Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery: Dos And Don’ts For A Smooth Healing Process

The wisdom tooth’s appearance and extraction require time and are not a smooth sail. You can experience pain before and during the process. Also, there are many things that you have to cater to, especially when you are in recovery mode.

Oral surgeons are experienced in such surgeries; hence, they take all possible steps that can help you ensure an easy recovery based on different conditions that differ from one patient to another.

So, the basics begin with knowledge of the whole process, including the wisdom tooth extraction cost, as there can be people who charge more than the required amount. Once you have gained the knowledge, you can discuss your need with the professionals, fix an appointment, and get the extraction procedure done.

The process looks simple, but nothing related to teeth was ever as simple as it sounds. So, when you are done with the process, here are some things you should follow so that there are no repercussions in the future.

Do Rest

Although it might feel that you have not done anything big physically, you will learn the importance of properly resting your gum later. You should know that a part of your gum has been removed and can take time to heal. Hence, you should neither talk much nor chew big bites. You should give your mouth some rest.

Don’t Exert

If you are actively doing activities like speaking, eating junk, and chewing, it can delay the healing process. Also, you need not do exercises that can pressure your gum, like bending and lifting. After a wisdom tooth extraction, you should consult your surgeon before hitting the gym.

Do Stick To Good Eating Habits

Source: vitalrecord.tamhsc.edu

It would help if you stuck to good eating habits for your mouth, starting with staying hydrated. Also, for the initial 2-3 days, you should eat soft foods that go easy on the teeth. You can ask your surgeon to recommend nutritious meals and snacks that don’t make you hungry. Also, you should follow this routine till you get a green signal from your doctor.

Don’t Eat Sticky Foods

However, you should not ignore your cravings and begin eating sticky food like cheese and sweets. The mouth and the gum tissues are very sensitive after the surgery. Hence, it would help if you avoided anything that has a sticky or crunchy base. Otherwise, when you chew these food items, it will cause damage to the extracted area and the area around it. It will worsen the situation and, of course, the pain.

Do Clean Your Mouth

You can use salt water to do gargles for mouth cleaning, according to thisĀ dentist in Manchester MO. If you can’t use cold saltwater, use it to warm it. It will help in better healing. Also, you can trust it for quick relief from pain. However, you should see that you are spitting it carefully.

Don’t Switch Your Sweet Tooth On Soon

Source: doylestownhealth.org

You should not begin satisfying your cravings for sweets immediately after the extraction, as it can do more harm than good. Such food items can hinder the process, and in a forbidden situation, you can also develop an infection. It would help if you did not drink alcohol. Also, it would help if you did not smoke during the recovery phase.


The recovery from wisdom tooth extraction is simple, but you must ensure that you take some preventive measures. You should always consult your doctor for any doubts, as they are the best sources to ease your concerns about wisdom teeth removal recovery.