5 Things You Need to Know About Pre-employment Drug Tests – 2024 Guide

Trying to find a good job for ourselves is stressful enough. But things can get even harder if, after receiving great news that you’ve got a job, you’re told you have to get tested for drugs. Those who are inclined to use any substances of this type could be upset by this news. But it would be good to find out more about it before you get a panic attack. On the other hand, many have never used drugs but have to go through a testing procedure like all other employees, which can leave them confused.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you look suspicious to your employer for any reason, but you simply have to follow the procedure provided by the regulations. In order not to be confused, we will try to introduce you to this protocol through our guide and explain its significance.

There are many reliable healthcare institutions that companies work with, as well as the types of tests that are applied in this case. Everything you should know about it, as well as about the ways of testing and why this procedure is necessary, you will find out.

1. What is that?

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Pre-employment Drug Test is a necessary procedure when starting work on a new job. According to the rules, this medical examination is mandatory because it shows whether the new employee is using any type of illicit substances. We will talk about the importance of that in more detail in one of the following paragraphs, but already based on this sentence, it can be easily concluded why an employer must have this information about its employees.

Another category of workers to whom this rule applies are returnees. More precisely, those workers who return to work after a short or long absence or illness. Given that the company in the meantime didn’t have an insight into this aspect of the health condition of the absent worker, it must now be ascertained whether there are any changes compared to before.

Through these medical examinations, the presence of various illicit substances in the body can be noticed, such as methamphetamine, various types of opiates, THC found in cannabis, cocaine, and others. Whether or not you pass will determine whether you get the job.

Checking the presence of these substances in the body is the responsibility of many clinics, including Health Street, which offers the possibility of 10 Panel Drug Tests without THC for citizens of those countries that have legalized the use of marijuana.

2. Types of samples

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Different types of samples can be taken from a patient in this case. Some clinics will ask for a urine sample, others will take a blood sample, while the presence of the drug can be detected based on hair or saliva samples.

The practice has shown that the most reliable results can be obtained by examining urine. Its disadvantage compared to other species is the impossibility of long-term detection. More precisely, only five to ten days from the moment of consuming the drug, will be visible in the urine, while they can remain in the hair for up to 90 days.

Probably the most accurate type of test is a blood test, but it is also short-lived and often expensive. On the other hand, determining the presence of illicit substances in saliva can be a good alternative to the urinary type.

3. Why is it so important?

It isn’t so difficult to conclude the importance of medical examination of the presence of drugs in employees based on the previously mentioned. However, we wanted to dedicate a special paragraph to emphasize its importance.

The employment of people who are addicted to these harmful substances can have a very bad impact on the business and organizational flows of the company. It is also very risky in terms of the crisis situations that this employee may face daily and this will affect his productivity and the company’s performance. After all, it can be very expensive considering the damages, as well as other legal consequences that the company may face in such cases.

Also, some work positions are security-sensitive, which is why they must not be handed over to an addict. This will also contribute to reducing claims. Companies should state the condition of the medical examination in the job application to reduce the probability of applying for addicted candidates.

4. What are the conditions under which the testing is performed and who performs it?

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This type of health service is necessary to provide favorable health conditions for all workers in the workplace. Also, the testing itself must be performed under specially sterilized conditions and using the established procedure. First, all personal belongings are left in a box, outside the room where the medical examination is performed. The procedure dictates that the sink should not be rinsed or hands should not be washed until it comes out of the toilet when taking a sample to ensure that no liquid exchange has occurred.

The healthcare companies that are hired in this case and that work with employers to provide these services have professional experience in this and many other areas. These are the same companies that are hired for work-related injuries. They possess specialized knowledge in various medical fields and their expertise meets the standards prescribed.

5. Is cheating possible to get good results?

The probability of cheating on this type of testing is important information for all those who want to get a job but are aware that there is a possibility of a negative outcome due to the consumption of prohibited substances. Many will want to prepare in advance for testing so that the results show the good condition of their organism. The success of your plan will depend on many factors such as your metabolism, the concentration of the drug ingested, the type of test, and how often you consume.

Some of the attempts to successfully implement the cheating plan turned out to be impossible, but some proved successful. For example, diluting urine, or using chemicals to clean urine. But if you look suspicious, lab technicians may consider other factors that will betray you. You are probably aware that you are doing the wrong thing, but we feel the need to remind you of that.

Pre-employment drug testing can be stressful for some people for a reason, and for others not really. Now that you are familiar with the basics, we hope that it will be easier for you to go through this procedure. Good luck!