How Safe Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery? – 2024 Guide

Obesity represents one of the biggest issues of modern society. The main causes are related to the lack of physical activity and poor diet. A lot of people spend too much time in the office or while sitting in front of the TV or PC. Also, we can find fast-food restaurants on almost every corner, and a lot of food we eat contains a lot of processed sugar and other ingredients that are directly linked to obesity.

There are various methods that people can use to lose weight. The most common and well-known methods are increased physical activity and a healthy diet. However, it can be quite challenging to suddenly change some habits, and some people have more serious levels of obesity. Therefore, a medical procedure can be the only option for weight loss.

There are different types of medical procedures like medication, surgery, gastric banding, diversion, sleeve gastrectomy, and more. If you are interested in gastric sleeve surgery, you can check out The Bariatric & Metabolic Center of Colorado. Moreover, we are going to introduce you to the main features of this procedure and its potential risks.

Main Features of This Procedure

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This model of surgery is becoming more popular in recent years. One of the main reasons is related to the simplicity of the procedure and treatment. The simple explanation of the result that you will get is that there will be less space in your stomach. Therefore, you won’t be able to eat so much anymore. During the process, around 80% of your stomach will be surgically removed. The results can be very effective since you will be able to eat only one-fifth when compared to your previous state.

That can quickly lead to significant weight loss. However, it is not recommended to anyone. You will get examined by the doctor, and if he concludes that you are suffering from serious obesity, you can apply for this procedure. The minimum overweight rate is 45 kg. Also, certain health issues will be the sign to avoid this procedure, like diabetes or cardiovascular problems.

When it comes to effectiveness, the main factor is that you will have a much smaller stomach. Therefore, you won’t be able to take so many calories during the day. Another benefit is that the doctor will remove the part of the stomach where the hormone ghrelin is produced.

This hormone is responsible for appetite. The best thing is that you can expect to lose more than 50% of additional weight in less than two years, even without any physical activities and changes in your habits. You simply won’t be able to eat so much food anymore.

Are There Any Potential Risks?

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First of all, the most important thing is to consult with experts that have a lot of experience in this field. As we already mentioned, not all people are supposed to have such a procedure. Moreover, there are some potential risks related to the surgery, but you have to know that chances to face such issues are very low, especially if you go for this treatment at some well-known hospital.

One of the potential issues is hemorrhage, which is related to the wound, but it is not a serious problem since the wound will heal over time. Other potential risks are pneumonia, thrombosis, unusual heartbeat, and pulmonary embolism. Still, there is no reason to feat that you will face any of these problems where you get the procedure done by an expert.

Some potential problems could occur after the surgery as well, such as gastric leaks, lack of vitamins, stenosis, and heartburn. There are only minor chances of facing the leaks, and that can happen if the stomach wasn’t treated in the right way after the procedure is over.

When it comes to the lack of vitamins, the part of the stomach that is removed plays part in the digestion of vitamins, which means that you might need to take additional vitamins as part of your nutrition. Other problems can be easily treated with medication.

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Another risk is related to the results. You have to know that there is a chance to don’t lose any weight if you continue to eat a lot of unhealthy food. There could be some results, but you will have to wait for years. Also, food that is full of sugar and fat might lead to increased fat in your body, and even a smaller stomach won’t help you in losing weight.

Moreover, we have to mention the changes in the body you might face. The common problem is related to additional skin layers that will appear on the body after you lose a lot of weight in a short time. Before you decide to get this skin removed by surgery, be aware that the full effects will be seen only after two years.

Therefore, the best option is to wait until you lose all the weight you can and then perform the skin surgery. Another important thing to know about this procedure is that you cannot get back your body to its previous state. The size of your stomach will remain five times smaller.

Furthermore, we suggest you focus on the changes in your habits after you get through this process. It will be much easier and more effective if you start eating healthier and visit a gym a few times a week. Your body will need much less food until it signalizes that you are full. Besides that, consult the doctor and nutritionist about the right meal plan to be sure that you are getting enough nutrients and vitamins.

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Last Words

This is one of the safest and most effective methods of losing weight today. When it comes to safety, the most important thing is to always choose a doctor with years of experience in gastric surgeries, and chances of facing any issues will be near zero percent.

On the other side, if you don’t change some bad habits like eating too much sweets and fast food, you cannot expect to have any significant results.