4 Tips For Making Your Bathroom Handicap Accessible

For many, building a bathroom like this is a big challenge for several reasons. First of all, this project requires a lot of responsibility compared to any other. The conditions must be good enough to meet the requirements. This refers to different types of aids, enough space, adequate equipment, etc. To find out all about this project and the costs, keep reading.

1. How to make a bathroom handicap accessible?

Older people are known to have mobility problems but also many younger. This means that a regular bathroom is a very dangerous area for all of them, because there is a high risk of injury. The reason is an inappropriate environment that is not adapted to their capabilities and specific needs. To reduce the risk, you need to provide a suitable bathroom. The most important thing is to make changes that will change the current schedule and enable mobility. You can apply several ideas for this purpose. One of them is to have a shower with a seat.

In this way, a person will enter it very easily, but also with a wheelchair. You can also use handrails and seats to make showering very easy and thus reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Grips that are built into an existing bathtub or shower are also a great option. When it comes to the entrance to the bathroom, opt for a sliding door. This is especially important to do if your door is solid. And don’t try to skimp because that can be very dangerous. Only buy from specialized suppliers like Bath1 or your risk inconvenience and even more serious problems.

2. Toilet

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When it comes to installing a toilet, it is best to consult with your plumber to be sure of your options. Either way, the best option is to mount it on the wall so that it is elevated. This way it is much easier to climb on the toilet as well as to suck with it. Of course, it is very important that safety rails are placed next to it.

3. Cabinets

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The lower wall cabinets make access to the bathroom much easier. It is also important to remove the cabinets located under the sink. Keep in mind that people in wheelchairs require space under it. Cabinets only prevent them from accessing the sink. The sink must be at the appropriate height, and that will be determined by the person who uses it. For example, if you are in a wheelchair or have to sit while brushing your teeth and the like, set the sink to the lowest level. This will make it very easy to get to the faucet and other things.

4. The price

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Of course, we have not forgotten the basic question why you are here. The price will vary depending on specific needs, space, requirements, etc. For example, there is a difference between completely renovating a bathroom, rebuilding and remodeling. The first thing you should consider is the bathroom equipment. You may want to keep most of it, you may find it easier to upgrade some parts, or you may want to start all over again. However, the price of an average bathroom is more than 5000 dollars. While bathroom fixtures can cost several hundred dollars and up.


In order to provide them with more comfortable living conditions, the environment must adapt to the physical capabilities of the users. Of course, each project requires specific changes, but we only tried to create a general picture that indicates the whole process.