Choosing A Singapore Eye Clinic – 2024 Guide

Here is a stunner for you, even if you perceive to have a fine vision, you should not ever skip out on a yearly eye exam. Eye exams are an important means through which eye specialists can locate eye issues prior to any major advancements of the condition occurs. Furthermore, your medical professional will utilize this chance to capture issues such as hypertension and diabetes during an earlier stage.

Have several years lapsed since your previous eye exam and checkup? Have you never before underwent an eye exam? If so, it’s time to have one scheduled with your chosen eye clinic today.

How Frequently Do I Need To Take An Eye Assessment?

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Everybody should undergo an eye examination on an annual basis. Various eye doctors and eye clinics offer different suggestions or rules for the frequency in which their patients should undergo the test. Good guidelines to follow are listed below:

· Young adults: Once in your 20s and two times during your 30s if you do not have any immediate concerns and do not have prescription glasses. On the other hand, if you are already a spectacle or contact lens user, then you should definitely undertake the eye exam more frequently.

· Grownups: Depending on your health, you might need to visit the doctor once a year from 40 onwards.

· Grownups: At age 65 and over, you should visit the doctor about twice a year

· Youngsters: 3 times, namely at birth, 3 months and 6 months before getting in elementary school. The eye exam can be conducted at the same time as preschool checkups or during regular doctor visits.

You’ll have to obtain appointments regularly if you have pre-existing health conditions or a family history comprising of vision troubles.

Ophthalmologists or Optometrists

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Ophthalmologists are clinical doctors (MDs or DOs) who focus on eye care. In addition to carrying out eye exams and prescribing eyeglasses and contacts, many ophthalmologists additionally conduct eye surgery and deal with medical conditions related to your eyes.

Ophthalmologists employed by Ava Eye Clinic are eye medical professionals who have finished medical school and have undergone and completed extra post-graduate education in clinical and surgical eye treatment.

Optometrists are eye specialists who assess and diagnose vision conditions and treat medical conditions of the eye with eye drops and various other medicines. Optometrists generally complete at least 4 years of optometry school following their bachelor’s in university in order to get their Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree.

Optometrists perform eye tests and prescribe spectacles, contact lenses, vision aids, vision treatment to remedy vision troubles. They likewise can deal with a lot of eye illnesses with medications. But, with some exemptions, optometrists generally not qualified to conduct surgery for eyes.

What Happens During the Appointment?

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Once you have completed the paperwork and your registration is finished, you would be called to the exam room where the doctor awaits. The exact exam will vary depending on your health and the frequency of your visits. However, you can anticipate the following checks:

Your past medical history. The eye specialist will ask about your general health while finding out if your family has past history of eye issues.

Vision examinations. Secondly, the eye doctor will commence checking on the state of your close and distance vision (short and long) . This is done by requesting you to read letters or numbers from a chart at various lengths. Your chosen eye doctor will also check on other aspects of your vision– examples include your colour perception and peripheral vision.

Tonometry. This is a test for glaucoma. Anesthetic eye drops are first used to numb your eye, after which, the will use a tonometer or a puff or air to gauge the pressure of your eyeball.

Eye test. The doctor will examine different parts of your eye. Part of this procedure includes the use of eye drips to dilute and expand your eye pupils. The doctor uses this chance to inspect the interior of your eye. Since the eye drops would make your eyes sensitive to sunlight and harsh artifical light for a few hours, during which you will need to wear sunglasses or shades. Furthermore, with your vision compromises, we recommend that you have somebody to drive you home. Lastly, the eye doctor will check the state of your peripheral vision as well as the coordination between your eye muscles.

Components of your eye exam

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A comprehensive eye examination ought to include at least the following:.

· A review of your personal and family members health history and any history of eye problems.
· Assessment of your range and near vision with an eye chart.
· Examination for the existence of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism.
· Near vision screening to determine if you have presbyopia and require progressive lenses.
· Examination of your eyes’ capacity to work together as a team.
· An eye pressure test and evaluation of the optic nerve to dismiss glaucoma.
· Exam of the interior of your eyes to rule out other eye troubles, such as cataracts and macular deterioration.
· Contact lens exams typically include added examinations and treatments beyond those noted above.

Eye exams can discover associated conditions


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Diabetes mellitus affects the veins in your retina and may cause them to leak yellowish fluid or bleed. This is a usual sign of undiagnosed diabetic retinopathy.

If left unattended, diabetic retinopathy can cause blindness yet early treatment cuts this threat down substantially. And luckily, there are lots of means you can handle your diabetic issues and preserve your vision moving forward.

Rheumatoid arthritis and various other autoimmune illness

Dry eyes are a common side-effect of rheumatoid arthritis. And inflammation of the irises is likewise a huge indication of rheumatoid arthritis.

Eye doctors can commonly identify signs of various other autoimmune conditions as well. As an example, bulging eyes is a signs and symptom of a condition called Graves condition.


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When you deal with hypertension, the capillary in your eyes may show kinks or tears. You may additionally have compromised or narrowed arteries.

Questions to ask

Be sure to ask what examinations are provided when you get info about eye exam expenses. Some places will advertise a low test price, however, upon arrival, you may be notified you must pay extra if you desire particular treatments– such as pupil dilation, retinal photos, etc.– that might be included in a greater exam price quoted elsewhere.

Certain “intangibles” likewise should be considered when you contrast eye exam prices. These could include the professionalism and reliability and amiability of the medical professional and personnel; the level of training of the doctor’s aides; how much time you have to wait to be seen; how sophisticated (or dated) the test equipment is; the convenience of the office location; and hours of operation.

It’s likewise a good suggestion when choosing an eye doctor to ask buddies for recommendations and to “look around” first through a personal appointment to the clinic prior to scheduling an exam.