Know Your Beauty: Different Types of Lip Shapes, and How to Create You

Are you wondering what shape your lips are? Do you ever think about trying a pouty lip look or learn about how to create fuller lips?

Knowing the type of your lips will help you figure out future makeup looks and talk with your cosmetics specialist in detail. It’s not enough to just look at your mouth in a mirror.

Read this guide for the types of lip shapes for creating the perfect lips.

Classic Lip

The classic lip shape is described as “the perfect oval”. It’s essentially a thin lip line slightly rounded on the outside edges. It is with two peaks at the cupid’s bow.

You’ll need a lip liner to create your classic lip shape. You must draw a curved line from the outer corner of your lips to the tip of your cupid’s bow. Then, use a coordinating lipstick to fill in the shape you created.

To ensure the color is even and natural looking, apply the lipstick with the help of a brush. To add dimension and fullness to the lips, use a lip gloss to the center of your upper and lower lips. With the careful application of cosmetics and the proper technique, you can shape your lips into a timeless classic.

Full Lip

Full Lip

When it comes to full lips, there are many different ways to create them using makeup, lip liner, and other techniques. Full lips are one of the most desired types of lip shapes, which look natural yet glamorous.

To achieve full lips, use a lip liner that matches the color of your lips. This will lightly define the cupid’s bow and the outline of the lips. Then, apply a lip color within the lip liner to give definition and shape.

To finish, lightly fill the outer corners of the lips with a slightly darker lip color or a shimmery gloss to complete the look. To further amplify your lip shape, add a touch of highlighter to the cupid’s bow and the center of your lips.

Faux Moustache Lip

The Faux Moustache lip shape is a lipstick look that is just as glamorous as it is unique. To achieve this look, outline your lips like any other lipstick, slightly larger than your natural lip shape.

Begin filling in the center of your bottom lip, extending the line up past your Cupid’s Bow to meet the line you created on the edges of your lips. Now add a darker shade of lip color in the center of that line and blend outward.

Finish the look with a swipe of gloss at the center of your lower lip for an added punch of shimmer and shine. The faux mustache will turn heads this season with its fun yet sophisticated look. If you need help making these tips, you can visit Impeccable Aesthetics.

Cupid Lip

Cupid Lip

Cupid lips refer to the classic heart-shaped lip. The two sides of the upper lip are characterized as slightly rounded, while the middle is somewhat thinner, creating a heart shape. They are also known as “Kissable Lips” due to their attractiveness.

These lips can be achieved in various ways. In the past, applying lipstick in a V-shape on the upper lip followed by lip liner gives the illusion of a fuller top lip and a Cupid shape. Nowadays, with the help of makeup techniques, such as overlining, these classic lips can more easily be achieved.

A lip gloss with a reddish tint can be applied to the center of the upper lip to emphasize the thinner center, resulting in a cupid’s bow shape. Women can also use a lip plumper or lip filler that an experienced professional applies.

Regardless of the method chosen, Cupid lips are a timeless look created with elegance and sophistication.

Horseshoe Lip

Horseshoe lips are a bottom lip shape larger and fuller than the top lip. This look is often referred to as “bee-stung” lips and is achieved by adding volume to the lower lip and slightly contouring the bottom lip line to give the lip an overall full and symmetrical shape.

Apply a lip liner slightly above the natural lip line to create this look. When selecting shades, try a lipstick that is a few shades darker than your natural lip color, then top it off with a gloss to give a voluminous shine.

Remember to blend the lip liner and lipstick carefully for a sleek look. For extra drama, add a bit of highlighter along the bow of your top lip to enhance the color and fullness and create the perfect horseshoe shape.

Understanding various lip shapes can enhance your beauty routine, but it’s equally important to address concerns like lip swelling causes, which could affect your lip’s appearance, as discussed in the related article.

Pointy Lips

Pointy Lips

These types of lip shapes are often discussed with admiration. Although not as commonly seen, pointed lips can be beautiful.

The ideal way to achieve this is by strategically applying and wearing lip liner and lipstick. Start by positioning the middle of your bottom lip in the center of your lower lip. To create the curve and shape of the point at the corner of your mouth.

Try using a lip liner that is slightly darker than your natural lip color to outline your lips crisply. Then, fill the area with lipstick in the same shade as the liner you use.

Blot once, and you have successfully created your dream look. Lastly, finish off with a lip gloss for added fullness and shine.

Petite Pucker

To create this type of lip shape, the upper lip should be filled in from the center of the Cupid’s bow towards the corners so that it is naturally smaller than the lower lip. Overfilling the upper lip should be avoided as it can make the lips look fake or unnatural.

A lip liner with a pinkish, subtle tone should then be used to slightly draw the outside of the existing lip line to make a slight V shape at the cupid’s bow and blend towards the corners of the mouth to connect with the top lip. To add fullness to this pucker, dab a lip plumper towards the center of the lips.

Understanding different types of lip shapes and how to create your ideal look can be complemented by learning about various lip types and their care, as explored in the related article.

Knowing Different Types of Lip Shapes

Knowing Different Types of Lip Shapes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and knowing your beauty means understanding and embracing different types of lip shapes. You can easily create your unique lip shape with the right combination of makeup and skincare routines. So get creative and embrace your beauty today!

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