Lose Neck Fat Fast: On Back of Neck, Chin, Surgery, Creams & Exercises

How can I best get rid of fat on my neck?  Too much fat in the neck which presents as double-chin can make anyone feel awkward, unimpressive and this lowers self-esteem and confidence. In our discussion, we shall shine a spotlight on causes and how to reduce fat on the neck including its back, facts and to focus on the various removal methods.


To begin off our discussion, we shall briefly look at some of the causes of neck fat. So why do you have fats around this area?

1. Overweight and Obesity

One of the most common causes is being an overweight. According to Livestrong.com, the two terms are closely related to that overweight and obesity result from an energy imbalance. In other words, more energy is taken in by the body from nutrition than what is used up by the same body.

2. Cushing’s syndrome

Another reason for having them, even though rare is due to this syndrome which is a hormone disorder. Cushing’s syndrome refers to a collection of signs and symptoms due to prolonged exposure to cortisol.” [wikipedia.org] – These symptoms include obesity of upper body, having a rounded face and increased fat around the neck and slender legs and arms.

This disorder symptoms tend to lean more on adults.

3. Genetic Factors

Your genetic make-up can determine probability of gaining weight which is seen in storage of body fats.

4. Heredity

Due to inheritance of particular traits, fat or development of fats in neck may run across certain members of a family and those belonging to that genealogical line.

Other factors associated with obesity and weight gain include certain medications, ageing, and hormonal status for example during pregnancy.

How to reduce fat on neck with exercises

This necessitates exercises not only those targeting neck but workouts which also play a big role. Besides exercises, we shall highlight a few lifestyle changes especially in that you need to incorporate into your exercising.

1. Neck Rotation or Movements

To begin with, rotation of the neck is a simple and common exercise to help reduce fat on this region. These movements help you to make your neck be more flexible while strengthening and firming neck muscles.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Stand and keep your trunk straight.
  2. Slowly turn your head to the left as much as you can and hold it for just 10 seconds.
  3. Turn it to the other side and hold it too.
  4. Next, tilt your head to the back by lifting it backward.
  5. You may repeat it more than 5 times or as you wish.

The advantage with this is the convenience and you can make use of it while seated or wherever you are.

2. Hand-Head resistance

The next simple exercise requires you to hold your head by the sides or forehead. Now, as you hold apply a gradual pushing force to the extreme left side while the head offers a resisting force in the opposite direction. Count up to 5 seconds persistently. Relax and then repeat three sets of 8 reps every day.

3. Body Workouts

Apart from exercises to lose fat in this area, other general body workouts are so crucial in burning more calories, a mechanism of the body using up and utilizing extra energy stored all over the body. A number of effective workouts include the following:

  • Cycling or biking,
  • Rolling bridges
  • Swimming,
  • Sporting exercises as fun e.g. volleyball, hockey, basketball, etc.
  • Walking, sprinting, jogging or running,

For instance, brisk waking can burn up to over 380 calories per hour in a day. For your weight loss plan to be reasonable, you also need to stick to a diet deficit (not starvation) simultaneously.

How to lose neck fat with calorie deficit

When talking about calorie deficit in the reduction of fat on the neck, it means cutting down on the unnecessary calories from your regular diets. It is therefore important to know that for you to achieve it you must not starve yourself. Instead reduce or totally avoid any sugary foods, snacks or drinks while you bring down the amount of fatty meat taken.

How to get rid of neck fats with dietary nutrition

How do food nutrients help in reducing or removing fat necks and chins? Normally, a healthy diet triggers body organs to release hormones which assist in controlling how or where fat is stored and in metabolizing it. Examples of such food categories are whole grains, vegetables, dairy foods with low fats, whey or lean proteins.

Always put it in mind that without combining dietary intake and other fat burning exercises e.g. cardio or exercises targeting this area it will be almost impossible to lose it.

Removal techniques – Cosmetic Surgery, Injections and neck Creams

Read on to get more insight and learn how you can get rid of fat in the neck, double chin with effective cosmetic procedures, surgery and creams.

1. Neck lift surgery

A neck lift is a more effective fat removal solution for those who are being burdened with sagging. What is the scope and how does this procedure go? It involves getting rid of excess fats, reconstruction and firming of neck muscles. During the actual process, a preliminary anesthetic application is made usually through intravenous sedation. Thereafter, small incisions are made underneath the chin through which muscle tightening, excess skin removal and other unwanted muscle tissues can be done.

What can you expect after the procedure? After a few weeks’ recovery, patients return to their normal lives with satisfactory. Depending on the extent to which the operation takes, it results in a restores a turkey neck (unsightly and sagging) skin with smoother, firmer and more youthful looking. A neck lift, when performed with meticulous surgical technique, restores the firm look of youth to the area, says Dr. Darren Smith MD.

Moreover, the procedure may provide you a chance to have a facelift in order to rejuvenate it or lose face and that on the neck. As it were, prior to any surgery have your right to question the credibility of your surgeon to avoid post-surgical effects such as scarring.

2. Neck Treatments or Injections

Going on with how to get rid of fat, some treatments without surgery may be applicable to solving your ‘fatty’ neck. They include laser lipolysis and Kybella.

In laser lipolysis, the fat is made to melt thus stimulating the skin to contract. On the other hand, Kybella is a repeated treatment whereby a neck injection is done to also cause these fats to melt but with time.

3. Neck Liposuction

As one of the surgeries to remove fat, neck liposuction aims at removing fats on near the skin on this area and does not remove those in deeper skin layer as Raymond E. Lee, MD, explains. Clients who are below 40 and have qualified for this procedure highly have good results after undergoing a lipo or fat removal surgery. However, this surgical procedure does not tighten neck muscles. It is therefore very important to have a discussion with your doctor before making a decision.

How much does a single liposuction treatment cost? Definitely, this is a costly procedure, at times the prices may vary with your location and with your appointed surgery professional. For example, have a glance of neck lipo before and after pictures.

(Liposuction pics here)

Other methods of losing including on chin

Besides exercising, surgery and healthy diet, find more ways on how to get rid of your turkey neck. They may be looked at as optional but quite useful alternative means of losing fat in this area. we shall briefly look at them citing features and validity.

Neck Fat Removal Creams

Unlike other treatment methods used, creams fall under non-surgical methods. An important factor to consider would be how to select, apply or use these creams in reducing neck fat and double chin.

Secondly, before you can go on to purchase them, read through to ensure the manufacturer has authority to sell them, alongside concentration of ingredients incorporated in the formulas. The following are examples.

a). StriVectin Cream

This cream formula contains yeast, extracts of rye seed, almond seeds; soy protein and Dimethicone.

  • Its application recommended is twice for each day.
  • Select a concentrated StriVectin cream and for better absorption do a massage. It is used for removing loose and saggy neck skin and chin.

b). Bliss Thinny Thin Chin Neck Firming Cream

Use this cream to firm and hydrate skin on the chin and the neck. It contains useful skin-firming ingredients such as algae extracts. Other ingredient extracts include pumpkin seed, sunflower seed oil; yeast and urea.

c). VLCC Shape up Chin & Neck Firming Cream

Like the second cream, VLCC cream formula will firm and tighten skin around the neck, chin as well. Before you apply this formula, reading manufacturer’s directions of usage and commended applying rates.

Note that most creams may take slightly longer to create an impact as far as reducing fats in this area is your goal.

Other cream products which may be used include a variety of retinol creams, and Slim-Chin Creams.

Neck and chin fat

If you have had fat on your neck and chin its cause may be due to your anatomy or genetic factors. To explain this, some people have a naturally low hyoid bone that appears to be hanging. This means that they have not a well-formed fine jawbone. However, any of other potential factors such as overweight and heredity may be responsible for it.

On back of neck or hump

Fat hump on the back of the neck can develop under certain conditions one of them being fat deposits in tis area. The rest of possible causes, according to Heathline.com comprise the following:

  1. Extreme obesity or morbid,
  2. A symptom of side effects of certain medications for example HIV,
  3. Cushing’s syndrome,
  4. Long-term use of steroidal drugs,
  5. Osteoporosis or simply a condition which causes thinning of bones.

Is back neck fat treatable? If the underlying cause is successfully diagnosed, then it should be treated best. However, exercising regularly can prevent bones from thinning. Otherwise, talk to your doctor to find out a possibility in switching to medication alternative or surgery.

For fast results

No one is adamant to know how to get rid of neck fat fast. But the thing is what do you need to do best to lose it fast? A single regimen or fat reducing spot won’t work, unfortunately.

1. Do cardio exercises

If you need to lose fat fast, whether fat on neck, chin or belly, then you should begin with fat burning activities. For obese individuals, you may be started from walking, jogging, and walk-racing before you can try biking, running or splinting and other sporting events.

For you to get an excellent regimen for working out your cardio, then come up with a strict program to run you for weeks. That way it, would be an easier task to closely follow a trend and make necessary changes in diet in accordance with your focused target or seek medical assistance where possible.

2. Go for neck lift or liposuction

Secondly, as mentioned earlier, this procedure is one of the very effective fat remover. More so, you will experience a quicker recovery time and lose neck fat in a week or two if fewer incisions are made.