7 Lucrative Positions in the Medical Industry You May Have Overlooked – 2024 Guide

Healthcare represents one of the most important industries in the world, and it will always remain active and on the rise no matter the economic situation. The main reason for that is that people require medical care all the time, and this branch is constantly evolving and introducing advanced and more efficient treatment methods. In that matter, people who are working in the medical industry will never have to be worried about their job. On the other hand, a lot of people would avoid educating in this industry because it requires many years of studies when it comes to positions like specialists, surgeons, and more. However, there are less demanding positions as well, especially those related to sales in the medical industry. If you are interested in Medical Sales positions, visit Culver Careers.

Since there are many positions in the healthcare industry that are highly profitable even without years of education, you can only acquire basic knowledge about medical equipment or some processes to get a job. The main advantage of working in this industry is security and high salary. However, many people are not aware that they could become a part of some private clinic or big pharmaceutic company with only a high school degree or a college degree in some other field of education. Here are some lucrative positions in the medical industry that you may have overlooked.

1. Cardiac Perfusionist

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In case you are interested in the part of the medicine related to surgical processes, it is not required to study for over ten years for all positions in this field. When it comes to the position of cardiac perfusionist, this specialist is working as help during heart surgeries. He is the one responsible for pumping the blood into the heart in case it stopped working. The main advantage of becoming a cardiac perfusionist is the high demand, which means that you will easily find the job. When it comes to education, you will need a bachelor’s degree and a special certificate. The average salary is near $100,000 annually.

2. Music Therapist

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People are getting more interested in alternative medicine in recent years. Also, it is proven that some alternative methods can be much more effective when it comes to mental and cognitive issues like speech skills, anxiety, stuttering, depression, and more. Therefore, we can see a great increase in people interested in music therapy. Therefore, if you are an experienced musician and interested to work in the medical industry, you will need an additional certificate from the Music Therapy Association. You can earn around $4,000 per month with this position.

3. Dental Technician

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Another important and highly demanded position in the medical industry is related to dentistry. If you are interested to become a dental technician, you will need two years of specialization in this field. Since each person should be visiting the dentist at least two times a year, there won’t be any issues with finding a job in some dental clinic. The job of a dental technician is to make crowns, dentures, and other types of repairing parts for teeth. The annual salary is around $50,000.

4. Sonographer

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If you are interested in a job position that has nothing to do with education in medicine, you should check the sonographer. The main advantage is that this is a highly demanded position. However, you will have to learn to use equipment that is using sound waves to create detailed pictures of internal organs, muscles, and joints. Also, you will have to prepare for constant improvements since technology is providing more efficient devices more often. Moreover, you will need some knowledge related to medicine as well, such as the ability to provide an accurate diagnosis for the patient. This is a highly paid position considering that it does not require any degree. The average salary is around $60,000.

5. Dietitian

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Obesity is a common issue that affects people from all around the world. The main reason why so many people have struggled with being overweight is that there are fast-food chains on every corner and a lot of processed food and beverages full of sugar. Dealing with this problem can be stressful and even cause serious issues for people like lower self-esteem, health problems, depression, and more. In that matter, having a healthy diet and being physically active are the two most important methods for dealing with obesity. A nutritionist is a very popular position in the medical industry in recent years since there is a high demand for people to get a diet plan that will help them become healthier and lose weight with less effort. For this position, you will need a degree in the field of dietetics. The monthly salary is around $5,000.

6. Midwife

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Another highly demanded position that, in most cases, you can work with only a high school degree is a midwife. This position requires knowledge related to the proper care of a mother and a child during and after birth. Each hospital requires at least a couple of midwives, related to the size and capacities. When it comes to the United States, you will need a degree from the college of midwives and a certificate. Another benefit is the high salary, which is around $100,000.

7. Medical Transcriptionist

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If you are interested in a position in the medical industry, but you are not attracted to the fact that most of them require working with patients, you should learn more about the position of a medical transcriptionist. Also, you don’t education as high as it is required to become a doctor. Moreover, the big advantage is that you can work from home since your job is to create records of medical reports that the hospital needs in their archive. When it comes to the education needed for this position, you can take a course that lasts only several months, where you can learn more about phrases and processes, and how to create records of them properly. Another benefit is that this job can be only an additional income since you can work part-time.