3 International Health Insurance Tips for Americans Living Abroad

The need of buying medical insurance in the United States is well understood by most Americans, but what about insurance coverage when travelling internationally? If you relocate overseas, it is doubtful that your domestic American health plan will cover you, and the same is true for Health Insurance for Americans Abroad.

Before we begin, it is critical to understand the significance of purchasing foreign medical insurance if you and your family are relocating outside of the United States. We all know that medical care in the United States is highly costly, but many other nations across the world also have expensive – and, in some cases, insufficient – medical care.

Is Health Insurance Required If I Live Abroad?

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Yes, all US citizens who live abroad should acquire international medical coverage because domestic health plans do not cover them outside of the United States.

If you are relocating overseas for an extended period of time or permanently, you should obtain expatriate health insurance. Expatriate health insurance policies provide a broader variety of protection and are good for a longer amount of time while living overseas.

What Sorts of Health Insurance Are Accessible to Americans Abroad?

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Depending on the country to which they are relocating, US residents migrating abroad have three health insurance options:

  • National (public) health insurance: Some nations have government-run public health insurance programmes. If you work in a nation with a competent public insurance system, you will (generally) be automatically registered and will make monthly payments, comparable to taxes.
  • International (private) insurance: Many Americans rely on private insurance given by private corporations in nations where there is no effective public healthcare system. This is because expats in such nations choose to seek medical attention in private hospitals and clinics, which are typically better equipped but more expensive.
  • Combination of public and private health insurance: Even when public healthcare is of high quality, waiting periods and clinic capacity might be long.

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Here we’ve listed three essential tips for health insurance as an American expat:

1. Declare your medical problems completely

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Individual expatriate health plans are medically underwritten and offered by overseas insurance carriers who are not subject to HIPPA, COBRA, or ACA requirements. As a result, your insurer may refuse to cover you due to your medical history, exclude a condition, or request a medical loading. The more information you can supply throughout the application process, the better.

2. Consult with an impartial foreign health insurance specialist

While many worldwide medical policies may be purchased directly from the insurer, there are benefits to buying through a third-party service like Expat Financial. You pay the similar rates, but you also get counselling and advocacy before and after you get coverage.

3. If you want to retire overseas, get a plan that provides lifelong coverage

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We are routinely contacted by American expats who are looking to retire abroad. It is vital that these Americans receive foreign medical coverage for the remainder of their life. Some policies end when you reach the age of 75 or 80, however the Health Insurance we provide has various covers for you as an expat.