What is a Micropenis?

If you are a dictator, Elliot Roger, or a proud member of Boko Haram, then you probably have a micropenis.  A micropenis is a penis whose erection length clocks in at three inches or fewer.  In a perfect world, every man would have a massive penis, but this is not always the case.  Unfortunately, not all swords are maintained with the same whetstone.  Not all sausages are delicious.  Not all eggplants are ripe.  Not all plasma cannons have enough ammunition.  Most penises are average, but few are lucky enough to have an exceptionally tiny penis.  It is very common for insecure men to joke about or express shame with regard to their penises, but everyone is entitled to an insecurity on occasion.

If you are worried about the performance of your blade under the sheets, you probably shouldn’t.  If the rest of you is average, then who would be close-minded enough to be put off by someone’s lack of length yet open-minded enough to enjoy a dad bod?  Making your dick huge is not simply a pipe dream advertised by a shady website, but it is not usually necessary unless someone is tiny.  Most admire a man’s willingness to work with what he has.

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Porn has had a significant effect on how coy men might be with regard to whipping it out.  The incredibly voluminous bottom line is that while most receiving partners do not care about their partner’s size, only about half of people are satisfied with their own size.  At five inches long, the average penis is only two inches longer than a micropenis.  Indeed, most men are between five and seven inches long, yet so many worry about size.

Only 0.6% of men on earth measure themselves at three inches or fewer, but if you truly feel the need to turn your broadsword into a zweihander, there are things you can try apart from a podcast host’s patriotic cock-lengthening pill.  Do not use them if you have heart problems.

How to go From Micropenis to M249

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Many want to know how to make penis bigger.  If you want to experience the novelty of disrupting a partner’s digestive system and/or vagina, there are several methods for making yourself longer, but medical professionals do not stand by them.

First and easiest, you can “exercise” your penis.  You do not have to perform any push-ups with your penis, and you do not need to use your penis to carry groceries.  The basic idea of refining one’s penis into an exceptional weapon is that, by creating small breaks in tissue, you are stretching your very skin to make a physically longer penis.  Some suggest hand-over-hand motions to make this happen.

Here it is in detail:  Create a circle with your index finger and thumb.  Put that circle where your shaft meets your groin, squeeze it, and move that circle past the base of the head to the tip.  Your grip should not hurt.  You should feel pressure.  Perform this daily for ten minutes.  This activity is called jelqing, and there are some final risks of which to be wary.  You may be trading length for passion if you are not careful, as this activity may create numbing scar tissue in the penis.

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Also, you can schedule a surgery to widen or lengthen yourself, but you may not be able to advance length by more than a fraction of an inch: One of the most popular ways of lengthening the penis is by making it emerge from the groin a bit more.  Severing a ligament that connects the penis to the groin and grafting skin from the abdomen to the shaft of the penis accomplish this.

After surgery, more of the penis is visible, but it is not otherwise bigger, and there are risks to this.  Erections will be less stable, and as many know, the cartilage inside an erect penis can break.  More routine issues, like infection, scar tissue, and loss of feeling, are also possible, but perhaps a half an inch is enough to boost your confidence substantially.

While most do not fret over their girth, that can also be addressed.  As the aforementioned surgery borrows skin from other body parts, widening surgery borrows fat from the body’s fleshiest parts.  The surgeon injects this fat into the penis.  If you lament a short dick, then you can at least boast a fat dick.  Often, this fat is reabsorbed into the body, and the surgery essentially has no effect.  Occasionally, penile tissue is harvested from corpses to make penis longer, but this typically leads to infection.  Ultimately, you should focus on what you have more control over.