How Long Does It Take To See Results From Cryotherapy – 2024 Guide

Nowadays, many types of medical therapies are available to people. Each of these is created with a specific condition in mind, but most of them work well for several health issues. There is no doubt that cryotherapy is one of the currently most popular healing methods.

You are probably aware of some of its main benefits, but we will discuss them in this article. However, people have additional questions, and the most common one is regarding the time needed to see the results. Yes, we will answer this one as well and provide you with some additional information.

What is cryotherapy?

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In a nutshell, generally speaking, people are usually affected by pain caused by inflammation. It doesn’t matter if it is caused by excessive exercising or you suffered an injury. This sensation can be not only uncomfortable but also very painful, depending on the severity of it. When the latter is the case, most people opt for cryotherapy.

During this treatment, you will expose your body to freezing temperatures for a few minutes. It has been scientifically proven that this method reduces inflammation and stress in your body while activating antioxidant enzymes simultaneously.

How many treatments are necessary?

Naturally, we cannot provide you with the exact answer since it entirely depends on the problem you face as well as the results you want to achieve. Nevertheless, a general recommendation is to have at least three treatments during the first week. Then, the additional ones are determined by professionals, meaning that you need to have a personalized plan.

When it comes to the duration of each session, it can also significantly vary. Clearly, it has to be in accordance with your condition, but usually, a single session lasts around three minutes.

How fast can you see the results?

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Considering that cryotherapy is quite costly, it is completely natural you want to learn about the time needed to see the results. Once again, depending on the severity of your condition and pain, you will probably need several treatments.

Instead, you should ask a different question – Can I benefit from a single treatment?

The answer to this question is affirmative. A single session or three minutes in the chamber will boost your energy levels and mood, relieve the pain, improve your focus and muscle recovery. Even though you will need several sessions to fix the problem, you will feel the beneficial effect of cryotherapy after only one treatment. If you want to learn more about how this healing method works and affects your body, you should read more about it online.

What are the benefits?

Now that we have told you about some essential things regarding cryotherapy, it is time to remind you of its benefits.

Pain relief

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Naturally, the first reason people go with cryotherapy is the get rid of the pain that decreases the quality of their everyday life. It doesn’t matter if an autoimmune disorder or an injury causes the pain. For a long time, doctors have recommended putting ice packs on injuries to prevent the swelling from occurring. Well, the same thing happens with cryotherapy. What’s more, some studies also state that this treatment can greatly help with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Now, the truth is that in some cases, cold water immersion can be more effective. However, keep in mind that this depends on the source of your pain and discomfort. Due to this reason, you have to consult with a professional to be sure you have chosen the best course of action.

Boosts the mood

Even though most people think of cryotherapy only when faced with physical pain, the thing is that it can also have a significant beneficial effect on your mental well-being. When your body gets exposed to freezing temperatures, you will not only experience physical relief, but the session will also promote hormonal response.

As already stated, your body will produce more endorphins, so only after a three-minute session, your mood will be improved, and you will feel better about yourself. Naturally, when this occurs, your stress levels will go down, so you will also feel relaxed.

Promotes weight loss

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Unfortunately, nowadays, many people are overweight. Most of them are looking for the most effective way to get rid of those extra pounds. No, don’t get too excited. Whole-body cryotherapy cannot help you lose weight on its own. You will still have to make some significant changes regarding your lifestyle.

Nevertheless, in theory, it can help you with this process, even though there is no scientific proof to support this. During this treatment, your body temperature decreases, meaning that it goes into survival mode. Therefore, the body needs to work extra hard to produce heat and stay warm. In theory, this will increase your metabolism, which will then help you lose weight.

However, since there still isn’t proof the treatment can have this effect on your body, you can observe this benefit from another point of view. That’s right. We are talking about injuries and fitness. If you want to lose weight, you have to engage in some type of physical activity. If you ever suffer an injury, cryotherapy will speed up your recovering and help you return to the gym in no time.

Helps with migraine

Migraines are more common than you think. Many people suffer from these without even realizing it. This is another condition that can be significantly alleviated by cryotherapy. When going through this treatment, the cold from the chamber will numb the nerves in your neck. By applying cold to the carotid artery, you will get rid of the pressure that causes migraines. If you have been faced with this problem for a long time, your doctor has probably recommended putting ice packs on carotid arteries in your neck to cool down the blood.

Wrapping up

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To sum up, this is some essential information regarding cryotherapy. As you can see, this treatment can provide you with several benefits. You still make sure to consult a professional and learn whether it is the right solution to your problems.