Fruit Flies in Bathroom, Drain, Skin and Home

Any home is prone to fruit fly infestation. There could be fruit flies in the bathroom, fruit flies in bathroom drains and sinks. To get rid of them takes some effort. The efforts will only bear fruits if one knows what causes the fruit flies so they can have a starting point in their elimination.

Fruit Flies in Bathroom

In most cases, fruit fly infestations start in the kitchen. The insects get attracted by the rot and micro-organisms that come with fruits and vegetables as opposed to the fruits themselves. The smell and rot are what attract them. Other than the food, they survive in moist areas. The moisture bit may be the reason why there will be fruit flies in the bathroom as well.

At times it can be hard getting rid of these insects. This is made worse by the fact that despite them having a very short life cycle, they reproduce at a very high rate. They easily infest different parts of the house the bathroom included.

From the kitchen, the fruit flies will make their way to the bathroom. They are drawn here by their high affinity for wet and damp places. Here, they get the perfect breeding grounds especially around towels, rags and other pieces of damp clothes.

To get rid of them, one should start off by getting rid of any wet mops and rags, sponges and crumpled towels. These should be dried out sufficiently before making their way into the bathroom. Old rags and mops should be replaced. Sinks and drains can also serve as breeding grounds for fruit flies in the bathroom and should, therefore, be thoroughly cleaned.

To stay clear of infestation, one should maintain cleanliness and healthy sanitation throughout the house. This is more so the kitchen, living room and bathroom. The moment they make their way into the kitchen, it only takes a short time before they are in the bathroom.

To help further in getting rid of them:

  • Inspect the bathroom drainages. These in most cases serve as breeding grounds for the flies. Anywhere that there is a moisture film or which is humid along and on the drains is perfect for them. The sludge is where the eggs are likely to be laid from which they develop into larvae. Clean this to eliminate them. Duct tape can also help know if there are some in the drain. Place some over its top and if they get caught you know where they come from.
  • In cases there are broken drain pipes, the flies can get their way into it from where they travel into the bathroom. Placing a masking tape along the crack can help in determining if this is the case. In case this is so; repairs have to be made to eliminate this breeding ground.
  • In cases where the tiles are broken and water seeps into the floor or wall, that will as well provide a perfect breeding ground. The necessary repairs should be done.

Drain Flies in Bathroom and Fruit Flies in Bathroom Drain

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At times, the bathroom becomes infested by swarms of tiny annoying flies. These appear around the shower, sinks and drainages.  Where this is the case, it is probable that one is experiencing drain flies or fruit flies in the bathroom. These live in areas with moisture and where some organic matter has been trapped.

Such areas serve as their breeding grounds. Getting rid of these pests is usually as simple as removing the gunk inside your pipes. A thorough cleaning should do the trick, and before you know it the drain flies will be history.

How to Get Rid of Bathroom Fruit Flies

For fruit flies in the bathroom to thrive there has to be a moist environment in which there is some microorganisms for them to feed on. As such, the best way on how to get rid of bathroom fruit flies is by getting rid of all slime and gunk in the bathroom and drainages. This serves to get rid of the breeding ground. Once this is achieved, setting traps for the flies will get rid of the mature ones.

Fruit Flies in Drain

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In the bathroom, fruit flies will most likely be found in drains. Fruit flies in drain should not be so hard to deal with. All that is required is a heightened level of cleanliness so as to get rid of them. In most cases, there is likely to be a broken sewer or pipe where the eggs are laid. This has to be an area where the larvae stage of the flies will get something to feed on. To get rid of them:

  • Mechanically clean the drains to get rid of the sludge.
  • Clean up the drains to get rid of any trapped debris. Bleach will not work in the elimination of the larvae.
  • Find out what the source of the flies is and get rid of them. This could be probably the kitchen
  • Replace any broken drainages. Also, ensure that they are free of muck. Pouring hot water down them can help

Fruit Flies in Sink

Another area that is prone to fruit fly infestation is the sinks. This involves both the kitchen and bathroom sinks. To keep the kitchen sinks free from them, one should keep the dishes clean. This is more so juice and wine glasses as these are likely to attract these flies.  Also, ensure the dishes, if not cleaned, are not left with residue foods. One can prevent this by running through water if they do not plan to clean them.

When it comes to the fruit flies in bathroom sinks, the main reason why there would be some is if the sink remains damp. This is common if the tap is dripping. To get rid of them, this has to be fixed. Other than that, one should then use traps to get rid of the existing population.

 Fruit Flies in Home

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Fruit flies in homes may be found anywhere.  This means from inside the house, to the garden and even around pools. The best way to keep them away is by providing an inhabitable environment for them. This includes getting rid of garbage well, washing vegetables and fruit once they are in the house and maintaining high levels of cleanliness around.4