Biting Inside of Lip Causes, While Eating, Anxious, on Bottom Lip, How to Stop and Heal Sore Bitten Inner Lip

Everyone has once in lifetime bitten their lips from inside accidentally. This is painful. The area affected becomes inflamed and swells up slightly.

This tiny swelling makes the region to be more likely to get hit again and again. Discover more on this condition of lip biting and various ways to take on how to stop it.

Reasons for biting inside of lip – why do I keep on biting the inside of my lip

These are the same reasons behind cheek biting or mouth biting. The following are the most common causes of lip biting from the inside or what lip-biting may mean.

Poor chewing gums technique

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Those individuals who have a habit of chewing gums at a faster rate are prone to biting inside their lips. This condition is common among children and even adults.

It happens when the mind is distracted and then the focus on chewing disappears. It is recommended to avoid chewing fast while having distractions on your way.

Poor arrangement of teeth

Individuals with poor dental arrangements are also susceptible to biting themselves on the inside of the lips. This more frequent happening to those people who like chewing or talking while eating.

Chronic cheek bite Keratosis

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Those people with mental disorders like nail-biting, hair pulling and lip licking are likely to experience this condition too, this is according to the research done by a group of experts.

Sucking on the inward cheeks and lips

Those individuals with burning mouth syndrome are likely to experience biting their inner lips while trying to relieve themselves from the pain. Also, those toddlers who have the habit of sucking the nipple of the feeding bottle with force can experience this too.

Biting inside of lip anxiety

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Anxiety is a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder that is marked by the impulsive biting of the lips along with biting of the insides of the cheeks. This condition of lip biting from the inside is considered to be a chronic disorder.

According to Dr. Abhishek Bhadranna, this condition is more common among people who have a complete loss of self-control and they have an unusual increase in the stress patterns.

Biting inside of lip while eating

This condition is more common to individuals with the habit of eating food while talking. This form of eating manners may lead to careless chewing and you may experience biting inside your lip.

All forms of distractions such as reading, and laughing may result in the situation when eating. It is recommended to avoid being distracted when eating especially foods with a lot of roughages that involve a lot of chewing.

Also, it is suggested that you drink water before meals and avoid eating foods that are too dry or too oily. The drinking water should greatly minimize the risk or probability of you biting yourself, and your choice of food should make it non-existent.

Biting inside of lip habit, lip-biting habit effects

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Lip biting from the inside has more damage on the outside. An individual with often biting of the lips will experience the following:

  • Lip soreness
  • Lip peeling due to dryness
  • Inflamed lips with bleeding tendencies
  • Scarring is a possibility as this has become chronic and truly damaging to the lips

Biting inside of the bottom lip

The same causes that lead to biting inside the lips are the same that can also happen on the bottom lip. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Poor chewing gums habits
  • Poor dental alignment
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Chronic cheek bite Keratosis

Note: this condition of biting lips can also lead to mucous cysts development. Read more on mucous cysts development

Sore from biting inside of the lip

Constant biting of lips is likely to result in mouth ulcers. There is no need for alarm since mouth ulcers are harmless and resolve by themselves in a few days without the need for medical diagnosis.

In the case of long-lasting mouth ulcers, it is likely to be a sign of mouth cancer. They mostly appear under or on the tongue.

If you are used to smoking and drinking alcohol then there are high chances of developing mouth cancer.

Tips to heal the wound of biting inside lip

Here are ways on how to enhance healing of the sores after biting your inside lip, cheek and tongue.

Wash out Your Mouth

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Make sure to wash out your mouth after eating anything. Keep your injury clean by washing it with clean water.

You can likewise include some parts of hydrogen peroxide in four sections of water and use it to wash your mouth. This has antibacterial properties and avoids bacterial diseases.

Apply Pressure at the Wound Site

Applying pressure at the injury site reduces bleeding. Press your tongue against the injury to control bleeding.

Apply Something Cold

Apply a cool pack on your injury site for alleviation. Wrap ice in a fabric and apply it on the injury site for a couple of minutes for help.

Take a Pain Reliever

You might need to attempt painkillers or relievers to ease torment. Utilizing chlorhexidine mouthwash may likewise help decrease the swelling but consult your physician.

Wash with Salt Water

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Take a tablespoon of table salt and break up it in some warm water. Utilize this saline answer to flush your mouth. This keeps your injury clean and diminishes the agony.

Keep away from Hot Foods

When you have an injury in your mouth, it is ideal to keep away from hot, hot sustenance and refreshments. Hot nourishment can intrude on the recuperating procedure.

How to Stop Biting Your Lip on the Inside

The following are behaviors to adopt in order to stop this habit:

Relaxation techniques

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Attempt to relax through profound breathing, yoga, contemplation, self-trance, representation, biofeedback or other unwinding methods. This calms nervousness, fatigue or stress and along these lines keeps the gnawing.


You can likewise utilize a mouth protect, a dental machine used to control cheek or lip biting. Some of these mouth gatekeepers can be worn for all time.

Bite correction

In the event that your issue is related to misaligned teeth, you may need to go for a nibble amendment to stop your conduct.

Both surgical and non-surgical nibble remedy techniques are accessible to redress warped teeth and molars. Plastic surgery alternatives are additionally accessible to amend misaligned jaws.

Stop unhealthy habits

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You ought to likewise remember a couple of important things to avoid cheek gnawing or lip biting. For example, eat gradually and precisely to stay away from coincidental cheek gnawing.

Likewise, be cautious while choosing dental machines and piercings. Try not to suck or rub your cheeks against your teeth and take after any exhortation given by your dental specialist.