Guide on Getting Your First Tattoo

It doesn’t matter whether you have been planning a session in the tattoo shop for a decent amount of time or you have seen an awesome tattoo on your favorite rock star and got inspired. There are some basic rules of getting the first tattoo that you have to keep in mind. You can find some ideas and here you will learn your first steps. Just click on,

All You Wanted to Know About Making First Tattoo

If you are still new to the tattoo world, you will discover a wide range of possibilities in front of you. No matter what you want to get on your skin, it is better to be aware of the process and required preparations. Of course, your tattoo artist will repeat this information, but here is a simple list of everything to keep in mind.

1. Pick the most suitable artist for you


Even if your friends are happy with some artist’s work but you don’t like something about it, stick to your inner feelings. You have to find your own professional that will make you feel comfortable. Moreover, you have to trust this person. One nervous move on your side, and the work can be ruined. You need to be able to relax and let the artist do their work.

Since you are still new to this market, you might not know anyone. In this case, it is better to search for tattoo shops online and check out various portfolios. You can visit the place by yourself and talk to the artists in person. The artist you pick can stay with you for your second and third tattoos. Moreover, with a high-quality specialist, you won’t need to find anyone else to refresh the tattoo colors after some time.

2. Make an appointment with the artist

Once you find the tattoo store you want to visit and decide on the artist, you have to contact them and discuss the details. It is better to make a visit personally. To do it, just call the studio or book the artist through the website online if there is such an option. Before you meet them in person, you have to do some homework. It is always better to share with the artist the following information:

  • The design you want. You can ask the artist for ideas. Yet, the first tattoo is quite special, and usually, people who decide to do it have some images in their minds. If you found the picture online, you can show it to the artist and discuss whether you want to add some colors there. Keep in mind that most professionals do not copy each other’s art, so your tattoo will differ. Discuss it in advance;
  • The place and the size of your tattoo. There are classic spots like wrists, hands, and ankles that people choose for their first tattoos. If you want something different, you have to consult with the artist. Pay attention to the fact that your skin changes with time: It can stretch. If you gain some weight, a beautiful butterfly on your belly can turn into something hellish. A professional artist is aware of these details and can guide you. Apart from that, it is crucial to consider the size of the tattoo you want. The bigger the tattoo, the fewer options on your skin you have. The most popular places for big pictures are hands and ankles;
  • Perfect timing. If you don’t have much time or your artist is in a hurry, nothing good will come out of it. Make sure that you are not too tired after your work and that your artist does not have you as the 20th client for the day. The best option is to agree upon the weekend or your day off. Try to make arrangements for the morning, so you both will be refreshed and energetic.

3. Prepare yourself in advance


After having the appointment and coming up with a plan for your new tattoo, you need to calm down and wait for the Day. If you or your artist have some doubts, visit the studio and run through the whole procedure again. The day before you need:

  • To go to sleep at the appropriate time so that not to be sleepy the next morning;
  • Don’t drink alcohol the day preceding getting a tattoo;
  • Eat a healthy breakfast, and if you need to stay in the studio for some time, prepare snacks in advance. You have to keep the normal level of sugar in your blood. Usually, tattoo artists ask about the time when you ate;
  • You have to keep yourself hydrated;
  • If you have some skin problems, you need to warn the artist in advance. The same goes with over-sensitive skin;
  • Make sure you don’t have any cuts in the area you will get your tattoo.

4. In the studio

After you pass the studio’s threshold, you should entrust yourself to the artist. Wash your hands before you move further. Don’t be late. Your artist requires some time to prepare for your visit. The tools must be sterile, and the place has to be clean. It is better not to make the artist nervous and wonder whether you will come or not. Currently, there are strict COVID regulations that are still there, and you have to follow them.

Your artist will show you the picture with a readymade design again. Take a look at it. If there are some details you don’t like, this is your last chance to make changes. Once you are there, try to relax and get used to the pain since it is temporal.

Ready for Your First Tattoo?


Think about the picture you want to admire on your skin every day. Make sure that you make the right choice. Afterward, follow these recommendations above and pick the right artist. Now you know what to expect and how to prepare for an appointment. Once you are in the chair, remember that you trust your artist, and they are a real professional.