Upper, Lower Back Fat, Love Handles & In Women: Causes & Fast Removal Ways 

What causes back fat and how do I get rid of it? Bulging fat on the back is unwelcoming, but can exercises reduce, fight and blast away excess fat covering the back muscles? We are going to discuss more on removal exercises or workouts for losing upper and lower back fat.


Amongst the common causes are being overweight, poor diet or eating habits and a lack of regular exercising. Other causes of fat on the back include certain medical conditions, genetics and medicine.

Secondly, according to Prof. John Monson (endocrinology), levels of hormones influence how your body distributes fat. Such hormones are thyroxin and insulin. Low levels of thyroxin (hypothyroidism) in particular cause back bulging flab or bra flab while resistance to insulin is associated with love handles or thigh bulging.

Before we go into the depths of reducing it, you deserve to know that the process of getting rid of these fats has to begin with consistent and enduring strategies. Your back is one of the areas you will find to be much hard to remove back flab. Therefore how can you do it? Get to know what you desperately need to do including workouts, dietary plans and exercises at home in our next discussion.

How to reduce back fat, lose, remove or get rid

The whole process of getting rid of back fat is very involving since it is not easy to target it only. You need to learn and understand various strategies, exercises and then step up to exercise regularly in order to lose it. However, it is important for you to get the right directions from a qualified physician if you are not sure where to start for the first time.

We are going to discuss in light of combined workouts, dietary requirements, things to do, avoid in order to achieve your goal which is to absolutely eliminate fat from the back.

1. Weight exercises – exercises that require weights

Weight exercises involve training your back muscles so that you can engage your body and enhance fat burning. Here are a few examples of back workouts to exercise using your arms.

a).  Bend over rows

In this exercise you also need two hand weights such as dumbbells. If you have to use any other objects then they should not be difficult to work with. Are you ready to do it?

  1. Hold each dumbbell in either hands and stand upright.
  2. Turn both hands so that the palms face each other and weights are vertical as shown in the pictures.
  3. Stretch your arms straight forwards and then bend your waist slightly.
  4. Now, pull your arms back until your elbows go beyond the back.
  5. Slowly stretch your arms forward again and straighten them.

Repeat steps 3-5 just three times or as you wish.

b). Shoulder Presses

To do this one you need two dumbbells or other objects with similar weight that cannot harm you. Change your clothing because you need to stretch arms a bit.

Hold each weight in your hand and stand upright. Raise and hold them by the ears in such a manner that back of hands are facing backwards.

Now slowly lift them up until your arms become straight.

Lower them back and repeat it in 3 sets.

2. Body Weight Exercises – using your body weight to exercise

Unlike weight exercises, these involve body workouts that require using your own weight to tone back muscles without using weights. Let us now look at some of them.

a). Push-ups

These popular body exercise will help you tone triceps, biceps, chest muscles as well as back muscles thus burning calories and this reduces body fats.

There are various categories of push-ups such as the regular and modified ones. Just start with regular ones. Basically, 3 repetitions of 10 push-ups are good. But if you are overweight and want to lose fat on back you should begin with other strategies to reducing weight such as walking, jogging and cycling.

b). Back Bridge

Going on with body exercises, this is another interesting back fat workout. In back bridge, you lie down on your back and bend your knees but keep foot sole on the floor. Place your palms down on floor then, you lift your buttocks together with your trunk using your arms. Lift up your body as much as you can. Hold for 10 seconds before you lower it slowly so as not to injure your head and other body organs.

As shown in the pictures below, you can choose to go for what you are comfortable with or try them in different sessions.

c). Resistance Band Stretch

You need a chair and stretchable rubber band twice the length of your arms to do the following procedure even at the comfort of your home. You may request your physician to recommend a suitable one to fit your purpose.

  1. Tie the band to a door knob such that each section is equal in length.
  2. Lock the door then move your chair about 1 and half metres away.
  3. Get seated and take hold of the ends of each rubber band.
  4. Next, bend your elbows at a 90 or so degree.
  5. Start pulling both resistance bands towards the back with elbows leading. (Keep the elbows bent)
  6. Hold (10 sec.) while you continue to stretch the band until you cannot do it anymore.
  7. Rest a bit and try 6 times.

3. Cardiovascular Workouts

One strategy for removal is focusing on full-training programs which are no doubt a great way to melt away fat and lose weight. Cardio workouts, as we shall see, are meant to tone and strengthen back muscles thus giving you best results you yearn.

a). Jumping Rope

It sounds so simple but can have a significant impact on your cardio regimen for reducing or losing fats on this area.

b). Pull-ups

Since your back is made up of many muscles, a normal pull-up such as the one shown in the picture will help to tone and sculpt these muscles including the biceps.

Another option is one where your chin is facing up. This is even a better one otherwise make it come second. Other variations include assisted pull-ups and the TRX assisted inverted pull-ups.

c). Push-ups

Besides being a good exercise for chest muscles, any well taken push-up is a great deal if you focus more during the downward movements – make it slower or hold before going down.

d). Rowing

Going on with exercises to get rid this bulge fast, rowing is also a popular and amongst the best workouts. We have two major options for rowing. One is use of rowing machine found in gyms. The second one is rowing a boat with clubs which is more of fun.

e). Dumbbell Rows for arms and Upper Back

Place one right of your knees on the table/bench. Bend forward slightly while keeping your back straight.

  • Pick a single dumbbell weight using the left hand.
  • Then pull your hand with dumbbell as if one who is rowing a boat.
  • Change positions after you are through with 6 reps, back and forward.

f). Upper body Cycles

You can use a machine known as ergometer to work with your upper body. If you want to know more on this ask a gym manager on how to do the cycles.

4. Interval Training technique

This is more of a strategy that workouts themselves that can help you lose not only back fat but also general body fats.

To begin, due to the fact that one cannot fat-spot reduce, you also need to engage in a series of workouts that involve movements of your body organs.

In an interval training an individual is required to get along for 15 – 30 minutes. One way to reduce it by training is to vigorously run or splint for a few minutes and then stop. When you get back, you can continue running with a more comfortable pace say for about 10 minutes. There after you may increase your pace but do not take long, 5 minutes at most.

A second way to exercise your back and tone muscles is through a high intensity interval training. The main aims of having HIIT is to buff up metabolism and add worth to normal cardio exercises.

5. Fat Burning Diet and Foods

Can I lose fat without back exercises? If you want to achieve effective removal of fat through burning then, go for foods that will optimally boost your metabolism and blood circulation. Your aim is to check out for the (natural) ingredients known to hitch up metabolic activities supported by body cells.

Unfortunately, fat burning foods will not be very effective so, you have to combine it with exercises to lose back fat to realize your goals.

a). Breakfast

A perfect way to start your day is beefing up your breakfast with fat-burning ingredients found in natural foods such as broccoli, almonds or certain yoghurt (Non-fat Greek yoghurt) all rich in Calcium. Include vitamin C in your morning diet. Take some strawberries, warm lemon water and cinnamon just to list a few.

Other useful foods for your breakfast include green tea, cannellini beans and nuts.

b). Lunch or Dinner

After breakfast, you may have used up more energy doing various chores or workouts in at the gym. You probably need to keep hunger at bay while you ensure that you cut down on calorie intake. The following should be a recommended dietary plan for you:

  • High fibre and protein foods such as whole grains, oatmeal, etc.
  • Lean or whey proteins to replace saturated fatty foods.

 How to get rid of Love handles

According to Wikihow, love handles refers to the accumulation of fat around the sides of the abdomen or oblique area. The major cause include persistent intake of high calorie and lack of exercises. We shall briefly look at the way forward.

a). Dietary changes

For anyone who wishes to lose love handles then a major strategy should incorporate a reduced calorie intake. Some of the important steps to observe include limiting processed foods, junky foods rich in carbohydrates, and fatty foods such as red meat.

b). Regular and core strengthening Exercises

Secondly, men should consider taking aerobic training on routine. These include cardio exercises, interval training, abdominal crunches, and side planks.

Besides the approaches, stress is also a negative factor which must be well taken care of.

As a man, if you are trying to lose back fat, whether lower or upper, opt for of the exercises we have already discussed too.

How to Lose it for Women

Is your bulging bra annoying you every time you use a back mirror? Don’t fear to go to the gym because you can even make it happen at home. In addition to the above discussed ways to lose back fat, here are some excellent workouts for women who need to burn it.

1. Delt Raise

First you need to be ready, that is with be in your kits and have pairs of 5 – 10 pound hand weights.

  • Hold a pair of your hand weight e.g. dumbbells, stand with feet shoulder-width.
  • Bend your knees slightly but stably.
  • Lower your trunk and bring the weights together. (Palms should face each other)
  • Next thing is to bend your elbows and the raise both dumbbells/weights up to the shoulder level.
  • Lower them back. Begin you next raise and count up to 10 reps up and movements.

To get the best engage your back muscles more than your hands.

2. Pushup Holds

This is similar to normal push-up exercises only that you take deep breaths half-way each arm-press and hold for a few seconds you can, without much straining.

3. T-Raises

Third, T-raises is a weight lift fat burning exercise to help eliminate upper back rolls. In this one, you need a much lighter weight for example 2 pound dumbbells.

  • Stand with feet hip-width and grab both dumbbells.
  • Bend your knees and the lower your torso/body trunk to a horizontal position.
  • Make the ends of your weights to meet ensuring that the palms are facing forward.
  • Next then, straighten arms and raise them up together to the best level possible.

Do such 10 – 15 reps daily.

4. Single-Arm Dumbbell Rows

You may carry out this one in your room or somewhere you can find support from a pole or post.

To do it, grab your weight in one arm. Stand I front of a wall or pole and then bring your torso down to a horizontal position. Place your other palm on wall to find balance. Bend your elbow upward and lift the weight to the chest. Return your dumbbell/weight back and do the same 10 times to and fro.

5. Assisted Pull-Ups

Above all, don’t go straight to it unless you have been given a green light by your doctor to lose fat on back because there are important factors to put into consideration.

How to lose upper back fat

What causes upper back fat? What exercises for upper back can I put into practice and lose fat?

Generally, highlighted causes are poor lifestyle that comprises poor diets, lack of adequate body exercises and hormones. Best exercises for upper back include interval training, weight lifting exercises among other strengthening and muscle toning workouts we have already seen. Additional helpful exercises include the following:-

Bent-over Fly

Let us go straight to it and see how this weight exercise is great for back fat rolls especially the upper part. First though, you need hand weights such as dumbbells or resistance/rubber band about twice the length of your arms.

Procedure I

Hold each dumbbell in your hands. Place your feet apart and then bend over by the waist. Now, relax your arms and then hold your weights just below your chest. Breathe out. Start to raise both weights until they reach your shoulder’s level. Pause and hold. After that, lower them slightly slower to the starting position. Do this bend-over 6 times in three different sets. You can get help from pictures provided.

Procedure II

Alternatively you can take your resistance band and step on it around the heels. Increase the distance between your feet to be about 50 cm apart. Grab each end of the band and stretch it outwards just like you did in procedure I.

(Pictures here 4 & 5)

Not to overemphasis, the methods or procedures which we have discussed so far are also effective. Combine these two with weight exercises and body weight workouts.

On lower back

Any of the above listed causes could be a reason for back rolls and back fat whether you are male or female. Fat on lower back is a big nuisance for ladies and women especially. But don’t bite your tongue we have more secrets for losing fat on lower back, adding to other approaches already covered.

1. Lower Back Extension lift

As a way of reducing or burning fat from the lower back, this exercise will also help you reduce hip weight that is annoying to your lifestyle. This exercise is good to practice on an empty stomach. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Lie down on your stomach.
  2. Next, hold the back of neck using both hands, squeezing back muscles.
  3. Now lift your chest off the ground as much as you can.

In order to better it, repeat in three different sessions in between breaks.

2. Other Options to consider

Other means of losing lower back fat include cardio workouts such as high intensity aerobic exercises – splinting, cycling, swimming and playing a sport for example hockey.

Change your feeding lifestyle. Avoid fast foods as much as possible. You must also exclude foods with high or saturated fats, high sugar levels, and sodium. As you are scrolling to read you will learn more on the kind of foods you need to invest in.

Best and fastest way – workout and diet combination

How can you lose fat from back fast? One of key factors is to focus on muscle toning with quality strength training and cardiovascular exercises. Both diet deficit and workouts must be keenly be followed and adhered to since there is no single manner or best way to get rid of it quickly.

Before you begin any regimen to fight fat on your back get more information from your doctor to avoid mishaps and distractors to smooth flow of your routine.

1. Cardio Regimen

According to recommendations by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention CDCP, a more efficient way to lose body weight and burn fat fast is a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous or high intensity workouts. Examples of such activities are interval training and cardio or strength training workouts that need to be stepped up.

If you are a beginner here is a working starter for a targeted weight loss for a period of one week. You should rest for two days to allow you time for other activities.

Begin with a 60-minute jogging, walking and rope jumping. Then do stretching for 15 minutes where you may lose up to a maximum of 360 calories.

Go for moderate speed cycling which may take you about half an hour. Take some rest and go back for strength training exercises such as interval training for not more than 60 minutes. However, if you cannot ride then go the gym although it may not be best.

Alternate between strength straining and other exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, rowing, etc. (each taking not more than 30 minutes).

2. Calorie Intake Reduction Program

Another fastest way to lose back fat is to reduce your calorie intake by creating a deficit of 500 t0 1000 calories per day. Doing so will secure chances of hitting a target of about 2 pounds just in a week. How do you do it? What should you take or avoid? It is simple but needs strict measures including dietary changes.

Your Diet

Consume more whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits.

If you have to think of fats then it must be unsaturated fats, lean proteins or low fat dairy. On contrary, keep off these categories of foods:

  • Sugary foods,
  • Red meat,
  • Saturated fat foods,
  • Energy drinks for example sweet juices,

Of course, even the already discussed methods will still be effective in losing fats on your back.

Are Bras for back fat Effective?

Will use of certain bras eliminate back bulge? The truth is some bras can only help hide it or press it so that it is not easily visible. In real sense, bras are not ideal in terms of really getting rid of back fat.

Workouts and exercises are indeed the best way to blast bra bulging. Use the link provided in the reference section if you want to read more.