Common Hoverboarding Injuries and Their Prevention

People often mix having fun with making risky decisions. Now, even though the adrenaline rush we get when doing something risky is exceptional and nothing can compare to it, there always have to be certain limits, especially safety-wise. This rule applies to every aspect of our lives, but unfortunately, there are also certain things we have no control over, meaning that sometimes accidents and injuries simply happen. Of course, there are many ways to be safer, especially with hoverboards, as there is so much hype about them, which is why we will further focus on the most common hoverboarding injuries and how to prevent them.



Let’s start with the easiest ones, as even though no one likes to get a bruise, it’s much better than a fracture. Namely, the most common reason why bruises happen so much with hoverboards is due to negligence. Yes, most people are more focused on the fun hoverboards provide, along with their efficiency, than on anything else. Knowing this, it’s not surprising that injuries happen, but when there are certain ways and things to do that can prevent any injury from happening, there really is no reason not to do so.

Of course, it all starts with wearing proper gear, and even though most people think that it is unnecessary for hoverboards, even if you don’t want to wear a protective suit, at least put a helmet on and protect your hands and knees. As for the gear, it’s pretty similar to the one that skateboarders use, and since our knees are the first ones to get bruised, make sure to wear knee pads.


There is something weird about scratches as they something look like they have just appeared over the night, even if we sleep in our comfortable bed. Regarding that, it is not a surprise that every hoverboard driver has a few of them without even noticing. Luckily, although common injury, scratches are not painful nor dangerous, and in most cases, they will heal after a day or few, but it is always a good idea to clean them properly. The only way to prevent them is to wear long sleeves and pants during the ride and be cautious.



Okay, every person who sprained their ankle will surely agree that even though it might not be the worst kind of pain there is, it surely is an annoying one. Now, just like with most injuries, sprains usually happen to people who take lightly any suggestion on wearing pads and protective gear, and yes, that’s where it all starts. As for the reason why sprains happen, besides not wearing pads, for example, usually it’s because people enjoy hoverboarding where they shouldn’t, like near traffic. It’s needless to say how this is far from anything anyone would suggest as, by hoverboarding near traffic, you only endanger yourself and others, and nothing more. So, the best way to avoid getting injured is to ride a hoverboard where it’s safe to do so and avoid crowds and be far from the traffic.


One of the most painful yet common injuries that hoverboard drivers suffer is fractures of the different parts of the body. It usually happens when someone tries to prevent the fall or protect the head during it, and in most cases, we can see arm fractures. Falling is quick, and no one has enough time to think, so preventing fractures can be pretty challenging. Once again, wearing protective gear can be helpful, and we can end up with a tiny bruise instead a big and painful fracture if we use it properly. Another situation that usually results in palm fractures is when someone tries to perform some trick and puts their hands too close to the wheel. The best prevention is avoiding doing tricks, but if you are an adrenaline junkie, try to keep the fingers away from wheels and wheel-well.

Head injuries


Head injuries are always dangerous and require seeing a doctor because, although everything might look okay, the person can have severe injuries without even realizing it due to the lack of symptoms. The helmet is one of the most important pieces of protective gear, and because of that, driving without it is never a good solution. The great thing with helmets is that they come in various shapes and colors, and since we can even personalize them, there is always a perfect one for every person that can easily fit into their style.

Pick the right hoverboard for you

Wearing protective gear matters, but what’s even more important is picking the right model of a hoverboard. Yes, there are so many of them, and people often think they should just go with the first one they like, but there are other things you should include in your decision-making process. The size of a hoverboard is the first, and features, modes, does it suit your riding preferences, etc., are other important factors. The best way to be sure nothing unwanted or unpredicted will happen is by going with a model where you can customize the sensitivity of the hoverboard, like the EVERCROSS 8.5″ Hoverboard.

Choose the right protective equipment


After choosing the best hoverboard that fulfills all your needs, you are not ready until you pick the protective equipment to make it safe. As we have already mentioned, wearing a helmet is a must, which makes it probably the first thing one should buy. Besides that, we can choose among many different items, but the most common ones we can see on hoverboard riders are elbow, knee, and wrists guards, as these parts are the most exposed. It is also possible to find protective suits, which are perfect for protecting us and keeping us warm during the cold weather.

To summarize

Although it might look too dangerous and risky, driving a hoverboard is similar to driving a skateboard or scooter, so there is no need to be too afraid to try. It is super fun and can help us get somewhere much faster than if we walk there. Of course, it is important to be careful and use the protective gear properly to avoid any possible injury, so make sure to be totally protected before the ride.