Massager for Legs: How to Choose the Best Device

Depending on your work and lifestyle, different body parts can be especially stressed. Most often, it is legs. If you walk or stand a lot at the end of the working day, you may feel significant fatigue in the lower body.

Some people suffer from swelling, muscle pain, varicose veins, joint problems, and many other health issues. Massage, in particular specialized devices for feet and legs, effectively helps ease the load and relieve fatigue.

With today’s abundance of devices on the market, choosing a suitable model can be tricky. Together with the massageforbody blog, we will help you find the best tool for your needs.

Benefits of Foot Massagers


The main advantage of devices designed specifically for the lower body is that they heal not only the legs but the body as a whole. It is achieved since there is a huge number of nerve endings and active points on our feet, by influencing which you stimulate the work of all organs and systems. Among the healing effects of these tools are the following:

  • fatigue removal;
  • relief of feeling of heaviness in the legs;
  • prevention of varicose veins;
  • flat feet correction;
  • nervous tension ease;
  • chronic stress relief;
  • normalization of sleep and brain activity;
  • strengthening of the immune system and the normal functioning of internal organs.

The use of foot massagers has been shown to prevent many health problems. They are effective adjunctive therapy in treating arthritis, arthrosis, overweight, flat feet, nervous system disorders, and so on.

Also, such devices are indicated for those who are into active sports (especially strength training) or, conversely, have a sedentary lifestyle. However, suppose you have an extreme stage of varicose veins, oncological diseases, damage to the skin of the legs and feet, and inflammation. In that case, you should use the instruments only after consulting a doctor.

How to Choose a Massager

If you have no contraindications, you can start considering different models. You need to be aware of several criteria when buying a foot massager.



Instruments can use various technologies that affect our bodies in different ways. Some are universal; others have a narrow application:

  • Vibrating massagers can be different in shape. Often these are vibrating platforms with many bumps. They can work in different modes (“patterns”), at various speeds, and have a heating function. They relieve general fatigue, increase muscle tone, and ease pain in case of joint problems.
  • Air compression devices work on the principle of pressure changes. The compressor alternately fills pillows with air, and due to this, a soft compression of tissues occurs. Devices of this type are made in the form of a chamber with recesses for legs or look like boots covering the foot, lower leg, and part of the thigh. This massage has a gentle effect on the muscles and improves blood circulation and lymph outflow.
  • Hydro devices look like little foot baths. As a rule, they have additional functions of vibration and infrared heating. The bottom of the tub often has a corrugated surface. Add essential oils or bath salts to enhance the health-improving effect.
  • Roller massagers are equipped with rollers that rotate in specific directions. Different modes allow you to simulate different techniques, e.g., shiatsu. As a rule, the impact of such mechanisms is deeper than the usual treatment by hands.
  • Combined models can have several technologies at once, making them more versatile. Of course, multifunctional devices are more expensive.

Problem areas

When choosing a massager, a lot depends on what problems you want to eliminate. In particular, some models aim to stimulate the feet only (for example, foot baths or rollers). It is incredibly beneficial for the whole body since many nerve endings are located there.

However, if you want to relax your calf muscles and even work your knees, you should opt for air compression devices or roller tools that cover your feet, calves, knees, and even lower thighs. In some cases, spot treatment is enough; then, you can purchase a more affordable massage gun.

Power source

Many hand-held massagers run on batteries. Such models are compact and suitable for travel. Pay attention to the amount of battery, which affects the duration of the work and the recharge time. As a rule, one charge can last for three hours of work without a break at low intensity. Powerful modes discharge devices more quickly.

Stationary models work from outlets. They are not portable, which means you are limited in range. But the working time can be as long as you need. As a rule, corded tools are more powerful and come with a variety of modes.



Stationary massagers are mostly quite large and bulky. When buying them, you should think in advance about where to store them. Luckily, you don’t have to carry them around and hold them with your hand, so their weight and comfortable handles don’t really matter. When shopping for portable battery models, ergonomics are important.

Their weight should not be too large, the handle should be comfortable, the grip should have a non-slip coating, and so on. The device should be so handy that you can easily conduct a massage session without fatigue.

Other features

The wider the functionality of a tool, the more expensive it is. However, some extra features can be really needed and useful. Massagers can be equipped with a timer, indicator lights, infrared heating, a large set of automatic programs, manual settings, interchangeable nozzles, automatic shutdown, ionization, and much more. For example, advanced foot baths can work without water, providing vibromassage to the feet.

Choose the Best for Yourself

A simple roller or vibration massager without additional functions will be enough if your main tasks are relaxation and resting. A more complex device might be required for more serious purposes, such as preventing varicose veins (for example, for people in certain professions) or treating diseases using acupuncture stimulation. In this case, purchasing a combined device for various techniques is best. Your goal is the main factor determining the massage tool’s parameters.