The Main Properties of Dermaheal Hl

The new generation of Dermaheal HL for mesotherapy– a unique complex of highly effective substances that restore the lost hairline, stop the hair loss process, and stimulate its growth at the cellular level. Caregen South Korean bioengineers have developed an effective and absolutely safe composition for the effective counteraction of alopecia in both men and women.

The mesococktail with Dermaheal HL Anti-Hair Loss effect is a patented -recovery based on biomimetic peptides, vitamin complex, amino acids, growth factors (VEGF, IGF-1, and BFGF) and other components that intensively restore hair growth on the head. For biorevitalization of hair follicles in Dermaheal HL, Biona -based peptides are responsible, which are 100% responsible for their own body peptides. These ingredients of the product stimulate the development of new cells. The formula included 4 intensively acting peptides:

Acetyl Decapeptide-3-catalyzes the transportation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes, which improve the quality of the skin on the head, restores the structure of dermal cells and contribute to the creation of good hair growth conditions.

Decapeptide-4 is a peptide that activates the development of long hair rods and stimulates the production of its own collagen.

Copper Tripeptide-1-is responsible for the normalization of blood circulation and microcirculation of blood on the head, and guarantees the supply of follicles with blood and oxygen.

Oligopeptide-41-reduces the negative effect of testosterone, weakens the hair “bulbs”, leads to premature baldness in men.

Maintain the tone of the dermis on the head and strengthen hair, called 13 vitamins. Vitamins A, E, K, which are responsible for the regeneration of skin cells, restoration of the health of follicles and giving the hairline of a healthy, radiant look, are included in the Dermaheal HL formula. B vitamins (9 elements) stop active hair loss, stabilize the condition of the skin under the cover, and effectively activate follicles. Vitamin I (inositol) prevents baldness, and also comprehensively strengthens the roots of the hair.

Mesococktail is also enriched with 24 amino acids, two antioxidants, five minerals, four nucleic acids, and coenzymes – they comprehensively affect the remaining hair strengthening and the development of new follicles, guaranteeing an excellent anti-loss effect.

Advantages of using Dermaheal HL


Experts note the versatility of the cocktail-the drug is highly effective in the presence of baldness due to stress, hormonal failure, genetic predisposition, adverse climatic conditions, malnutrition, and other causes.

The solution contains biomimetic peptides, which act directly on the cage core, which guarantees an excellent effect after 4–5 weeks from the beginning of the course. For a significant reduction in the signs of alopecia, 7-10 cosmetic sessions are enough.

The effectiveness of Dermaheal HL


The Dermaheal HL mesococktail is shown to patients with varying degrees of baldness or the initial manifestations of hair loss. The use of the product unlimited by age will help in the presence of intensive alopecia, which occurred due to frequent discoloration, curls, and dyeing of hair, the effect of UV radiation, hormonal disorders, and stresses. The solution also helps to regulate the gray hair in the presence of fragility, excision, and violation of the healthy hair structure.

Dermaheal HL is an ideal product for:

  1. The return of the hairline of density and health,
  2. Awakening of suppressed hair follicles,
  3. Catalysting metabolic processes in the dermis of the head,
  4. Elimination of dermal diseases on the head: dandruff, seborrhea, ringworm
  5. Elimination of causes of baldness, stimulation of hair growth,
  6. Prevention of alopecia, restoration of health and tone follicles,
  7. Intensive moisture and saturation of the scalp with nutrients,
  8. Activation of blood circulation in problem areas,
  9. Returning to the hair of a radiant look from the very roots.

Dermaheal HL is introduced 2–4 times a week, depending on the scale of the head with alopecia and the condition of the skin. The cocktail is highly performing when working with men and women of different ages.

Contraindications and precautions

You should not be afraid of adverse reactions when choosing a Dermaheal-small redness, itching, papules, or swelling that are eliminated from the skin without the intervention of doctors within 1–2 days.

Before injection from Dermaheal HL, cosmetologists are required to get acquainted with the list of contraindications and customer health indicators, and consult the patient about the post -procedural safety rules. If there is a restriction, the solution should not be administered.

Dermaheal HL is not used for:

  • inflammatory processes, elevated temperatures,
  • intolerance of the ingredients of the therapeutic cocktail,
  • the presence of scars, keloids in the area of the hairline,
  • pregnancy, menstrual period, lactation,
  • epilepsy,
  • autoimmune, infectious, or cancer,
  • taking hormones, and drugs in the presence of hemophilia,
  • the age of the patient under the age of 18 years.

What you should know about the product?



The Caregen concern occupies a leading position in the research and production of high-tech nanums, due to which cosmetology has gone far ahead. We are talking about the synthesis of key anti-aging elements: growth factors and peptides. These substances are a similar copy of the peptides inherent in cells in the human body. Once in the nucleus of the cells, bioded peptides play the role of cellular regeneration activator.


Dermaheal preparations do not have animal proteins and stem cells, but there is an invariably high level of purification. The targeted influence of synthetic peptides determines the safety of their application and hypoallergenicity.


Caregen guarantees affordable prices for its preparations, including the Dermaheal Meso-Line. This was made possible thanks to the presence of its own research laboratory and the taxable process of mass production.



Dermaheal HL is a brilliant solution to hair loss problems

Hair loss always worried both men and women. There may be a lot of reasons for hair loss:

  • genetic predisposition,
  • external acquired factors (aggressive care products, climatic conditions),
  • Internal factors (hormonal malfunctions, stresses, unbalanced nutrition).

Sometimes the patient who has contacted the clinic is enough to undergo massages and masks or change shampoo. But what to do when such methods are no longer effective, and the restoration of the density and health of hair becomes a problem? There is only one way out – to fight not with symptoms, but to influence the cause: restoration of the health of the cells of the hair follicle.

Dermaheal HL is used to restore hair growth, the prevention of hair loss, and improve metabolic processes on the scalp. The drug has a positive effect thanks to a rich complex of multivitamins and amino acids.