How to Treat Fire Ants Bites, Home Remedies, Soothing, Get Rid

Fire ants are to be avoided as much as possible. However, in case one suffers an attack, there are suitable ways on how to treat fire ant bites. This includes home remedies for fire ants and how to get rid of fire ant bites using medication.

Are Fire Ants Bites Painful? – Dangerous

Fire ants have the ability to bite and sting as well. Although most people claim that the fire ant bite is painful, it is mostly the sting that causes most pain. The fire ant stinger injects venom into a victim. This venom is made up of two parts, one is toxic and the other is protein. It is the toxin that causes pain in the form of a burning sensation on the site of the bite.

A small percentage of the venom is made up of protein. This tends to have a little effect on some people but will be dangerous to some. This is because it could lead to a severe allergic reaction which is known as anaphylaxis. If left untreated, an anaphylactic shock could cause death within a very short time. It is therefore important to see a medical practitioner immediately one has been bitten.

How to Soothe Fire Ant Bites – Relieve

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After one experiences a fire ant bite, some white blood cells are likely to accumulate at the site of injection. This is the body’s defense mechanism and what causes the area to form white pustules. This part will also tend to be itchy. Scratching it could break the skin causing it to get infected.

To avoid this, it is important to seek out something that will soothe the area. An ointment containing antihistamine could help. Calamine lotion could also provide temporary relief for fire ant bites. Also recommended are hydrocortisone creams. These should help to relieve the victim from the urge to scratch.

How to Treat Fire Ants Bites – Treatment for Fire Ant Bites

Normally when the fire ant bites, the site tends to burn for a few hours. Soon after a pustule that is itchy starts to form on the site of the bite. For persons who are allergic to the venom injected, one should seek medical attention so that they can receive treatment for fire ant bites immediately. In case there are no allergic reactions, there are various home procedures on how to treat fire ants.

The moment a person realizes they have been bitten, the first thing they should do is move away from the area. Once away, get rid of any ants that might still be stuck on the skin or on the clothes. This will help avoid more bites. Once free of the ants, a person should get on to various ways on how to relieve fire ant bites. Start by gently washing the area with soap and water. This will help in getting rid of any venom that might be on the skin’s surface.

Follow this up by disinfecting the area with alcohol. This should be dabbed on the area slowly. One could also spray topical cortisone. These should be enough to relieve the skin and itching. In case they do not, avoid as much as you can scratching the area. Other treatments that one should try include:

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Medical care: For persons who are allergic to the venom injected by the fire ants, medical care is the most appropriate way on how to treat fire ant bites. Such persons will exhibit symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, swelling, rapid heartbeat, and hives.

It is also likely for allergic people to carry an epinephrine injector also known as an EpiPen with them. This should be used immediately so as to avoid an anaphylactic shock. Where they exhibit the symptoms and have no injector, medical attention should be sought.

Antihistamine medication: Oral medication such as Benadryl will work for some individuals. It will help in getting rid of the itching as well as soothe the irritation that comes with the bite.

Home Remedies: There are various remedies that one could also use at home. Cold compresses go a long way in helping to relieve pain as well as prevent further swelling. Rubbing a slice of onion, some vinegar as well as a paste of baking soda can also help in making the bite get better. Tea tree oil is known to have some antiseptic property which helps go a long way in treating the area of the bite. Other home remedies include ammonia as well as a solution of half water and half bleach rubbed on the area. We will discuss more home remedies for fire ant bites below.

What to Put on Fire Ant Bites or What to Do for Fire Ant Bites

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There are times when situations may not allow us to seek fire ant treatment away from us. In such situations, what to do for fire ant bites may be a mystery. This though does not have to be that way. A cold compress when applied to the area could do a lot of help. A paste of baking soda and vinegar can as well go a long way. These go a long way in soothing the bite.

Are you away from camping and have no access to the above yet you are wondering what to put on fire ant bites? You could make do with aloe vera gel. It is one of the great ways on how to heal fire ant bites naturally and will help in relieving itching as well as the pain.  You could also try dabbing some ash in the area if there is some around.

Home Remedies for Fire Ant Bites

For people who do not show any allergic reactions to the attack, they can employ home remedies for fire ant bites to help in getting rid of the itch as well as the irritation. These work best when used immediately after the victim has been attacked. Where one is aware that they will be working around the fire ants, it is best to carry the remedy with them.

1. Vinegar

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Since the fire ant sting venom is made up of alkaloids and allergenic proteins, vinegar works out great in neutralizing it as it is slightly acidic. White vinegar works best on the bites. Dab a little of it on the site of the bite as soon as the attack has occurred.

2. Ammonia

Fire ants inject a venom that contains an oily alkaloid and some little protein. Dabbing a little bleach solution made by mixed half bleach and half water or ammonia helps in breaking down the protein. This though only works when used within the first 15 minutes of the bite.

3. Home pastes

There are a number of products which can be used to make pastes which would help in soothing the bites. Make a thick paste by mixing baking soda, crushed aspirin or salt with water and gently rub it on the area. This will help in relieving itching as well as soothe the irritation.

4. Cold Compresses

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When placed on the area of the bite, the cooling effect has a way of numbing the area. It also constricts blood vessels. This is what helps fire ant bites and is what to use on fire ant bites when looking for a remedy to minimize the swelling.

How to Get Rid of Fire Ant Bites

When fire ants bite, they do so to grab the flesh of the victim in readiness to sting. This happens very quickly and the bite is sharp. It is the venom injected into the victim that causes a burning sensation. The venom contains components that result in itching, redness and formation of a pustule at the site of the bite.

One should learn how to deal with the bites immediately they occur. There are a number of options that one can pick from on how to get rid of fire ant bites. To begin off, the area of the bite should be cleaned up using soapy water. This will help in removing any dust as well as any debris to help prevent infections.

After the area has been gently cleaned, it should be elevated. This will help in minimizing swelling. Placing a cold compress on the area will numb the bite thus keeping it free of itching and pain. Applying some over the counter hydrocortisone cream will also go a long way in soothing any irritation that may come with the attack. Antihistamine medication can as well help to achieve the same.

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Where one is looking forward to getting rid of the bite fast, avoid scratching or popping the blisters. These should be left to subside on their own or else they will get infected which could cause them to take longer to heal.

In case the blister breaks by bad luck, keep the area clean. Monitor it for any infection signs as well. Where some pus starts to leak or the area becomes discolored, seek immediate medical attention as it could have become infected.

Fire ant bites are quite painful and could lead to severe allergic reactions. It is best to stay away from them. Where one is venturing into infested areas, they should dress up appropriately and carry with them some fire ant bite remedy for use in case of a bite.