Painful or Painless Blisters on Tongue Causes and Relief Remedies 

There are several causes of blisters on tongue, find out what they are and get quick remedies to cure in this article.

I have had them, then you know they have a tendency of seeming like they just appeared from nowhere. One minute you have completely healthy, definitely blister free tongue, the next; you have a one or several.

They do however come from somewhere. Several things could cause blistering on the tongue. Most of these causes can be classified under infection, trauma or allergic reactions. Read on for a breakdown of what causes them.

Blisters feel like bumps or pimples on the tongue with fluid with them. They may be a little sore, very painful or painless.

They have a lot in common with cold sores or fever blisters which are highly contagious. But you should not worry about having a fever blister on the tongue because they tend to primarily affect the lips, or around the mouth, not inside.

Some people with strep throat may get some red swelling or bumps towards the back of the tongue which they may call blisters. They do not exactly fall under blisters though as they are not fluid filled.

Causes or reasons

The causes are varied but we will do our best to bring you the most common ones.

1. Foot and mouth disease

This viral infection can be responsible for small white blisters on the tongue in children. They are due to foot and mouth may be in most of the mouth and two or three days later the child may run a high fever. Hand foot and mouth also affects adults, though in extremely rare cases.

2. STDs can also cause blisters on tongue

Sexually Transmitted Diseases can cause them on and around the mouth. A small painless one at the site through where the disease was transmitted is one of the symptoms of syphilis in its primary stages. If you got infected orally, then the blister may appear on the tongue or some other part of the mouth.

3. Canker Sores

Though we refer to them in plural above, most times individuals will get just one canker sore. But there are instances where one could have more than one canker sore on their tongue. The take away here though is that each canker sore starts out as a  red blister or bump on the tongue before it graduates to a canker sore. They are quite painful to touch. Canker sores can easily be identified by their white or yellow middle on a raised red irritated part of the tongue. Because of this, some people may describe a canker sore as a white blister on their tongue, though at this stage it is less of a blister and more of an ulcer.

4. Herpetic Stomatitis

This is a viral condition that starts out as blisters in the cheeks, gum tongue and roof of the mouth. They could even affect the side of the tongue. They later progress to small painful sores and ulcers on the tongue. Herpetic stomatitis is often confused with canker sores, because the symptoms are similar. But they different in causes as canker sores are not caused by a viral infection. You are more likely to find this kind of tongue blister in toddlers or small children.

5. Tongue burn

Much like the reaction to scalding or scorching on other parts of the body, very hot food or drinks may burn your tongue and lead to a few blisters rising. Those from a burnt tongue are quite common and most people have them towards the tip of the tongue.

6. Mucoceles

Mucoceles are bumps that form as a result of a blockage in the saliva glands or ducts. It may appear as a blister under the tongue and is not necessarily painful. If you are bothered by mucoceles under tongue, you should speak to a doctor about having them removed.

How to heal or treat tongue blisters

Blisters on the tongue and indeed mouth ulcers or sores can heal by themselves in a couple of days without needing any treatment. You may need to see a doctor though if you suspect you got them because of an STD.

This is because even if the blister is painless and goes away, the underlying cause may still be with you. In clearer terms, you still got the STD.

These kinds and the mouth ulcers that occur if the blisters pop are usually painful, but it should be bearable pain. Sometimes though, the tongue pain can prevent one from eating or drinking, especially if the affected person is a child.

It is not advisable to try popping them, whatever the reason. Some may burst on their own but do not ever try to force it open as this is open it up for infection.

Also see a doctor if you have a stubborn tongue blister as in some rare instances mouth sores could indicate a more serious underlying problem such as a nutrient deficiency or cancer.

Home remedies including those around mouth

The following remedies will help soothe painful blisters in the mouth and resulting tongue sores. Just ensure you help them be effective by avoiding hot, acidic, spicy or hard foods.

1.    Eat, cold soft foods

If you are anything like us, you probably already halfway to get the ice cream. You would be perfectly right. Ice cream is not only delicious; it will help keep your energy up when you can’t bear to put anything in your mouth due to a blister on your tongue. If you hold the cold food or drink a little in your mouth, it will even soothe away the worst of the pain. Frozen yogurt and other soft foods you can chill that are not acidic that you can think of can also work under this remedy.

2.    Suck on an ice cube

An ice cube is an effective remedy for even the most painful blisters in the tongue. Hold one against them if you just have one or suck on one if you have blisters in the mouth. This action will help numb the mouth thus less pain.

3.    Make a milk and honey soothing mix

Milk and honey together sound healing and therapeutic, even from the sound of it. This mixture is perfect for keeping yourself nourished while healing a sore mouth and tongue. You could try it if your blisters have already burst and you are dealing with sores in the mouth.

4.    Use salt

Salt does great things to the taste of most foods a. As a home remedy it does not fare badly either. You can use a salt solution to help cure mouth ulcers. Mix some salt with warm water and sue the salty solution to gargle twice a day. This remedy will get rid of them and open sores on tongue fast.

5.    Try turmeric paste

A paste of turmeric and honey applied on the blister and left for five minutes then rinsed off is arguably one of the best  treatments. If for some reason you cannot use honey, make the paste with good old water.

6.    Heal it with baking soda

Place a pinch of baking soda on the blister and leave for three minutes then rinse off to shrink it naturally and fast.