8 Tips to Get a Bikini Body Fast

Summertime is officially beach time in Miami. The sun starts to peek through the clouds. The temperatures rise. And the turquoise waters beckon you to pull out your best bikini. So, most (if not all) of us look at our missing abs and droopy behind, wondering how to fast-track our way to a toned, beach-ready body.

Waiting for good news? Here it is – you don’t have to give up your summer plans. You can still hit the beach and look as ravishing as ever! But hey, it’s going to take a bit of effort and some dollars. Let’s get started.

1.    Get a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Ready to take the plunge? Get yourself a Brazilian Butt Lift! It’s not just about looking hot. It’s also about being healthy and confident.

BBL is a simple procedure that helps to lift and contour your backside. It’s all about having the curves in the right places, which is why this procedure has gained immense popularity.

The Brazilian Butt Lift will give you the curves of your dreams and help improve your health. It will strengthen your lower back and core muscles, improving your posture and balance while toning up your body.

The good thing is there are a lot of certified BBL doctors in Miami with years of experience in the field. So, you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

2.    Get Your Bikini Line, Bikini-Ready

You need to get rid of your body hair. Let’s admit it; belly hair is not a good look. Waxing or sugaring your body hair is just what you need to do. It’s swift, painless (with the right product!), and a sure-fire way to holler, “Hey, beach; I’m here!”

The areas around your bikini line need extra attention. So, use a razor with multiple blades or an epilator to get a silky-smooth finish.

Try to get done with waxing a few days before you hit the beach. You don’t want a red body without even basking in the sun!

Also, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin for the love of all things summer. Exfoliating will help rid your skin of dead cells, while moisturizing will make your skin look as silky as ever.

3.    Goodbye Sodium and Alcohol

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Allow us to name and shame your beach body’s #1 enemy – sodium. Sodium is the culprit behind all our bloated bellies and puffed-up hips. You get it from your yummy chips, burgers, and pizzas.

So, if you want to shed that extra fat fast, you first need to get rid of sodium. Trust us; you’ll get instant gratification.

We hate to be bearers of bad news, but you’ll also have to bid goodbye to alcohol. It is packed with empty calories and doesn’t do anything for your waistline. So, keep it away from your body if you want to stay beach-ready!

4.    Shed a Few More Pounds Fast

Still, got some love handles left? Don’t worry; blast away the extra fat by lowering your calorie intake.

Go for a light diet and stick to it, even if those delicious-looking French fries tempt you.

For a fast-track road to a flat belly, go raw. Eat raw fruits and veggies like apples, carrots, celery, and kale. They are fiber-rich and will help fill you up without piling you with calories. You’ll also need some lean protein. So, reach for those chicken and fish.

Besides eating the right foods, you must also time your meals correctly. Have a light breakfast, a hearty lunch, and a super-light dinner. If you can, try intermittent fasting – this will help you slim down even faster.

5.    Cardio, Cardio Everywhere!

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We are not talking about the boring old treadmill here. It’s time to fire up your body and get it moving.

Start to increase the intensity of your workouts (including strength training). Do HIITs and plyometrics. Mix it up with intense cardio bursts like swimming and running.

Make sure you hit each muscle group in every session and do something new to challenge your body.

Let us help you with a few target zones you must focus on. These are the areas where most of us tend to store fat.

  • Upper back – do pull-ups and rows.
  • Lower abs – try crunches, planks, and side bends.
  • Glutes & Hamstrings – lunges, squats, and bridges.

Plus, don’t forget to include some stretching exercises as warm-ups and cool-downs.

6.    Your New Best Friends: Supplements & Protein Shakes

Out goes bad, and in comes the good. You need to stock up on supplements like whey protein, omega-3s, B12, and green tea extract. These will help you rev up your metabolism, boost energy levels, and aid in muscle recovery.

Plus, start drinking protein shakes as a meal replacement. They contain all the good stuff that your body needs to stay fit and toned.

Remember, your beach body must be as physically fit as drop-dead gorgeous. What if your squad plans a volleyball face-off? Will you be ready to take it on?

7.    Banish Bruises and Unwanted Marks

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There’s a plant-based supplement that’s all the rage among models and celebrities – arnica! Arnica helps to reduce bruises, inflammation, and redness. When taken orally or applied topically, it can help you look picture-perfect for your bikini body photoshoot.

And for those pesky acne scars and unwanted marks, try out some natural ingredients that can help fade them away. Lemon juice, honey, and aloe vera are all good options that will help you get rid of those spots.

But give your body some time to get used to these ingredients. Don’t rush it!

8.    Time to Polish Some Makeup Skills

It’s time for you to channel your inner makeup artist. Yes, arnica is good, but it might not get rid of all those bruises and marks. You might have to cover them up.

Use a good concealer that is long-wearing and waterproof for the best results. Make sure the color matches your natural skin tone.

Once you’ve covered up the spots, use a bronzer to get that sun-kissed glow (without having to bake in the sun!).

This will also help to accentuate your best features and make sure that you look absolutely stunning at the beach. The best part is that no one (especially not the boys) would be able to tell that you’ve masked your flaws!


Getting a bikini body fast is not easy, but it’s certainly doable. All you need is the right diet, some high-intensity exercise, and a few awesome beauty treatments.

So, don’t give up! If you stay disciplined and focused, you’ll be strutting your beach-ready body in no time.

Now, go show the beach who’s boss! Rock that bikini and slay!

We wish you all the best in achieving your beach-ready body goals. Keep going, and don’t forget to have fun!