Say Hello To Health With These Self-care Apps

Amidst the pandemic, more people in the US have reported feeling depressed, anxious, and sad and have even started to have suicidal thoughts. Though not new, it is alarming as both teen and adult cases have rocketed higher, multiplied than what we saw before the virus outbreak. The reasons can be numerous; sitting at home all day in one thing leading to the next, toxic relationships, being laid off from work, salary cut, mismanagement, pressure, etc., and the list continues. These are all factors, which have arisen due to the coronavirus. Moreover, people who seek regular therapy are reluctant to head to clinics for fear of being infected.

Thankfully, telemedicine by online psychologists and psychiatrists exists and treatment can be done online through applications such as Meddy, ZocDoc, etc. However, for people who do not want to dive into getting the recommended professional help right away, or they feel that they can wait it out by trying different things first, then this article is for those people. It is also for those who are getting the help they require, and for those who have just experienced some symptoms of loneliness or gloomy thoughts. The article aims to add a little calm into everyone’s lives by helping them cope with stress. However, it is vital to seek professional help if the problem continues to grow. Note: Some of these apps offer online therapy as well.

All you need is an active internet connection that allows you to download the following apps and use them properly. In case your current internet provider is troubling you, sign up for Cox as it offers incredible internet speeds with unlimited data. In addition to this, Cox provides 24/7 round-the-clock customer support to facilitate its customers in the best possible way. Therefore, if you ever come across a problem with your network, simply call Cox Customer Service phone number, and the provider will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

With that said, let us discuss the best self-care apps that you can download on your phone for a healthy lifestyle:



A brilliant application for people suffering from chronic anxiety, MindShift is designed especially for young adults struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. It is a best friend, therapist, and cheerleader, all rolled into one application to shift your thoughts elsewhere so that your anxiety is not triggered.


This is a suicide prevention application for people who cannot help but have unfortunate thoughts. The application recognizes behavior, builds strategies, monitors the patterns, and puts you in direct contact with an individual from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, as well as loved ones if a bad time arises. It is available for both IOS and Android, and for free.

What’s Up

This is a highly popular, free mental health application that practices CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) to help rid or lessen users of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and negative thoughts by letting the individuals live in a positive aura, free of gloominess, and sadness. It is available for both Android and IOS.

Mood Kit

Only available on IOS for around five dollars, professionals are known to use and recommend this application. It customizes a plan based on the user’s behavior and promotes a happy, stress-free living by suggesting day-to-day activities that act as mood improvement activities. It also practices CBT and documents you overcoming your problems.

Twenty Four Hours a Day


Over 750,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in ten years and around 88,000 Americans die of alcohol abuse annually. To battle this addiction, the free app Twenty-Four Hours a Day exists on both the Google and Apple App Store. It is based on the book, which goes by the same name and offers around 366 meditation activities to help battle the struggle.

Quit that! – Habit Tracker

This self-care app helps you get rid of bad habits from lying to drug usage etc. It is a remarkable recovery tool and it keeps you on track of your quitting journey. It is available on both IOS and Android for free.

SAM (Self-Help for Anxiety Management)

If exercising, yoga, and other physical attributes of lessening anxiety are not your thing, then definitely download this application as it helps manage your anxiety by telling you the root cause of it, monitoring your behavior, and providing a community of like-minded people for you to engage with.

TalkSpace Online Therapy

With in-expensive options and bundles, mental health treatment has never been so convenient. It allows the user to talk to psychologists and psychiatrists online and it gives you the help you require through professional advice. The application charges around sixty-five to ninety-nine dollars per week. Much less expensive than a real-time therapist, and that too from the comfort of your home!



Just like the name suggests, this app keeps depression at a distance from you by engaging you in games, talks, and activities that give you joy and lighten up your mood. It is available free on Android and IOS.

Rise and Recover

This app helps you battle eating disorders! We understand how difficult it is to take the body out of emotional eating or disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. It helps you follow your nutrition plans, avoid binge eating and stay on track so that you can lead a healthy app. It is free for both iOS and Android!