Simple Ways to Brighten Your Mood and Reduce Depression Symptoms

Depression is a leading mental health disorder that has affected almost 8% of the adult population in the US. However, today, people’s attitudes towards depression and the treatment regime have both undergone tremendous changes.

Many people also know about the conventional approaches to treating mental disorders. People who suffer from depression-like symptoms can now order drugs like ketamine online. People also know that they can take help from online therapists and talk to peers to make their lives easy.

The World Health Organization has recognized depression as a major health disorder. With this, there has been a greater awareness of the causes and symptoms of major forms of depression.

7 Things You Can Do To Fight Mental Health Disorders

Make A Routine And Stick To It


One of the major symptoms of mental health disorder is that the affected person feels a sense of apathy and fatigue.

This type of fatigue is different from physical fatigue, where a person may be exhausted after a day of hard work. If the fatigue is caused because of physical reasons, then the person feels rejuvenated after a few hours of rest. However, if the lethargy is caused because of mental illness, even several days of rest are not enough.

Most victims of mental health disorders feel a mix of emotional apathy, cognitive defects (having problems in concentration or feeling a sense of interest) and also a general lack of energy. So it is essential to make a routine and stick to it.

If you try hard to stick to a routine, you will compel yourself to step out of bed every morning, then go for a walk, spend time with your pets etc. Many psychiatrists believe that setting a routine and working hard towards fulfilling the goals set in it can gently set you back on track.

Perform Some Form Of Physical Exercise

Most experts believe that any form of physical exercise has a positive effect on healing the symptoms of a depressed individual. The exact mechanism via which physical exercise helps treat feelings of sadness or apathy is not known. But it is well known that physical exercise releases endorphins.

Endorphins make a person feel happy, and the release of endorphins may therefore be effective in counteracting the sadness associated with depressive disorders.

Again all forms of physical exercise are not the same. Some forms of exercise, like Yoga, may make a person feel a sense of calm. Yoga might also help a person fight stress which is one of the major causes of mental health disorders.

Get The Regular Eight Hours Of Sleep


Lack of regular sound sleep for eight hours every day can be a major cause of stress. So if you have to fight the feeling of sadness and gloom, you must get your regular sleep. However, for some people, it might be difficult to get their regular quota of sleep.

If that is the case with you, then you can take some steps to calm your mind before going to bed every day.

You must avoid drinks like coffee which make you more active. Likewise, you should avoid very bright lights in your room. You must go for light colored walls(white or pastel shades) and dim lights in your room if you wish to fall asleep fast.

It is also vital to avoid any distractions which may hinder your sleep. So any late-night movies or playing video games for long hours must be avoided in order to get a sound sleep.

Talk To Someone You Trust

You may be experiencing a mix of emotions when you are suffering from a mental health disorder. At times it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly how you feel. However, if you are feeling hopeless or anxious about any particular event, it might be a good idea to talk about it.

At times you may not be comfortable with sharing your thoughts with your relatives or your friends. If that is the case, you can talk to a professional therapist. A therapist is legally bound to keep your confessions confidential, and they can also help you get over negative thoughts.

Get A New Hobby


Many experts think that engaging in a new hobby is a good way to fight a sense of apathy and dejection. When you pursue a new activity, you challenge your brain. At the same time, you give yourself a new goal or motivation in life. Many people who suffer from depression feel like they have no goal in life.

So if you are one of them, you must pursue a challenging goal-oriented hobby. Learning a new language, learning to play a new instrument or playing a new sport can be quite challenging and can help fight sadness and anxiety.

Eat Properly

There is no strict diet plan that helps fight the symptoms of mental health disorders, but many experts suggest that eating fish like salmon and tuna can cure signs of mental health disorders.

Try To Notice The Positive Things Happening In Your Life


Most people who are suffering from depression tend to take cognizance of only the negative aspects of life. However, if you wish to beat the signs of mental health disorders, you must try to focus on the positive aspects of life and let off the negative thoughts.

Always remember that every person goes through ups and downs in life, and if you feel grateful for the positive aspects of your life, you will not feel gloomy about the failures.


A feeling of sadness may be caused by a recent event, or it may be unrelated to any particular event. Whatever the cause, you can follow simple steps like performing physical exercise, following a strict routine and pursuing a new hobby to bring your life back on track once again.

However, there is no standard treatment procedure which works for all patients. So you might have to try several things before you start feeling great again.