Is It Safe To Use CBD Oil After It Has Crossed Its Expiration Date?

There are products that you can safely consume even if they have expired. Precise planning of the purchase is impossible and it happens to all of us that a product remains in the household after the expiration of this label.

However, misinterpretation of the specified shelf life is one of the main reasons why a large amount of otherwise correct products is thrown away. Fortunately, CBD oil will last you quite a while which means you won’t have to check often to see if it’s safe to use. How long does CBD last, read below.

Can I use expired CBD oil?


Expired oil will not harm your health. It simply will not have any effect or will have very little effect depends on date of expiration, because cannabinoids will break down and lose their power. If you want your oil to last longer, be careful when choosing a manufacturer.

Although you will not have any of the expired oil, it is always better to buy a new product and play it safe especially if you use Cbd for arthritis or some other medical condition, and not just for relaxation.



Higher quality products will certainly last much longer than low quality products. The reason is better growing conditions, because the quality of the plant is better. There are also better accompanying ingredients. That is why you should pay attention to the brand, because it is often an indicator of longevity.

Unfortunately, there are many organizations that are very vile. They will offer a very questionable selection of CBD oils. Mostly these are very weak products that do not give results. Sellers can sell such products at the same or much higher price than a better option, which means that you will spend money in vain.

Either way, stick to recommended products or those that have good enough reviews. Bad CBD oil will not only have a reduced effect but can also contain very harmful toxins. Thus, quality has the greatest impact on the duration of CBD oils.

Don’t forget to take into account the taste, because products with taste last shorter than those without taste. Read the ingredients used in the production, because they equally affect the shelf life. In this case, less is more. Always read the certificate of analysis and labels.



You will also identify the appropriate oil by comparing it with other products. For example, consider CBD oil with a certain extract and its capacity. Full spectrum extracts will certainly contribute to the duration.

In this case, the level of CBD oil is maximized, as well as other cannabinoids obtained from the plant during extraction. The gold standard is the method of carbon dioxide extraction. During this process, the level of CBD and cannabinoids is significantly increased.

These are high quality products that last longer than other products. Their compounds will remain stable thanks to the appropriate method used in production.



Packaging also affects shelf life. That is why medicines and other products are stored in specialized bottles that prolong their life. For example, you will benefit much more from a product that is stored in dark and hermetically sealed glass bottles. Such products are well protected from the harmful effects of the sun and air.

So, packaging like this is not just for looks. Your CBD will last much longer in dark, glass containers than in other packaging. In insufficiently good conditions, the oil will decompose faster. The reason is the presence of heat and light that accelerate the decomposition process. Under ideal conditions, CBD oil will stay strong and fresh for a long time.

How to properly store CBD oil?


This product is very sensitive to oxygen, light and temperature. That is why proper storage is important if you want to preserve its freshness. You need to treat it like any other oil, and it all starts with the right dish.

So always choose quality oil that is stored in the right packaging. After you buy it, keep it in its original packaging, at room temperature and in a dark place. The ideal place is a pantry or closet.

Avoid places near radiators, air conditioners and other heat sources. When using, use a clean dropper or spoon to avoid mixing it with bacteria and other contaminants. When you finish using it, always make sure that you close the bottle well so that no air enters.

How do I recognize expired CBD oil?


To get the full potential of CBD products, it is very important to know all about the factors that affect shelf life. Thanks to that knowledge, you will choose high quality products and you will store them better. It is equally important to recognize an expired CBD.

Sometimes this date is not indicated on the packaging, but there are several ways you can check if your oil is still fresh. One of the indicators of spoiled CBD oil is definitely the unpleasant smell. Its natural scent is fresh, earthy. You can also recognize a spoiled product by its poor texture and color. Such oil is too thick and cloudy.

However, if you kept it in the refrigerator or a cold room, leave it for a few minutes at normal temperature. Low temperatures greatly affect the appearance of the oil, so you should test it before disposing of the product. Leave it for a while at room temperature so that the blurred appearance disappears and the natural viscosity and color return.

You can also try a very small amount to check the taste. The rancid taste is allowed only if it is an artificial aroma. Since the taste of CBD oil is mostly described as nutty, earthy and grassy, ​​you should enjoy it. An expired product will have a very ugly taste.


CBD oil can stay in good condition for up to 2 years with proper storage. However, lower quality products will degrade much faster. The more time passes the weaker the CBD will become. If you want a powerful effect, you need to change the older product more often.