How to Stop Your Ring Finger from Turning Green

There are few things, which are more disappointing that when you purchase yourself a nice new ring which is perfect for your outfit, but when it is removed it leaves a nasty looking green stain on your skin. This can leave you low on confidence and can leave you not wanting people to see your hand. However, if you follow these quick tips – you may not have to face this problem at all.

Don’t Panic

It is important to know that the green stain is not harmful to your health, so there is no need for you to panic. If you do start seeing the stain coming, then you should simply remove the jewelry so that it can start to fade away. If you don’t have any allergies to metal, then the reason the stain appears is that of reactions between the metal and your skin which causes a temporary change of color.

Stay Away from Cheap Jewellery

This is certainly a tip, which is easier than it sounds, but it is definitely a good place to start. A ring which doesn’t cost a lot of money is more likely to stain your skin because of the material it is made from. You should try to, therefore, aim for materials such as stainless steel, platinum, and white gold.

Keep Your Skin Dry

If you want to avoid your skin from turning green, it is imperative that the area where the ring is kept dry. This means it is important to take steps towards avoiding any liquids coming into contact with your hands. For example, when you wash your hands or take a shower, make sure your ring is removed beforehand – this is even more important when going into a swimming pool as the chlorine can not only make the jewelry stain your skin, but it can also damage it too.

Nail Polish

If you want a quick an easy fix from your ring staining your skin, then using clear nail polish can be the solution. What you should do is apply a coating to the inner area of the ring, and that way when it is on your finger it will create a barrier which will stop the jewelry from turning your skin green.