How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Penile Implant Procedure

If you’re considering a penile implant, then one of the areas for concern is recovering after the procedure.

Regardless of what you might assume, penile procedures are quite common. This is because plenty of people live with all kinds of erectile dysfunctions. From deformities to traumatic injuries and even genetic disorders, a penile implant procedure helps eliminate all that.

But while getting one is certainly a natural thing to do for those who need it, many of us are left wondering how long does it take to recover from one?

To answer this article, make sure to continue reading.

Recovering From A Penile Implant Procedure

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If we would look at the recovery phase in general terms, it takes about 15 days to complete the recovery phase. But seeing as we’re all people and are different, recovery time may vary for most guys.

If you would sit down with a professional and discuss the matter, they would tell you that the incision should heal within the first five days. This is probably the same for most guys. What happens next may depend on each individual.

The procedure can cause plenty of discomforts. Fear not as the discomfort and even swelling will go away within the first few days but it can take up to a week.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to make the discomfort and swelling go away faster. One thing you can do is place ice to reduce the swelling or elevate the scrotum. Both techniques will be recommended by experts and even recommend wearing supportive underwear that eliminates many of the issues.

It is even said that these techniques greatly aid the recovery process. One thing that prolongs the recovery process is doing heavy lifting or strenuous activities.

When Should You Use the Implant?

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One of the more frequent questions patients ask is when exactly can they start using the implant. Since the whole point of the procedure is to make it easier to have an erection, it should go without saying that you shouldn’t use it right away.

Most experts suggest you wait for the healing period to end before using the plant. The healing or recovery period is meant to ease any discomfort. Using the implant might cause discomfort within the first two weeks.

To be precise, your physician will insist you use it anywhere between two and four weeks from the initial procedure. When getting the implant, your physician will also provide instruction on how to use it. Typically, the first activation of the implant is done at the physician’s office where you will be given a full guide on how to activate and deactivate the implant.

Furthermore, you will need to adjust to this new change so you will be encouraged to activate and deactivate the implant at least once a day once the healing process is finished.

This is done so you get used to the implant and eliminate any discomfort that might occur during the activation process. After doing it for some time, all discomfort will be gone and you will start adjusting to this new change.

Experts also advise on using the implant frequently as otherwise patients get discouraged from doing it. The activation process might sound complicated but fear not as everything will be made clear when getting the procedure.

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How the Procedure Goes

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Many male patients are left confused as to how this procedure is done. The procedure itself doesn’t take long but you might be asked to stay overnight.

The procedure starts with the surgeon making an incision about 3-4 long. This incision is done 1 cm above the penis. The incision does leave a small scar but it will stay hidden once hair starts growing. Sadly, there will always be a scar.

We mentioned that the procedure doesn’t take long. It actually takes only 30 minutes for a good surgeon to perform it.

However, every surgeon is different but most experienced implanting urologists do stick by this time frame.

After the Procedure

The focus after the surgery is for you to fully heal. This is also the primary focus of the surgeon and they will take the necessary steps to do that. The surgeon will most likely wrap the part with gauze and instruct you to keep it on for the next 24 hours. This is done so that the swelling is reduced.

Experienced surgeons will also advise on adding a bulb suction drain as the average output of the drain overnight might be up to 400 cc.

Once the gauze and drain are removed, you can go for a nice shower. Do understand that during all this time the implant will be activated to some degree. As the next day comes, the surgeon will instruct on taking the implant down a notch to half efficiency. During all this time, you will take medication and take them for quite some time. Your physician will explain it all.

What’s Next?

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As we’ve discussed previously, it takes around 15 days for you to fully recover. During that time, you will see swelling and might be in pain. That is nothing uncommon and there should be no cause for concern if you are indeed in pain.

Once the recovery process ends, you will go for a visit and get instructions on how to use the implant. After six weeks of the surgery, you will go for another visit to ensure that you’ve mastered the activation and deactivation of the implant. Your physician will also make sure that everything is in order.


Due to various reasons, some of us might need a penile implant procedure. The whole point of the procedure is to eliminate many problems that males face due to these disorders and dysfunctions. After getting the surgery, you will be able to do what you love doing without facing previous problems and issues.