Changing Hairstyle Without Stressing Hair: Basic Rules

Hair Health: Make Any Hairstyle Look Its Best

Changing hairstyles from time to time is a popular way to experiment with the appearance or just to cheer up. Despite the selected hairstyle being extraordinary and fancy, it won’t look as good as you expect if the hair is not in its best condition. Taking care of your hair should be a priority since your mane looks pretty not because of its color or cut but due to its health. There are a number of factors that influence hair condition apart from the shampoo you use. Therefore, there are plenty of ways to improve its look. You can check for inspiration, where you will find some good examples of hairstyles for any taste.

What Affects Your Hair Health


Various factors affect different parts of hair, so let’s consider its structure to understand what is harmful and why. Hair is composed of the hair follicle, which is hidden under the skin and mainly defines the condition of the external component, the hair shaft. The follicle’s lifecycle strongly depends on the processes that take place in the whole body, like metabolism. Thus, you can’t have healthy hair without taking care of your health in general.

  • State of health and hormones. Good metabolism affects our appearance because providing skin, hair, and nails with nutrients is the essential factor that defines whether we look healthy or not. For example, thyroid hormones affect hair follicle cells which directly defines how the hair looks.
  • Diet and habits. There is no doubt that food defines our well-being, and it concerns not only our stomachs. In particular, B12 and D, biotin, riboflavin, and iron influence hair growth. The follicle consumes nutrients and ensures the hair shaft’s healthy look. In turn, bad habits such as smoking restrict the blood vessels, so follicles don’t get enough nutrients, affecting the hair shaft.
  • Emotions. Stress also influences the whole body’s condition and affects our appearance. In particular, it might cause changes in the normal hair cycle and lead to temporary hair loss called “telogen effluvium.” On the other hand, a restorative night’s sleep allows the synthesis of protein and the release of enzymes and growth hormones that are necessary for sustainable hair growth.
  • Environment and weather. Polluted air contains a number of components that neither lungs nor skin should be exposed to. Dust, smoke, nickel, arsenic, and a number of other pollutants settle on the scalp and cause irritation and itching which hurts the follicle. Weather also affects hair, and too much sun or too low temperature interrupts nutrition, leading to dehydration and brittleness.
  • Age and genetics. There are some factors we hardly can influence. Hair naturally changes its color and structure over time. Its life cycle gets shorter, and the shaft falls out but isn’t replaced with the new one. Various disorders we might gain throughout our lives and hereditary traits are reflected in our appearance, and hair is one of the basic signs of inner processes.

Basic Rules of Hair Protection


Although there are a lot of factors that affect your hair, keeping it healthy and glowing is easier than it might seem at first glance.

  • Select suitable care products. Consider the type of your hair and which kind of treatment it demands. Pay attention to the ingredients since many shampoos include harmful extras like sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, and other chemicals. Synthetic fragrances and colors also can be a sign of the low quality of a product.
  • Wash it properly. First of all, don’t rub shampoo to the whole length of your hair, but gently massage the scalp and let the foam freely flow down. It is important to follow the temperature of the water: It should be neither too hot nor too cold. Also, don’t skip using conditioner; it reinforces the cuticle, making it more resistant to irritants.
  • Dry it carefully. Avoid using a hairdryer since the constant influence of directed hot air leads to dehydration and makes the hair shaft too fragile. Wrap your hair with a towel and let it absorb the wet, but never rub it. Take the towel off as soon as it is possible and let your hair air dry.
  • Specify the treatment. Dyed hair requires special care to keep the color for a long time. Recommendations vary depending on the color and type of the hair, but in general, it is necessary to protect it from UV and heat, wash it less frequently, and apply masks from time to time.

Selecting the Best Hairstyle for You


When it comes to choosing a hairstyle, you can find plenty of options. How do you know which one fits you? The essential thing to do is to learn how to determine your face shape and color. While defining the shape is quite easy, specifying your skin tone might raise some questions.

Except for the color of the skin, there are some factors that significantly influence your appearance and define which colors suit you and which don’t. For example, reaction to the sun clearly shows the amount of melatonin you have. People who tan and burn rarely have more melatonin, which is a sign of a warm skin tone. On the other hand, those who are sensitive to the sunlight or get freckles have a cool skin tone. This rule is challenging to apply to people who have dark skin; therefore, here are some additional signs.

  • Undertone. Look at your wrist and notice the color of the veins: Green veins mark a warm tone, and if they are blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. If you are not sure of the color of your veins, your skin tone is neutral.
  • Sclera color. Contrary to popular myth, the color of the pupil doesn’t say a lot about the color type, but noticing the shade of the sclera is more important. Yellow hues mean you belong to a warm type, and blue shades are a sign of a cool one.

Final Steps to a Healthy-Looking Hairstyle

You can’t get beautiful hair in one day: It depends on your everyday care routine, diet, and other factors. If you want to refresh your appearance, the first thing to do is to define the shape of your face and your skin tone. Knowing this, you can look for a hairstyle more consistently and be sure that the option you select won’t spoil your appearance.