6 Things You Can do About Unwanted Calls and Texts

Getting a random phone call from an unknown number used to be a common thing 10-15 years ago. Nowadays, telemarketers could give you a call, but the truth is that they are more likely to spam you with emails and text messages. How often are you disturbed and bugged by this phone call? Do you hate having to see hundreds of junk mail and texts weekly? Here are some tips and tricks that you can do when it comes to this issue.

6 Things you can do about unwanted calls and texts

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  1. Ask nicely

You can be nice and open at first with someone who’s been dialing you over and over again. Sometimes, you may get unwanted calls and messages from an organization or company/charity that you’ve worked with. This happens quite often, especially if you’re someone who tends to share his or her phone number easily. If you know of the person who’s on the other line but you are not interested in what they have to say, kindly ask them to stop calling.

  1. Report the scam

On the other hand, if this is a scammer and someone persistent with a phone number that you don’t know of, it is time to put a stop to this.

Is the person harassing you and not wanting to take you off of their list? You can block the number and put an end to their persistent behavior. Anyone who bugs you with more than one call per day should be questioned and investigated.

  1. Block the number

Some smartphones running Google’s Android operating system can report spam calls in a couple of seconds and with just one press of a button. The feature will look different on each device. It doesn’t matter if you have an android or an iPhone, you can do this step in the settings section. Only some old-school kinds of phones (those that have come out 10+ years ago) will not have this option.

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  1. Send a text to prevent unwanted texts

Reporting text messages is a little bit easier if you live in the USA. This is because you can approach the situation by sending out a text message ”SPAM (7726)”. Once sent your carrier will block the number on your request. In other parts of the world this is also possible, but only with different carriers and with different price tags to it.

  1. You can also try out the do not call list feature

Put the person that’s been bugging you on your ”do not call list”. Once you do that you can push and forward the list to the Federal Trade Commission. This option guarantees that your phone won’t ring for any spammers or scammers, which makes it incredibly appealing.

  1. Report unknown callers and report unsolicited phone calls

You can be proactive and visit Callmsg. If you get an unwanted call or text message, simply enter the phone number into their search box and get the opportunity to publicly report it. Also, with the help of the same method, you can read feedback provided by other users. You will get all the info on their place of living, carrier, line type, etc.