Does Wearing a Wig Every Day Damage Your Hair

Wigs have been used for a really long time and there is a good explanation why – besides helping people hide specific imperfections such as hair loss, wearing a wig can also allow them to change the color, length, and style of their locks, without actually damaging their natural strands.

If you recently started sporting wigs or if you’re thinking about purchasing one for the very first time, you might be wondering whether or not it’ll influence the growth and condition of your natural hair. To answer this question right away, it’ll depend on a wide range of factors, and here is what you should know about sporting a wig every day:

Will it Hinder My Hair From Thriving?


One of the first questions that you may want to know the answer to is whether utilizing a wig every day will prevent your natural strands from growing. To put it as simple as I can, no, wearing one won’t stop your hair from thriving, or growing. However, you should know, if you don’t protect it while your wig is on, it could, in fact, damage your strands, or even worse, it could end up affecting how fast they grow.

It’s worth mentioning that sporting a wig could actually help you create a protective and effective care routine, which will in return, encourage it to grow. In fact, a lot of individuals choose to wear them because they can avoid damaging their real hair by exposing it to the weather elements, warmth from a dryer, or excess styling products. You should know, for this to be true, you’ll need to follow some basic tips that’ll help you maintain both your real and artificial strands, which includes the following things:

1. You Must Cleanse Your Hair Frequently And Properly


Just because you’ll be utilizing a hairpiece, this doesn’t mean that you should entirely neglect your natural hair. This suggests that one of the most important things that you must do is to guarantee that it is clean. After all, it’ll get hot under the artificial strands, hence, your skin will produce more oil because of you sweating. Frequent cleaning will guarantee that your strands aren’t influenced by the heat produced.

2. The Wig You Opt For Must Be Clean as Well

Besides making sure that your scalp is clean, it’s also essential that you keep the wig clean too! If you do, you’ll bypass sweat from building up, and more importantly, you’ll increase the life span of the wig. Keep in mind, there are various techniques for cleansing human hair wigs, HD lace wigs, and synthetic options, hence, before you get it wet and use your shampoo on it, you should figure out what products are suitable with the piece you have.

3. The Wig Should Allow Your Head to Breath


The last thing that you’ll want is to hinder your head and skin from breathing, which is why you must invest in an option that’ll allow this. For example, you could opt for a capless option that is light and that’ll allow air to pass to your skin, yet, if this is something that you don’t wish to do, fear not, there are other options available on the market. To determine if it’s breathable, check the materials used for manufacturing it, as well as the reviews left by previous customers.

4. Adhesives Could Be Quite Damaging to The Skin/Scalp/Wig/Hair

There is no denying – you’ll most likely have to utilize bonds for specific styles you’re planning on making. However, adhesives could be quite damaging, especially since they could end up driving loss or breakage – both of which you’ll want to avoid. Hence, no matter what style you’re working on, you may want to try to lessen how frequently you utilize bonds, mostly because it could end up being quite damaging.

5. Never Purchase a Wig in The Wrong Size!


If there is one thing that you must take away from this guide, it’s the fact that you should never, I repeat, never purchase a wig in the wrong size. Even if you do, you shouldn’t use it, especially since it can cause a wide range of issues for you. For instance, if you buy an option that is too tight it’ll cause you to lose hair since the blood flow will be restricted, and sporting one too large will cause it to easily slip from your head.

6. Breaks Are Needed From Time to Time

Last on our list, but definitely worth mentioning is that you should take breaks from wearing your wig from time to time. Although they’re extremely beneficial and convenient, they might cause you to completely forget about your natural strands, which, of course, isn’t good. Hence, whether you decide not to wear it at home or while at the gym, taking some time off from wearing it will allow your natural locks to thrive.


As you could read, wearing a wig each day won’t harm your natural strands, however, in order for you to ensure this, you’ll need to properly and frequently take care of both your real and artificial hair. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure two things – that your hair remains strong and that your wig or several of them last longer.