What is Pulse Oximetry, Why You Need and How to know Oxygen Level with Oximetry

What Is Pulse Oximetry?

What is the easiest way to measure the oxygen level of blood? Or, to test the blood’s oxygen saturation? The answer is – pulse oximetry. It’s a simple and painless test to check how efficiently the heart sends oxygen to other parts of the body. So, you can benefit from the test and get to know the amount of blood reaching to your legs or arms.

There is a device to do this test and you can analyze its features and then buy it to assess your general health. The device uses light to measure the level of oxygen in the blood. Based on that, the doctor decides whether there is a requirement for extra oxygen. Doctors generally perform this test in procedures where sedation has been used.

More so, the device makes it extremely easy to measure the pulse rate and blood oxygen level in the body. It is wireless, has a screen and delivers ease of use to anyone in need. You can check pulse oximeter price, and order one for yourself. So, take a right step towards healthy living and buy a quality oximeter only.

Why you need pulse oximetry?

Clearly, pulse oximetry revolutionizes the way we check the pulse rate and measure oxygen level of the blood. It’s an extremely easy test and anyone can do it without needing any support or formal training.

You might need this test in different conditions, including –

  • It is helpful in establishing the efficacy of lung medicines
  • To assess anyone’s ability to bear increased activity level
  • You can use it to know whether the patient requires a ventilator for breathing
  • Doctors use it to check whether individuals are suffering from sleep apnea (breath-less moments during sleep)
  • You can check the health of anyone whose blood oxygen level gets affected by heart conditions
  • Helpful for people with anemia, asthma and pneumonia

How to know your oxygen levels are in the normal range?

We, humans, do different activities throughout the day and it makes our oxygen saturation fluctuate. So, it’s never easy for doctors to tell the normal oxygen range of anyone merely by analysis. For that, they need a device called oximeter. It is very easy for individual users to check finger pulse oximeter price and buy it for home use.

Let’s look at how the device helps people know their normal oxygen level –

  • You need to just check your oxygen saturation at least 4 times a day for a week
  • Record the readings and also record the activities you were doing before checking
  • By measuring oxygen saturation, you can know the amount of oxygen being carried by blood
  • You are in normal range if the device gives the SpO2 reading greater than 95% and if it less than 92%, you may have hypoxemia
  • Consult a doctor for oxygen supplementation if you get a SpO2 reading less than 92%
  • The doctor may recommend long-term oxygen therapy based on those readings
  • You can get yourself tested and take a decision with regards to seeking further medical consultation
  • However, you should not rely the device’s readings alone as it is not a suitable alternative to a complete clinical assessment