Healthy from The Inside Out: A Mom’s Guide to Supplementation

Food supplements are quite helpful in fulfilling the body’s basic requirement of nutrients. They help in the proper functioning of all the organ systems of the body. However, supplements are not magic pills, and consuming them without proper guidance can cause harm.

Supplements can be useful to people of all age groups. However, they are particularly given to new mothers, given the changes in their physiology (after pregnancy) and the changes in their lifestyle after motherhood. So women’s supplements can really be helpful; however, young mothers need to know some basic facts about supplements before consuming them.

Some Facts To Know About Supplements


Supplements Can Come In Several Forms

Most people might believe that supplements always come in the form of solid pills. But that is not always true. They can come as liquid or in capsules that have a gel-like substance filled in them.

Manufacturers consider several factors, including the stability of the compound and its effectiveness in the body, before making supplements. So, for instance, if a young mother needs Coenzyme Q, then she may be prescribed a supplement in a liquid form and not in the form of pills.

There Is A Proper Time To Consume Supplements


Most people tend to think that supplements can be consumed whenever people have time. However, that is not the case, and the pills must be taken at the right time for maximum effectiveness.

Most of the vitamins and minerals are to be taken in the morning. And if they are taken at night, they may interfere with the sleep pattern. However, there are some minerals that are to be consumed before going to bed.

Calcium is a mineral that has been associated with different stages of the sleep cycle and, in particular, associated with REM sleep. Likewise, magnesium has also been associated with improving sleeping patterns. So some specific minerals, like the supplementary pills, can be consumed at night, but the majority of the pills are to be consumed during the day.

Most people do not know about the purpose that each vitamin or mineral serves in the body. So it is best to consume the supplements as per the advice given by a doctor.

Consuming Too Many Pills Can Be Harmful

It is true that supplements keep the body healthy and make up for the nutrients that people cannot consume through eating regular meals. However, this does not mean that the more supplements you have, the better it is for your health. So consuming too many supplements will do more harm than good.

Consuming too many pills for minerals like magnesium may cause symptoms like vomiting and stomach upsets. So it is better to stick to the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Also, most of the vitamins or minerals that are needed by the body are stored for future use.

So consuming too much will not likely have any positive effects. So it is better to stick to the dosage and also the duration for which the pill is prescribed as it will give the maximum benefit to the body.

Pills Are Not A Replacement for A Healthy And Balanced Diet

People who have a busy lifestyle tend to think that popping pills can replace the time spent on eating regular meals.

However, this is a complete misconception. All doctors suggest that pills for vitamins and minerals can never be a replacement for a regular diet. Pills are to be consumed as an additional measure only in cases where the body needs excess nutrients.

Also, in some cases, some vitamins that are available only from animal sources are deficient in people who follow a vegan lifestyle. In such circumstances, pills for vitamins can help. But trying to get all the nutrients naturally should be the first option, and popping pills should only be a secondary measure.

Pills For Supplements Can React With Other Drugs

Pills for minerals, coenzymes, and vitamins can cross-react with other drugs like blood thinners, etc. Some of the pills are known to reduce the impact of antidepressants. Likewise, some of them can affect the functioning of bitch controlling measures.

Usually, the outer label of a box of supplements will contain details about the drugs that the pills react with.

So if a person has a chronic heart condition or is about to undergo surgery in some time, they should consume supplements only after receiving expert advice.

Supplements Are Actually Quite Beneficial


A majority of people who are consuming supplements for the first time in their life doubt the effectiveness of these pills. Many people think that there can be no replacement for a regular diet.

However, several studies have shown that the pills for coenzymes, vitamins, and minerals are actually quite helpful. They help alleviate several symptoms and improve people’s lifestyles.

For instance, vitamin B12 is crucial for those individuals who suffer from chronic anemia. Likewise, folic acid is essential for pregnant women as it helps in the proper development of the nervous system of the fetus.

Many vitamins, like vitamins B12 and D, are also known to improve energy levels in the body. So they are great for new mothers who have a tough time dealing with hyperactive toddlers.

Supplements Do Not Contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

People may be averse to consuming pills that supply essential coenzymes and minerals because they think that the pills contain genetically modified organisms. However, the bottles usually mention that the pills do not contain any GMOs.



New mothers are often confused about the medicines that they must take or the diet that they must follow. They get a plethora of advice, and that leads to a lot of confusion.

However, there is no denying that the supply of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) to the body can do wonders for a new mother. But for a new mother to get maximum benefit, she must take the pills at the right time, in the right quantity, and only as per the advice of the doctor.