Fly Repellent, How to Repel Flies, Outdoor and Indoor Repellants

A fly repellent is important in the control of flies. These help in keeping flies off. There are various methods on how to repel flies including plant repellents. There are those that are suitable for use as indoor fly repellent while others are best used indoors.

Best Fly Repellent

The buzzing of flies all around can be disgusting especially in areas where food is involved. To avoid this one can employ measures that will deter the flies both indoors and outdoors. There are many fly repellent products. These could be manufactured or homemade. The best fly repellent in any situation will be determined by its non-toxicity, effectiveness and simplicity. Each situation may be different and require a specific repellent. Below are some different situations and what would be most suitable.

  • To avoid flies from buzzing around you, use a tea tree on your hair. Although this has some scent that you have to put up with it will keep flies away from you. This is applicable for adults alone but not children.
  • In case there are indoor flies, boil some water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. You could also tie some cloves in muslin and hang them close to a warm lampshade. This will release some aroma which the flies can’t stand hence keeping them away.
  • Plants are a great fly repellant on the outside. There are herbs that will keep these away where they are grown. Mint plants are one example. These are also perfect for deterring flies in points of entrance. They can be potted and placed at the entrance or close to the windows.
  • To keep flies from the working area in the kitchen, crush some mint or lavender leaves and place them around. Bunches of lad’s love could also be placed in vases around areas with food to keep flies away.

How to Repel Flies and Best Way to Repel Flies

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Flies are unhygienic and although they may not bite, they may be the carriers of various pathogens that could lead to diseases. Apart from this, they are also annoying. Instead of waiting for them to infest an area so as to take action, it is possible to be proactive. There are a number of things that can be done to keep flies away. Discussed below are some measures on how to repel flies.

Use of sprays: There are some scents that flies will stay away from. To repel them, one could use scented sprays. These could be manufactured or made at home. All one needs is some water and a few drops of essential oil such as tea tree. Pyrethrum sprays are also effective. Mix these well and spray on window sills, doorways, corners ad cracks. This will keep the flies from entering the house. One can purchase products that have the ability to emit short bursts of the spray to deter flies.

Use of plants: There are plants that are well-known fly repellents. These can be used both indoors and outdoors as fly repellants. Marigolds, mint and basil are one way to keep flies away.

Water bags: These involve filling clear plastic bags with water. The resulting reflection is believed to resemble a spider web in the eyes of the flies. As a result, they try to avoid areas with them. Dropping a coin in the bag enhances the performance of the same. The bags filled with water halfway and hang on doorways and windows. They can also be used outside especially in areas with livestock. Hanging compact discs has the same effects.

Other repellants: There are many things that one can use on how to repel flies. Essential oils can be rubbed on windows and doorways to prevent flies from using these to get into the house or from invading our door areas as well.  Apply some lavender oil on a piece of cloth and use this to rub the areas. Onion juice can also be used to deter flies when rubbed on surfaces.  These items have to be used regularly for them to be effective.

Outdoor Fly Repellent

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It is not only when inside that flies are bothersome. A swarm of flies could make a picnic unbearable or even make the life of livestock a living hell. A fly infestation will leave one with a view of an unclean and uncared for the area. They generally ruin any outdoor experience. To avoid this, one should incorporate outdoor fly repellent items. Below is how to achieve this.

Plants: There are plants that can be included in landscaping to help in keeping away flies. Plants such as basil, mint and lavender can be great keeping off the flies.

Water bags: When water bags are hung around in areas that are prone to getting flies, they help to keep them away.

Essential oils: These can be spread around in areas of concern to help act as outdoor fly repellents. Eucalyptus oil and lavender oil can be used for this.

Home Fly Repellent or Fly Repellent for Homes

There is a wide variety of products for use as home fly repellents. One could make use of plans both inside and outside to repel flies. Repellent sprays are also perfect for use in enclosed areas. Essential oils are known to keep the flies away due to their fragrances. These can be used in different areas as may be needed. Finally, one could make use of homemade repellents such as suspending a muslin bag with water, rubbing entrance points with onion juice and making repellent sprays.

Fly Repellent Plants

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There are many different fly repellent plants that one can have around for the purposes of deterring flies. These can be used outdoors and indoors as well. They are advantageous since they are all-natural and require minimal maintenance as well. Some of these are discussed below. They could be used as companion plants or specifically for insect control I both households and gardening situations.

Basil: This is a popular herb that is multipurpose. It can be used in cooking as well as for fly control. The plant has a subtle scent that flies cannot stand. This can be used as a potted plant to keep the flies away. Placing it near the doors will help to deter flies from getting into the house. It could also be planted close to picnic areas toward the flies off. To ensure that the plant is at its best scent, it should be watered at the roots as opposed to the leaves. Keeping either fresh or dry basil in muslin bags and placing them close to the infested area could also help.

Bay: This as well is a great type of fly repellent plant that will help in keeping the flies away. This as well gives a fragrance that wades off not only flies but other insects such as mice and moths away. The plant can be grown in areas that are vulnerable to fly infestation. Keeping dry bay leaves indoors can also help to keep flies away.

Lavender: Lavender is known for its many uses and great fragrance. Its sweet smell helps to repel flies, fleas and moths as well. Lavender can be grown in the garden to repel flies outside. Hanging some dried Lavender leaves indoors can help to deter them as well. The lavender essential oil can be used to make a repellent spray.

Mint: Mint can be used in either dried or fresh to repel flies. Fresh mint leaves can be crushed and put in a bowl around areas where there are flies. Dried up mint leaves could be put in muslin bags and hung around in strategic entry points to keep off the flies.

Rue: This is a woody plant that is well known for its antiseptic and insecticidal properties. it is known to repel flies especially the fruit flies among other insects. Crushing rue leaves is a great way to make it have its effects. One should take care though when doing this as the juices of the plant could cause skin irritation.

Fly Repellent Spray

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There are both manufactured and homemade fly repellent sprays. Manufactured ones are easy to use as all that one needs to do is follow given instructions. This should be used as directed and care given not to use any toxic substances close to food. Most of these not only kill but keep the flies off.

For people who want to make a homemade fly repellent spray, there are different recipes available for these. In most cases, these do not kill the flies but will help in deterring flies from coming close. These require some essential oils such as rosemary, lemongrass and lavender. These should be added to some water in a spray bottle. When shaken well, the spray is done and can be sprinkled around to keep the flies away. There are different recipes available online that one can try for this.

Fly Repellent for Patio

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Having an outdoor patio gives room for great outdoor experience especially during the summer. However, this can become anything but cool in case there are flies roaming about. There are different methods though that one can make use of to keep flies away. These include:

  • Planting herbs such as lemongrass, mint and garlic around it. These will ward off the flies.
  • Marigold and calendula are also flower species that can be planted around the area to keep the flies away.
  • Dabbing essential oils around could act as fly repellent as well. put some water in a spray bottle and add an essential oil such as lavender or eucalyptus in it. Spray this within the perimeters of the patio to keep flies away.