Why You Should Include Peptides In Your Skincare Routine – 2024 Guide

There is a massive buzz around peptides in the skincare industry. Let it be for anti-aging or skin repair; this component has shown better results than any other element. But do you actually know what peptides are and how they work? Even before you buy them or products containing it, you need to understand the basics. Only then can you take the most benefit from these components. So, let’s see how they work for your skin and then you can purchase them from lotilabs.com.


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In layman language, we can state that peptides are simpler proteins. They both are made up of amino acids. However, they have much fewer amino acids as compared to proteins, so they are less complicated. If you know how proteins work for your skin, hair, and body, you will better understand them.

Talking particularly about skincare, peptides are the building blocks of proteins in your skin. They keep it looking plum and stretched. But as your skin becomes old, it loses peptides. That is why it starts developing wrinkles and other aging signs. So you need to provide peptides from the outside to compensate for the loss. This is where peptide-containing products come into use. A few ways in which these products can help you out are:

  • Skin Damage: Your skin cells get damaged with age, and the body doesn’t heal them naturally due to its slow processing. This is where you need to incorporate external peptides into your routine. Peptides themselves don’t treat the damaged skin. Instead, they signal the brain to focus more on the damaged area. Thus, your body naturally heals the surface but at a faster pace.
  • Injury: Like the healing of damaged skin cells, other wounds or injuries can be healed. They work similarly, i.e., they signal the brain to focus on the injured area. Therefore the healing process becomes faster.
  • Skincare: Even if there is no injury or damage on your skin, you can include peptides into your routine. The area where you apply these products, the brain gets a signal to produce more repairing cells there. Thus, the overall appearance of that part improves.

Other than these significant benefits, they also help your skin retain moisture/hydration, improve its tone, and soothing out inflammation.

How to choose the right peptide product for your skin?

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You will come across many types of products and items that contain peptides. But it can be pretty hard to find the right product that will go well with your skin. To know how to opt for the right product, take a look at the information below.

  • Make sure to pick the correct form: When you use a cleanser for your skin, it will not be that effective. It’s because the cleanser is something that you need to wash it off after its use. Go for a product like a moisturizer or serum that will have increased contact with your skin.
  • Choose the other ingredients properly: They are said to work well with ingredients like niacinamide, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acids, and antioxidants. When you use alpha hydroxy acid or AHA along with peptides then the peptides will not provide its best performance.
  • Take a good look at the label: When you go through the ingredients of a particular product and find the word “peptides” mentioned anywhere, then there is no need to panic. It’s because, on certain occasions, peptides are mentioned as “palmitoyl”, and if you find this word under the list of ingredients, then that particular item has peptides in it.

Types Of Peptides

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Don’t mistake by thinking all peptides are the same. They differ in the number of amino acids, and only specific types of peptides will work for you.

  • Signal: The ones we were discussing in the skincare was this one. It signals the brain to produce a certain protein in a targetted area.
  • Carrier: They help in carrying copper and manganese in the targetted areas to heal it.
  • Neurotransmitter Inhibitor: It helps in keeping the skin stretched by stopping muscle contraction. Therefore, you notice much fewer wrinkles.
  • Enzyme Inhibitor: This one keeps the collagen breaking enzymes away from the skin. So, the skin appears healthy and plum for a longer time.
  • Topical: This peptide is applied to the skin surface, which helps in producing much more elastin proteins and collagen.
  • Matrixyl 3000: The matrixyl 300 is a peptide that is commonly found in moisturizing creams to reduce the effects of photo-aging, repair collagen proteins, and resist the loss of firmness from the skin.
  • Copper: They are said to be powerful moisturizers for the skin. They are often proposed by dermatologists as they tend to remain on the surface of the skin and keep it moisturized. They are pretty big so it is hard for the skin to absorb them.

Important things you need to know:

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Peptides will not cause any inflammation to your skin and individuals with any type of skin will receive plenty of benefits when they use peptides. Even if you have sensitive skin, you will not experience any unwanted issues. You can easily include them in your skincare routine in the form of a preventative measure.

If you want to use them, you will find them in a variety of skincare products like creams, eye creams, and other types of items. But be sure to consult with a trusted source or a dermatologist, before using them. Conduct your research and understand what exactly it is.

How can peptides help in skin hydration?

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When they are ingested or absorbed by the body, they know where to travel in your body so that you receive ultimate benefits. They are said to be magnetized according to your requirements.

When you are lacking the hydration it needs, then your body will recognize the amino acid, which is present in the peptides and reassemble it within the hydrating structure. It will help in easing the hydration by creating water-retaining proteins and cells. Peptides will not just prompt the skin to create new connective tissues (collagen), but will also increase the production of hyaluronic acid. It’s because Hyaluronic acid is the ultimate way to retain moisture into your skin.


This was everything about peptides in skincare. Apart from this information, you also need to check that the products you use are proven beneficial. As brands don’t perform proper research on their products, most of them don’t work. By opting for tested products, you won’t be throwing away your money on useless peptides.