Top 4 Hair Regrowth That Actually Work

Beauty holds a prominent place in a person’s life. It enhances the confidence in coping with the pressures of society. One of the most pre-conceived important beauty aspects is hair. Many people view bald people as unacceptable and ugly.

In order to match up with societal norms, people try various alternatives to regrow their hair. They try to get the best tayloáni hair products for decent results within a short duration.

Some of these products work well with the customers, while some fail miserably. This leads to low trust in the products. The following section will give the best hair regrowth treatment options.

4 Most Reliable Hair Regrowth Treatments You Must Try

Many experts have proposed verified solutions for hair regrowth. The most successful options are shown below.

1. Minoxidil (Rogaine)


Minoxidil is one of the most popular solutions for re-growing your hair. It can be found in different forms like shampoo, soap, foam, liquid, etc. It is used to treat permanent baldness effectively, with a tremendous growth rate.

However, this option does not guarantee hair growth for every type of baldness. It depends on various factors like age, skin type, etc. A person should not use this solution without a verified medical prescription. People witness the results of this treatment in around four months. They usually use this option to tackle excessive hair thinning problems.

2. Microneedling


Microneedling is a process of hair re-growing using a derma roller. In this technique, the drum-shaped roller is firmly pressed over the person’s scalp by holding the handle of the tool. This process helps in increasing the growth of stem cells of hair follicles.

Microneedling opens up the blocked pores and enhances fast hair growth. However, many experts suggest that microneedling alone cannot yield impressive results. Therefore, a person should use it with another form of hair treatment.

3. Finasteride (Propecia)

Propecia is a specialized pill developed for treating hair loss due to hair thinning. Only men can consume this medicine, that too with a prior prescription. It is an excellent solution for lowering hair loss while increasing the chances of hair regrowth.

Like Rogaine, the Finasteride medication also takes a few months to show its effect. It might be a wrong choice for men over 60 years of age as it will not work for them. However, there are certain negative implications of taking this pill. These include reducing sex drive, increased chances of prostate cancer, etc.

4. Laser Therapy


Laser therapy is an excellent option for many hair problems found in men. It helps treat hair loss from chemotherapy, male-pattern baldness, recovery from hair transplant, etc. The photon cells are injected into weak cells on the scalp. Although its effective rate is higher in men, many women also find this therapy a useful way of re-growing hair.


Apart from the ways mentioned above, there are thousands of home techniques and medical treatments people undertake to find good hair results. But, hair regrowth requires various other factors to fall in place like age, gender, heredity, etc. A person should know different hair regrowth options before purchasing a suitable hair regrowth product or availing of hair treatment.