Outdoor Cannabis Seeds Transplantation

Planning to grow Cannabis? Questions often asked about growing cannabis seeds circle the required equipment, the best time for transplanting, and the tips to transfer plants outdoors.

All of these are good and important questions/concerns. The right equipment to grow and ideal timings are everything when you want to grow Cannabis seeds indoors and outdoors. These decisions will highly affect your growing yields.

So, let’s learn a bit about planting;

Cannabis Seeds

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The ideal time to start cannabis seeds outdoors is spring when the risk of ground frost has all but disappeared. Where you live will also dictate when this moment comes for you.

Nonetheless, an experienced outdoor cannabis grower will start the planning process as early as March, and there are ways you can do this right; this guide discusses those thoroughly below.

Choice of Cannabis Seeds

For people in the northern hemisphere, March is an excellent time to get cracking with your preparations – but first thing first;

Get your hands on the right seeds for an ideal head start.

Best Cannabis Seeds

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There are many seed strains to choose from – this can be both an advantage and a nightmare.

You can find different types of strains in the market and online, too – however, it is important to research and pick a type that suits your growing environment and expertise.

If you succeed in choosing the ideal strain for growing – the battle is half won.

Start Seedlings Indoors

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Most outdoor cannabis growers are al fresco cultivators and do not possess a complimentary indoor setup.

A cheap indoor setup, however, can work for your advantage as it is an easy way to get a head start.

Small spaces like a cupboard can easily be converted into a temporary sanctuary for cannabis seeds / seedlings. What you need is just a simple jump of light or maybe a heater to keep the cold away. In the early stages of growth, all seedlings need light to follow, which can be done with a CFL or a LED light.

This setup can help outdoor growers to germinate cannabis seeds and advance the seedlings a month ahead – making sure the plants hit the ground healthy and ready to grow.

Important Equipment To Grow Cannabis Seeds

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For germinating feminized cannabis seeds – you won’t need any special equipment.

Grab a plant pot and put it on a sunny windowsill –you are done!

However, if you want to grow your cannabis plants indoors, you need some basic equipment. Clear out a closet space/cupboard or get a grow tent with light/s, be it LED or HPS, and a timer, carbon filter, and extractor fan to eliminate the smell. You will also need fans for air movement, soil, pots, and trays to catch water leakage.

Planning to mover plants outdoors? –you might wonder about the best ways to do it;

Tips to Transplant Cannabis Plants Outdoors

First of all, timing is key!

When transplanting, especially outside, you must pick the ideal time and make sure the plants are healthy – preparing them for the stressful transition;

    1. Water the plants well the day before transplanting so there remains moisture in the soil
    2. Transplant when overcast and leave late in the day to let the plants have the night to rest before the sun and light of the day arrives.
    3. Make a hole in the soil and water it thoroughly so roots can come into contact with moist soil.
    4. Water the plants just before transplanting so the roots are moist
    5. Remove the seedling from its old pot gently, put it in the soil and pat the earth softly around it
    6. Water once again
    7. Protect the plant from direct sun for 3 days to give it time for recovery.

Autos for Early Harvest

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Feminized cannabis seeds come with the potential to turn into bigger plants and offer a more copious harvest, but adding a few autos into the outdoor plants will return the grower with an early summer harvest.

Work on the Soil

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Most pro growers will tell you how important it is to get the correct grow medium for your plants.

Prepare the soil in March so it can sit and settle for a few months and let the beneficial bacteria grow – additionally giving the soil time for pH adjustments if needed.

All these tips will only work in your favor if your first choice of seeds is right. We can’t stress more on this aspect of growing weed.


The topic seems complex, but with the information contained in the article you will certainly cope!