, it doesn’t mean that you can overwork yourself psychically and sleep less than the average person. Sometimes psychical work tires the mind a lot more than physical.

Those with a bad sleeping schedule will always be less productive and their focus will drop in the middle of something, so make sure that you fix yours as the first and most important step.

Reduce stress to the bare minimum

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Stress is the number one enemy of both our minds and bodies, and although it sounds a bit cliché, multiple studies have already confirmed this in the past. Stress has an impact on your decision-making skills, and it induces chemical changes in your body that you cannot go against. When you’re under stress, the levels of cortisol rise, and they can “cloud” your ability to think properly. Make sure that you get rid of it if you want to be more productive and happier in life.

Improve your diet & supplements

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Everything begins from our diet, which is why we strongly recommend that you pay the most attention and put in the most effort to fix yours. Without the proper nutrients in your body, you cannot recover from any type of work, regardless if it’s easy to do or not. You don’t have to do any extreme changes to your eating plan, simply make sure that all you are consuming is healthy.

If you require some extra help, supplements can always be of huge use to you. Thanks to technology and modern medicine, the supplements that we have today are more effective than ever. For more information, you can take a look at this useful guide from Vaga.

Try not to be dependent on caffeine

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Coffee is considered to be the modern-day ambrosia for a reason. People depend on it, and as much as it’s a good thing, it has its negative sides as well. Coffee is great and it can be healthy when consumed in moderation, but are people consuming it in moderation? The answer is no. Those who tend to overwork themselves and constantly do overtime are usually chugging down more than five or six coffees per day, and that’s a lot more than what’s recommended. Also, you shouldn’t use it as an energy booster before every activity, because the body has a way of creating tolerance for the main ingredient which is caffeine, and over time it’ll have a much worse effect on you.
So, not overconsuming and drinking coffee in moderation will make sure that your tolerance levels remain the same, so every time you drink it you’ll have a benefit from it, rather than just mindlessly consuming it.

Check if you’re overworking yourself

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As we mentioned above, we are not robots, so no matter how perfectly we’ve arranged our life to be as productive as possible, overworking and fatigue will get us sooner or later. Make sure that your work is split into achievable “blocks”, and don’t try to accomplish everything in a day. Remember that consistency will help you accomplish a lot more since being productive in life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Be real and patient

Are you asking too much from yourself? Are you trying to complete things that are impossible to complete in the given time? You need to constantly ask yourself these questions because it’s easy to “blur reality” with your thoughts. Everybody wants to be successful and everybody wants to achieve that overnight, but is it possible? We don’t think so. Patience is a difficult skill to master, but once you master it, you can go a long way with it.

Activities that allow you to train patience

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Last but not least, the more you train your concentration and focus, the more productive you’ll become in the long-run. However, to be able to train this properly, you’ll need to add some activities in your life which allow you to do so. A few examples are playing games that require a lot of focus and thinking, such as chess, Sudoku, maze-solving, and many others. You can also try to solve riddles and puzzles because these are activities that are proven to increase your cognitive skill. You can do all of these in moderation and still get amazing results. Thirty minutes of productive work per day is more than enough.


How much we can achieve during our life depends entirely on ourselves. Nobody else can limit what we can do, but to be great, we have to make the right lifestyle choices. Our body is not a robot, and it’s a very complicated living thing that performs better the more you take care of it. In today’s guide, we’ve listed some of the things that you can do that’ll make you’re a great performer in life, so feel free to check it out.